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Zdman: Sorry Barney but you're biased articles only seek to divide the community and sew hate in the DP community. Other sites just don't do this and I cannot see what you're hoping to accomplish besides dissing Canon. Canon has made sound business decisions that have seen them remain profitable in tough times (those great innovations all came at boom times). Sony took some risks as did Samsung. Samsung failed and Sony is suceeding for now (good for them and me because I own one). You should be celebrating the fact that Canon is getting it right now. In time with probably better and almost certainly cheaper lenses (Sony cannot compete long term on that front) it will introduce mirrorless to the masses (not just enthusiasts). Your dissapointment of a camera is most likely the start of Sony exiting the market which is probably what you're actually dissapointed about.

"Opinion" mean that this is not an article. Opions have to be biased. And I agree 100 percent with the writer. The management of Canon has lost it grip and touch on the market place as a whole.

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)

Sorry Nikon. We don't need a 5 with a D. We already have one and it is the best in the world.

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On article Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend (184 comments in total)
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kaiser soze: This article is so badly written that I could not stand reading it. Mike Perlman really, really needs to take a good writing class or two. Here is what I mean: Under the "Key Features" bullet list, he wrote for the Transcend, "Wirelessly transfer photos and video to a smartphone, tablet, or computer". There is no corresponding statement for the Eye-Fi. Very poor. Just a little further below, he wrote, "while both cards possess the ability to ... upload to iOS and Android devices, the Eye-Fi can do the same on a Wi-Fi enabled laptop or desktop computer. The Transcend card does not have this capability, and can only connect to a laptop or computer through a clunky and time-consuming Internet browser." Huh? The Transcend can connect using a browser, but does not have the ability to connect? Does the phrase "only connect" mean connect vs. something else, or does it mean "connect only to", and if the latter, is there a missing, very important comma before the word "through"?

If you concentrated on the content and not the form, you would have read an excellent and very useful review.

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mpgxsvcd: Great review. However, it completely neglected the fact that these cards can share pictures to photo sharing sites. The Eye-Fi implementation of this is better than anything else I have encountered.

I agree. I upload all my out takes to my Eye-Fi account and Eye-Fi sends all my photos to my out take gallery at SmugMug. All my photos are brought to a safe place completely automatic. I love Eye-Fi - especially when I travel. Everything is PRO.

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On article Canon EOS M hands-on preview (566 comments in total)
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WT21: Is this the first Canon WITHOUT a direct print button??

I have an iPhone with only one button. But it can print.

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DenWil: Photo sharing? Social features place on the web for families to share photos... lol. Delusional people are the most entertaining.

Type in "big breasts" in the search box or "bondage" - only 45,000 + results there.

Families sharing photos. Special.

This is the internet. Face it.

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