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Pretty good start. Much easier than other ways

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I still have it in my drawer. It was a great P&S.

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Great news on the underwater housing!! I had one for my old P&S and now there is a reasonable priced Sony one!

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Thanks for the quick review. I am very surprised by your speed. Looks like I will be getting one.

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Amazon quote 31 Oct availability. Ordering now

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I hope it works well, but I will take a wait and see. Good PQ is quite subjective and depends on the expectations e.g. I use DSLR but not digital MF.

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bernardly: Still no reviews from DxoMark for the Canon 1DX mk2 and the 80D. Come on, DxoMark!!

Interesting info but not critical?

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Good catch

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Nice one

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Ben O Connor: It had to be F4 constantly to deserve "Leica" name on it! Seriously, too expensive for an ordinary tele...

I wished to own one... But I can't.

True. I like the mkII. Its much better than the mk I.

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Ben O Connor: It had to be F4 constantly to deserve "Leica" name on it! Seriously, too expensive for an ordinary tele...

I wished to own one... But I can't.

Much cheaper than the canon 100-400

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Sangster: A 1" sensor Nikon J5 ILC that is 16.8 mm thicker with a slower kit lens but retails for $200 less than Canon G7X II?

I think the key to this class of camera is that it must be pocketable. The Js/Vs are not pocketable with a zoom. I hope the GX7II gets better review. The mkI did not do well operationally. I bought the RX100 III instead.

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I need one. Not because its cool but my daughter lost my lowly mk I...

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lacikuss: The only problem is the small sensor...

I'd buy this with a 1" sensor and same size. You Sony figure it out

Not possible in the near future so for all practical purpose not possible since these forums only focus on this years cameras

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thenewgap: I have a Canon 5D 1st serie, a great camera even if i don’t like big and heavy cams: they have great performances but for some situations it’s more useful a very small camera with a honest image quality. So I bought a Fujifilm X100S that was too big anyway although it had a great global quality. So I sold it and looking for a small camera with sensor of one inch at least, I read enthusiast reviews of Sony RX100.M3 that I bought. And it has a great body: small, light, handy, well positioned buttons, very ergonomic and so on. But, using it intensively, I found that there was no comparison between it’s image quality and Fuji’s. The image of Sony at 800ASA has a noise that Fuji doesn’t show at 1600ASA; and the sharpness of X100, at each aperture or all ASA value, is quite greater than RX100.M3. And these qualities can be seen by a child too… So I asked myself about the reliability of some reviews: which kind of instruments di they use and which procedures do they follow??? Regards

I sort of disagree since i am fine with using the RX100 when I don't want to carry bulk/DSLR. Its a better camera since you have it with you. Of course size/weight are very personal decisions on what is small enough etc.

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Roquet: I'm looking for pocketable travel camera. GREAT review here of the RX100 III, but is there a better option for someone like me who never shoots RAW and doesn't care too much about video? I worry RX100-III is too complicated for someone who typically sticks with Scene or Program modes? For me a "Travel Camera" has to fit comfortably in a shirt pocket, or khaki shorts pocket (but probably not jeans pants pocket). EVA and flash are also required... and I really like the idea of flipping the screen 180 for selfies! (remember it's a travel camera).
The stated RX100-III dimensions of 102 x 58 x 41 mm (4.02 x 2.28 x 1.61″) seem about maximum for my needs, compared to the wife's Canon PS SX130-IS that definitely feels too big (113 x 73 x 46 mm (4.45 x 2.87 x 1.81″).
Can anyone recommend something even a little smaller, with EVF & flash of course.. oh and that 180 degree screen too.

The RX100 is very simple to use. I use it when I don't carry my 5DII around as it is pocketable. The only other one in its class is the Canon GX7 but from the review the RX100III is still better. The GX7 does have a flippable view finder. Not sure what you mean by flash as the RX100 has flash built in.

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I mainly use lightroom and upgrade yearly so thats $80 I think. I do have CS3 and CS5 but I just don't use PS that much so for $40 I get updated version vs buying upgrade every 2-3 years for $120. Its about the same for me then on average. I did not consider CC before since I don't need all that stuff and its way too much. I can handle $10/month.

This is of course a great deal for Adobe as they get annuities.

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I have the Urban Disguise 5 and used it all over the world for 4+ years. It works great and is my go to bag. Recenlty I got a rip on the shoulder mount and ThinkTank send me a new one and now I have V2! Great product and fantastic service.

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J D Tranquil: I would love to see a change in IQ rather than the added wi-fi capability. I just want the RX100 so badly.

Ditched my S90 and got the RX100. Long time canon user and just don't see Canon innovating that much lately. Quite different from a few years back.

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