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tkbslc: Many of the newer phones have waterproofing and can easily be made rugged with a case. The sensor sizes are very similar. So what's the advantage to this expensive camera?

@ tkbslc: I have a weather-sealed smartphone and I had the Oly TG-4. There are clear advantages of a rugged camera. First of all, most weather-proof cameras have IP68 class of protection. That means they can be submerged to 1,5 meters; TG-5 can go all the way down to 15 meters. But most importantly IP68 cameras cannot be used in saltwater. So the most usual way of taking pictures underwater: snorkeling in the sea is not possible for a smartphone. Plus there is time limit for using the camera underwater, I don´t remember the exact time, but it was like 3 or 5 minutes; the TG´-5 does not have time limit. Lastly, my friend tried his allegedly waterproof smartphone in a pool and it died afterwards.
So basically a smartphone´s waterproofing is more for acidental dropping the phone into water, not for purposeful taking pictures underwater.

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Raist3d: Several of the shots look better in color and with comparable detail to the RAW Photoshop conversions. I would pick the jpegs in many cases :-)

Nice to see Olympus put their JPEG best in class knowledge in this camera.

My experience with the predecessot (TG-4) was that OOC JPEGs were so good I wasn´t able to do any better from RAW. One reason was that the exposure was really exact and colour also good the other reason was that tiny sensor didn´t allow me to work with shadows and highlights, the limits are too close.
So while I praise for the RAW possibility, in real life it is not that much needed.

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APenza: Having never seen the Nortern Lights would my wife be disappointed if they didn't look as spectacular to her naked eye as they do in this beautiful photograph?

SimenO1: just as you say. I chose March for my visit since then the aurora activity was supposed to be the highest. But it wasn´t, plus it was snowing most of the time and only on my last night the sky cleared (partially) and I saw something, but at Kp=2 it was not much (but still better than nothing, I could have returned without having seen aurora at all). Anyhow Tromso is a nice town and I liked it there.

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On article Photo of the week: Green Mamba (81 comments in total)
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APenza: Having never seen the Nortern Lights would my wife be disappointed if they didn't look as spectacular to her naked eye as they do in this beautiful photograph?

@APenza: well as usual with photographs what you see with your naked eye differs from what you see in a (heavily edited) picture. Aurora´s strength is measured in Kp index on a scale from 0 to 9, kp 0 being a very weak or none existent aurora, right through to 9 being a major geomagnetic storm. During my visit in Tromso in northern Norway the Kp index was only 2 and I got this: http://i.imgur.com/gilVftr.jpg But again: it is a long exposure after heavy editing, with my eyes i could barely see some light green clouds, not having known it´s aurora I wouldn´t surely noticed it. But a local showed me pics of strong aurora shot with his iPhone taken when tha activity was Kp=6.

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On article Fujifilm X-A3 sample gallery (86 comments in total)

As many others have written, Fuji really should make a high-end camera with this sensor. Those colours are great and that is without the need to think which program is the right one and without applying magic to get good aoutcome. I use only Zoner Photo Studio and I am not willing to buy a new program and to learn how to work with it just because Fuji´s X-trans. However the X-A3 is too low-end to be a substitute for decent DSLR, so if there was a serious Fuji CSC with this sensor (at least on level of X-T20), much more people would invest into Fuji system (those lenses are beautiful).
Fuji, do you read this?

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matthew saville: OK, I get it. Some folks just want superzoom reach.

But why have we hit a wall at 16mm / 18mm?

Am I the only landscape / travel photographer who would KILL to have a 11-110mm APS-C "superzoom"? Or heck, I'd settle for a 12-60mm. Or a 13-60mm. Whatever is optically possible and doesn't weigh a brick-and-a-half.

Until that day, I'll stick with a 10-24 and a 55-200/300 for APS-C travel. You can keep your 400mm reach.

Exactly my thoughts. Why all "normal" zooms have to start at 16/17/18mm? If you want anything wider, you have to take UWA like 10-20mm. I would also appreciate zoom wider than 16mm, lets say starting at 14mm (2mm at wide end is a big difference) , e.g. 14-50mm. There are zooms like 15-45mm, so I believe it shold be possible to make them 1mm wider.

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Dante Birchen: Lost 16mm because mm sells so more is better :p I would happily trade in 50mm at the long end for 1 at the wide end in a zoom like this.

That´s why the Tamron 16-300mm is here. ;-)

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Jim Evidon: It seems that everyone on this forum has a crystal ball that enables them to see into Ricoh's boardroom and divine what their actual business plan will be. Kudos to you all who appear to have an inside information track in this matter. For all of those knowledgeable seers I have one question: How many Ricoh cameras have you purchased in the last three years? OK, I lied. I have one other question: Before the disastrous announcement by Ricoh, how many of you seriously intended to buy a Ricoh (or Pentax) camera for real?

dansclic: why would I buy a Ford car which is not as good as BMW?
If your way of thinking was real, everybody would be driving a BMW. What obviously isn´t true.
I fear the day when there will be only two choices. As long as Ricoh keeps producing Pentax cameras, I will be buying them.

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On article Roadtrip Review Redux: The Fujifilm X100F (173 comments in total)

Nice roadtrip, the article and the photos created a sentimental mood and desire for travelling.
However I cannot stop thinking that many pics ask for a wider angle of view; 35mm eq is simply not wide enough for landscapes and travelling. 28 or 24mm would be better. So as usual I come to the conclusion that for me a fixed prime lens compact is not an ideal travel cam. A 24-70mm eq. would be so much more useful. When staying with Fuji and prime lenses, an XT-20 + 14mm + 23mm + 50mm would be much more helpful.

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I think pros are a bit different from us, gearheads and GAS-affected that think of buying new gear as soon as it is released, just because we love new toys. Pros are concerned with outcome, not with the means. I think one very important thing for a pro is knowing his gear perfectly and being able to control the camera instantly and without looking. That is why C/N do not change the button layout of high-end cameras that much. Switching to a completely new brand means learning completely new handling and buttons/dials, which might at the begining lower the effectiveness of work.

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On article Pentax KP sample gallery (96 comments in total)

Nice gallery, a big vriety of lighting conditions nd shooting sceneries, good job.
The KP impresses and it seems the new sensor is really an improvement over the older 24MPx sensors. Great colours, good resolution, very good high ISO.
And I also appreciate the big variety of high quality glass used, Sigma Art, Limited Macro and Limited zoom, also the very useful 16-85mm (my most used lens).
Nice job, both Pentax and dpreview!

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Maybe I missed something, but what´s tha point of buying a small(ish) APSC mirrorless and then mount a FF DSLR lens on it? Especially in the case of Fuji, whose lenses are beautiful. I want it vice versa, i.e. an adapter to mount Fujinon lenses on DSLR.

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On article CP+ 2017: a taste of the show (17 comments in total)

I really like your kind of humor: subtle and decent, yet still eloquent. And it also nice to see that your work is not just work, but you can see the funny side of it.

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silentstorm: Why is there no qn about Sigma camera division's direction? I think many Sigma camera users are wondering & hoping Sigma can update their Merrill line with new Merrill sensor.

Everyone is interested in Sigma´s great lenses. Nobody is interested in Sigma´s cameras. ;-) (btw. is here anyone owning the Sigma sd quattro?).

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DPPMetro: So Sigma feels only adding a gasket to the mount is "weather-sealing"?

When I tak my Sigma 18-35mm, the only thing it needs to be weather-sealed is rubber gasket around the mount. The lens has internal zooming and internal focusing, the gaps are realy minimal, so a seal arount the mount is enough for normal purposes.

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marc petzold: It's always refreshing to read Mr. Kazuto Yamaki thoughts, because he is really being honest. And CEO. That's way seldom. Thanks for the Interview.

I do own since some years only the 30mm/1.4 Art Lens for DX/APS-C, but it'll nice to see *if* someday Sigma would decide a 16-70/2.8 Art Lens for DX Users...their C-Series 17-70/2.8-4 could be improved...and fixed Aperture 2.8 would be better.

Sigma should also design a nice Kitlens for Sony eMount APS-C Users, say 16-50 or 16-55/2.8....because with Sony, one does have great APS-C Bodies, but so-so lenses. The 16-50 PZ is average, and so is the 16-70 "Zeiss" Zoom Lens, too.

Something great from Sigma here around 500-600$ would be very welcome, and better from IQ then the Sony options. Yes i know, there is also the Sony 18-105/F4, but i do think Sigma could do it better in IQ terms.

Marc: exactly my thoughts. I heve beeen writing this on this forum for some time already. I understand that FF lenses have higher added value and make more profit per item, but there are way more APCS than FF cameras and some high quality Art lenses for APSC would be nice. Especially a constant f2,8 zoom, something like 16-50mm or similar.
Now I own two standard zooms: 18-35/1,8 nad 16-85/3,5-5,6. The former is great and super fast, but with limited range; the latter has great focal range, but is too slow. So a lens merging there two would be perfect. If there is some company that can do it, it´s Sigma.

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On article CP+ 2017: Ricoh teases upcoming D FA* 50mm F1.4 (95 comments in total)
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ogl: STAR* means ALL WEATHER lens, it's info for DPREVIEW

Exactly, * lenses have the highest level of weather sealing called AW (all weather). The non-star lenses that are weather sealed have WR badge (weather resistant).

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On article CP+ 2017: Ricoh teases upcoming D FA* 50mm F1.4 (95 comments in total)
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Cheezr: I would like a modern 16-70mm APS-C WR lens from Pentax..

I guess he meant something faster, preferably f2,8- or f4.
But there are actually many standard zooms (16-50, 16-85, 17-70, 18-50, 18-55, 18-135, 20-40), so no big need for another one. A refresh of some older designs (16-50, 17-70) would be nice though.

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On article CP+ 2017: Ricoh teases upcoming D FA* 50mm F1.4 (95 comments in total)

Wow, this is a real Behemoth!
But this is the trend, set by amazing Sigma Art lenses and Pentax cannot stand aside if it wants to be taken seriously. Top optical results require a lot of heavy glass, 36+ MPx sensors are demanding and the times when a nifty fifty had 6 elements (Pentax DA 50/1,8) are gone and if such a lens came every reviewer would tear it apart.
I sometimes wish my tiny 15mm Limited was a bit sharper and had better microcontrast. But when I see the size and weight penalty it would cost I better accept the outcome from a pocketable 170g lens.
So the best way would be making optically perfect, but big and heavy lenses as well as lenses aimed at small size and weight. So basically continue with the Limited range (which seems to be forgotten nowadays).

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iudex: Great to see a third party manufacturer producing also K-mount lenses. Since Pentax has actually not a single FF wideangle prime (the widest Pentax prime is 31mm, which even cannot be described as wideangle) I believe a lot of Pentax K-1 owners will buy Irix, either the older 15mm or this new 11mm.
Kudos to Irix!

DPPMetro: what "200% upcharge" are you talking about? Tamron 15-30 costs 1199 USD, Pentax 15-30 costs 1249 USD. So negligible difference, well worth the added HD coating.
And as regards the 24-70mm, there is no difference at all (actually Pentax 24-70 is 3 bucks cheaper).

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