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  • Replied in 1. April I think
    1. April I think but good photshop work. Released next week and not any rumor before?
  • Replied in Two formats
    Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax have two formats, so why not Olympus. I would think that m43 would remain the larger market, so I would not expect that they neglect m43. Maybe for some who want two ...
  • Replied in Sample pictures
    I dont want to be harsh, but sometimes when I see sample pictures from some reviewers I think it would not bad if they would employ a photographer for this sort of work. On the sites of some ...
  • Replied in Size, EVF
    Size and I prefer EVFs, no flipping mirror. But if you prefer DSLR just keep using DSLRs. It is just a matter of preferences., thats all.
  • Created discussion thread I am always surpised
    I am always surprised when people start threads if m43 is good enough and so on and so on. I mean if someone wants a larger format, or have some other requirements which m43 does not fulfill why ...
  • Replied in iPhone
    That pictures are nice from the composition standpoint. But otherwise there is hardly anything that could be called sharp and there is much noise. It just shows that with a very poor camera good ...
  • Replied in At the end...
    At the end Olympus will have to recognice that they have to offer professional qualtity and service if they aim at professionals as customers.
  • What I like at the G7 is an ergonomic handgrip and a reasonable price.
  • Replied in Just nonsense
    Kai or whatever his name has just got to much time. Maybe he just needs more traffic on his site.
  • Replied in In digital age
    In digital age were you can buy a newer one for a resonable prize, G7 , EM10 for example, used cameras lose its price quite soon.
  • D500 is much larger with much larger lenses. People who do not care about size and have already Nikon system will go for it. People who care about size have already m43. IQ is not much different if ...
  • Replied in stylus1
    I have the Stylus 1. But for me 28mm is often not wide enough. The LCD tilting downwards first ist not very practial for me. At least for me it is not so practial as I thought and I use it much ...
  • As other have said Olympus has not much to offer in the compact category, I think Panasonic has. In the system camera category Olympus seems to appeal more to enthusiasts than Panasonic does. Thats ...
  • These rules do not say much. The rule of thirds and some other rules may work in the one or other picture. But most times none of these rules apply. It were just ideas of someone wellknown which ...
  • Replied in These models...
    These male models with a camera in hand they don´t know how to hold are sooo ridiculous. Actually the opposite of a promotion.
  • Lets give it a rest. It is not that important.
  • Yes, that faux names do not make sense as cameras have to have some shape. That is really true. Only that Olympus makes their cameras a bit to much retro look for my taste. But this is just ...
  • It would not surprise me that much. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica have APSC and 135 format. So why not. If it will be a business case I do not know. But to have two formats and the possibility to ...
  • In the long term it will be mirrorless as seen by the numbers you mention.
  • Well if someone is serious about landscape photgraphy a n d interested in Phase One promotions it is well worth it.
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