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James Bligh: From the day 1 of D750 in the market it was plagued with problems. I think I do not have to cite what the problems have been. Rather I will talk about the sound purchasing decision of Nikon equipment.

1) You'd rather resist the temptation of buying a new model. You'd be better off buying Mark II or Mark III model. Even though it may not be fool proof but will decrease the chance of ending up in a lemon.

2) If you cannot resist the temptation of buying a new model wait at least 1 year after it was marketed.

3) When buying a cutting edge model you should remember the more sophisticated it is the more likely it may go wrong. In general you'd be better off buying a model employing known technology and of modest spec.

That's some good advice for all electronics, including cell phones. As tempting as it is, never be one of the early adopters. I learned that with my initial purchase of a D500, with a blow highlight problem I couldn't work around. Returned it, waited 6 months, bought one again and it's great. I wouldn't necessarily advise to avoid new technology entirely, but there is a definite shake out period of minor modifications that are made on assembly lines to fix problems that early purchasers find. All that said, the D750 issues are a mind blower. Three recalls, wow.

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Again??? And recall #4, to be issued later this year, will affect cameras manufactured from September, 2016 to July 1, 2017. And on and on. This is inexcusable, and I say that as a huge Nikon fan. I almost bought a D750 and went with a D500 instead, because I continued to read about ongoing shutter problems. This is the type of problem that damages consumer confidence in a brand.

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I've owned SLR's and DSLR's since the 1970's, and there is still something foreign to me about holding a camera away from me and staring at an LCD screeen to take a photo. I've also had a number of "second" cameras, that are smaller, and easier to take on a trip, etc. -- most of them have been the Canon G series (currently a G11), with their obvious OVF flaws, but at least they had OVF's. I got excited about the X30 and bought one and love it. It's a wonderful little camera, the EVF is fantastic, image quality is excellent, and all of the controls and specs I would want are present in this camera. A smaller body would have been too small for my large hands, and a larger body would have been too big to fit into a coat pocket.

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Ibida Bab: I would ad a larger sensor, fold-out lcd, AAs and we are near perfect. I wondering towards a Pentax or a Sony this Fall.

Spot on HowaboutRAW. The G15 isn't meant to compete with the G1X.

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