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Nikon gets my vote for embracing the embarrassment and rolling with the punches. I'm sure there is more going on internally at Nikon than we will ever hear about...

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Cariboou: I think you wei must bring back the price, and Nikon give the price to the people arrived 2th

if the contest did not prohibit digitally altered images then Yu Wei should be able to keep it - unless he overtly claims it was not altered. Once the prize is issued though there is really Nikon can do but embrace their mistake (as they have so well) and move on.

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On article Nikon D810 firmware C 1.10 now available (63 comments in total)

I'll echo what other say: I've used the camera for more than a year and haven't noticed a single problem due to a bug. I know the camera firmware has bugs - ALL firmware has bugs - but Nikon did a superb job of putting out a camera with solid functionality, minor issues and great usability. Now - I don't do movies with my camera (I think shooting video with a DSLR is stupid - the ergonomics are completely wrong).

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Perhaps its too late, but instead he could copyright it as a work of art rather than as the photographer. I just wonder if it could be argued that he set up the sequence of events for this to occur as an artistic expression and thus would be entitled to copyright?

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On article Ethics of prize-winning photo debated (151 comments in total)

The image isn't really any good. There's nothing technically intriguing nor compositionally compelling - so the only value would be the circumstances of it - which turn out to be fake.
I think this is a matter of people being embarrassed and trying to defend themselves.
Critical acclaim? Seriously - this is a pedestrian effort at best.

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Pentax is either in the camera business or not. Making OEM, unbranded cameras is not making cameras - it's making tchotchke. It is time to bring some respect back to a brand that once actually made decent photographic gear - or pack up and go home. Minolta, Konica, Pentax...

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Ok - this does explain a lot, but in the end the photos are amateur attempts and the convergence of inexperience and failed conceptualization. They never should have made it past the proof stage and the fact that they did (and the photographer admits he struggled) means not only was he not prepared to take these photos, but he was unprepared to do the right think and walk away (or signed a bad contract). Perhaps he was thinking he'd get lucky - but luck plays very little part in this kind of work.
So now it moves from bad to laughable.

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Nikon - this statement from you is total marketing BS (and it's why many feel that most marketing people are simply skilled liars). There are LOTS of reputable independent shops. No one disagrees that cameras today are indeed complex and many repairs are best handled by the factory authorized folk, but seriously - you don't need a $32,000 piece of equipment to replace a battery door or decorative piece of rubber!
This is not cool Nikon. It is disingenuous and greedy. No matter how your MBAs spin it, you really come off like pompous jerks who consider your customers nothing more than company assets.

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