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From their website: "The Konost Full Frame Camera is still in development. As a start-up, it has been technically difficult with thousands upon hundreds of lines of codes and algorithms to develop" - Buahahahahahahaha. Who the heck are they? First year students at some random technical university? Who writes nonsense like that?

Also, on a sample images page: "We’re still putting this page together." - yea...

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bogdescu: This looks like a concept car, never meant to be produced.
No camera can work with so few buttons. (well, except a soap-box idiotenkamera.
Physical access to ISO? exposure compensation? and so on?

Plus, if you make it for the m-mount, you are already targeting it towards a certain group. This group (the people who own m-mount lenses) will not settle for a childish point-and-shoot.

I'd have to be MUCH cheaper, as it's a no-name camera with no customer support and probably no future, even if this model here would be released. I'd have to be priced ~1000 USD to make it feasible and gain any sales to cover R&D costs, yet alone profit.

They're not Leica, if they think they can get sales just from the looks (which are very doubtful anyway, it looks like a cheap Chinese copycat of Leica T), they are about to be disappointed.

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Frank Neunemann: Where is the innovation? All I see is a bland copied mixture of the Leica T and the M that accepts Leica M lenses.

I am a Leica M photographer for many years. Maybe an option to get a cheaper 2nd camera body... ?

So: It's a cross between Leica T, M and Fuji X100T.

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Alje: Is the cancelled press conference at CP+ (to annouce new FE lenses) and this announcement related? Did Sony Imaging division feel that it may not be able supply what might be promised at this event, if later cut loose by the "parent company"?

I have been seriously considering the purchase of the new A7 Mark II. If I proceed I will have to sell my Canon 5D Mark II, Canon L Series lenses, Olympus OM-D EM-5 plus lenses to fund the purchase of both the A7 II camera and a range of FE lenses. I feel I just need one good quality, convenient system.

After reading this announcement I think I'll do nothing for a while, to see what Sony does in the next few months.

Will Sony have a FE Lens press conference in March as predicted. Will there be an A7000 and A7R Mark II or A9 anouncement soon?

If you are looking for one system - I wouldn't go for Sony. I've been shooting with them since they took over minolta and eventually was forced to get Nikon. Sony doesn't offer anything to be that one system to replace them all, and they are clueless in building systems, it looks more like a blind man looking for a working light bulb on a junkyard - no clue where to go and how a proper photographic system even looks like. Sony management is clueless to the point where they put A7 as a reflex camera in their (leaked) internal presentations, or think that A-mount and E-mount are fully compatibile with each other.

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marc petzold: The 750D is nonsense, because it's a feature-restricted Model. Seriously, why selling the 750D, which is compared to the 760D only sh.tty 50 bucks cheaper, but without Top Display, and many other things. So it's a joke - if you have 699$, you can also wait a bit and pay 749 for the real thing, instead of a flattened DSLR. Or: the price difference is so neglible, it's a joke. If there would be about 200-300$ difference between the 2 models, it would make sense, but just 50$ get's a debile smile, nothing more, nothing less. Enthusiast DSLR without a glas pentaprism? Way funny, indeed.

"because it's a feature-restricted Model. "

Welcome to the real world. Every single entry-level camera is a feature-restricted model. And that's true for every single market segment, even silly compacts.

"Enthusiast DSLR without a glas pentaprism?"

Companies been doing that for ages. Eg. Sony in their A500 series back in a day. Probably the only company that's consistent in that regard and always puts pentaprisms in enthusiast cameras is Pentax (though I don't know their line-up well enough to give any final word on that).

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TrapperJohn: This may answer the question as to whether entry level DSLR's are still viable. They were in the 2000's, when the DSLR was the 'tech toy du jour', but most of those buyers have moved on to smartphones, with their portability and rapid share ability. The finer aspects of photography didn't matter to the tech set then, doesn't really matter now. That market is gone, and won't be back.

Still... Canon or Nikon or both need to get on the ball, because the game is changing with or without them. Most of the exciting, new innovations are coming from elsewhere.

"the people buying entry level DSLRs are buying entry level mirrorless I think" - Absolutely false statement. In no way it's reflected in real-life sales statistics.

These people either keep on buying these entry-level DSLRs (hence no dramatic drop in DSLR sales) or don't buy any camera at all and simply use the old one they already have (hence slow decline in sales as market becomes filled with DSLRs). Mirrorless sales peaked in october-november 2012 and since then cannot break this glass celling. If what you're saying would be truth we'd see sales of mirrorless going above november 2012 level multiple times by now and slowly starting to leave DSLRs in a dust, but that's not happening and is unlikely to happen in any foreseeable future.

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FocusBogus: Why UK born dpreview acts like an US webzine? And why is used primarily for US model names? I think that rest of the world is a bigger market than the USA.

US company is the owner. It's Amazon. Hence the US naming everywhere.

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JosephScha: Re: What do you make of it?
I think Canon has looked at Mirrorless sales in Japan, and possibly the rest of Asia and even Europe, and then noted that penetration of mirrorless cameras is much less in the the US than in Japan. I don't know but I'll bet the US is behind the rest of Asia and even Europe too.
But I do think that's a shame. Considering how few stores that sell cameras carry more than one model of Olympus and Panasonic, or the Pentax Q or Nikon V1, Canon could very well have the only mirrorless camera in many of those places. They could help move the camera market in the US. Instead, they are choosing to help it stay lagging behind.

Difference of mirrorless sales between EU and US are not really all that significant. Though they might be more significant for EOS-M sales alone.

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Vignes: not sure what's the issue with EVF. Oly pen series doesn't have one and people were happy to buy the VF2/3/4 EVF and using it for years. until EM5 come but then they omitted built in flash. Compact is compact plus cost is cost. Sony was smart to include a 1.4M EVF in a6000 but after using 2.3M EVF, the 1.4 M looks sub par. Serious photographers who wants EVF definitely wants the best. so either buy a body which has the best EVF or buy a good optional EVF.

You never had a rangefinder body in a first place. It was just a compact-style body. Let's not go ahead of ourselves. The only mirrorless that got rangefinder-alike body was Fuji X-Pro 1. You can push it a bit by saying that cameras with side-mounted EVF are rangefinder-alike (eg. A6000 or NEX-7) but that's about it.

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NZ Scott: Canon's missed the boat here by making the camera too large, but it does look like it has a nice grip, well-placed shutter release button and an on-off button that is easily reached with the right index finger. Hopefully, Olympus will take note of all three of those features.

MILCs are so expensive because of all the R&D that goes into them and changing design along with colors for each generation - where each generation is released every few months. That means new colors, new bodies, new design of many parts inside to fit the new shape... automatically pushes the price up.

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dwill23: I LOVED the EOS M. The size, weight, and image quality were truly awesome. People put too much emphasis on the AF, sadly because review sites like this had a pre-hung-jury before it could get into consumer's hands.

It was a great camera. Period. It took excellent photos. Period.

But, AF and Video performance on other cameras eclipsed the EOS M.

I can only assume the EOS M did so poorly in the US, that's why Canon didn't bring the EOS M2 or M3 to the US.

Well Canon, you fixed the video and the focus, so I'll take one!

This hurts Canon so much in the mirrosless segment that there must be another reason. Maybe they know people in the US can shell out the money for a small compact and an SLR and don't want one that comes close to doing both.

This slew of cameras is not enough to save troubled Canon. This is good news; they'll have to do better soon.

I'm hanging on to a few lenses and a 70D... but maybe not for long. (I used to have EOS 1s and all L's).

Time will tell.

"It's one of the reasons many people step up from a compact to mirrorless." - it's not a step up. It's a step to the side if you consider that there are large sensor compacts on a market.

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4everAnoob: I hope Eos M2 prices on eBay will now drop to Eos M1 levels. If only the 22mm EF-M could exist for Sony e-mount... Than I wouldnt really car for the Eos M at all

"The 22 f2 is a stunner - in FF its a 35 f2 " - that's not how it works.

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Photomino: Why would anyone buy this camera among the competetion? Does it matter if it comes to US?

It's not like there's so much of a difference between this and a competition. Reasons might be plenty... Canon pancake lens (one of the best, if not the best, for APS-C mirrorless), ergonomic design, grip, compatibility with Canon accessories, familiar brand, or simply random picking...

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tabloid: No viewfinder….therefore (in my opinion) can only be used indoors.

Or you could just use viewfinder on a hotshoe. Be it EVF, OVF or that new dot sight from Olympus.

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(unknown member): Makes no sense why Canon won't offer this in the US since they recently said they want to dominate the mirrorless market by 2017.

It doesn't really do "much better" in Europe. It's quite similar to the US, only slightly better. Japan and Asia are where mirrorless sale best (small hands?) everywhere else sales are rather pathetic.

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Robert Garcia NYC: HUGE lens.

Get a proper telephoto lens one day. This one here isn't anywhere near of the huge lenses, yet alone HUGE lenses.

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photogeek: Heavier than the Nikon? But Nikon is already as heavy as a brick. I used to own that Nikon, and it never left the house. This one would double as exercise equipment.

You either never held that Nikkor or never held a brick. Another clueless troll.

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On article Go wide! Hands-on with Canon's 11-24mm F4 L (217 comments in total)
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justgo99: Too inconvenient for me. I could see the working professional using this, but it's massive size and weight along with the supreme price tag makes it a burden to carry around.

Compared to my 16-35mm f/4, it has no IS, weighs nearly twice as much, costs 3 times as much, doesn't have screw on filter support (quite inconvenient for travelling) and lacks anything beyond 24mm which is a bit short. I do find myself sometimes using 26-30mm and I like not having to switch to a normal zoom for these instances. And the 16-35mm f/4 is already an extremely sharp lens. Certainly not for many people...

Jesus, these clueless people are clueless. It's an 11mm lens, making it f/2.8 would make it so huge that it wouldn't be feasable. And why the heck would you need filter thread on something like that? You even realize just how huge these filters would be? Of course you don't. This lens is using the only reasonable filters: gel, loaded on a back side of camera. You even heard about gel filters?

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adhall: ok, I have Nikon gear and have been eyeing the 14-24 for a while. But how good is this?!? Serious Canon envy at the moment...

Still you loose resolution, quite a bit of it. It's maths, you can't avoid it

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Bernard Carns: As a former Canon fanboy I can't believe how many complaints there are about the uninteresting specs and unrealistic prices of Canon's new offerings.

Canon just doesn't get it!

Thank God my Canon lenses can be adapted to other cameras!

No, most of people here are gearheads that can't even tell the difference between 14 and 11mm lens, heck: some of them don't even know the difference between this lens and a fisheye or APS-C lens.
Go to some other forums and you'll see people being much more optimistic. Eg. On Petapixel this lens is viewed as a breakthrough.

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