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The statement about visitors staying twice as long with the white pages could be something as simple as those using dark pages have been here 100 times before (i.e. more experienced users..) hence i'm not sure that's a good metric to use..

Personally, I like the black pages, and would also really prefer that you don't put facebook/twitter/youtube reading mode bar at the top, it's just an additional waste of page space and yet more distraction..

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On article Benchmark performance: Nikon D810 in-depth review (253 comments in total)
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kewlguy: Usually a review helps us to decide whether or not to buy, but this one is the first that helps us to decide whether or not to sell! Luckily based on the review, it's a keeper :P

Or is the D820 on the horizon.. :-)

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DukeCC: One of the few music artists that would be deserving of a large scale photo study. Nice work.

Somehow, I think that there's more than a few people who don't really understand what pornographic actually means and I find it quite offensive to even be discussing this word in the same sentence as Prince and these photos.

Prince certainly had raunchy lyrics ("if I was your girlfriend" comes to mind), but they were in context to the song and what he was trying to say.

Prince was a landmark artist and these photos are really hitting the mark as to how I remember him (and how I'd like to). Thank you!

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On article Video: Meet the Nikon D500 (182 comments in total)
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Tungsten Nordstein: 'Nikon's *freshly-revived* flagship APS-C line'

you make it sound bad - like it was on the verge of expiring or something.

I´m glad you (like many other owners it seems) value your D300 for so long despite the direct paper (i know..) comparison over the D7200 perhaps hinting otherwise (e.g. resolution, max iso, colour depth, dynamic range, same number of focus points and so on) but having never picked up a a D300, nevermind used one..) I am totally unable to make any meaningful comparison!

I wonder if ther D500 will also be as popular for so long..? I will definitely be looking at it soon.

I also hope Nikon intend to back up this investment in APS-C with some decent and not outrageously expensive APS-C glass, but the recent 16-80mm seems very expensive for what it is.,.

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On article Video: Meet the Nikon D500 (182 comments in total)
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Tungsten Nordstein: 'Nikon's *freshly-revived* flagship APS-C line'

you make it sound bad - like it was on the verge of expiring or something.

@Max Iso; "The D7200 just hasn't been worth the money"

Curently the D500 costs $2060 dollars here, and the D7200 body $840.

Either one is very cheap, or the other very expensive, take your pick..

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On article Nifty fifty: Hands-on with the Hasselblad H5D-50c Wi-Fi (123 comments in total)
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neod: I could buy this camera and then live in the box it comes in...


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KSV: Very interesting. "Made in China" will never catch up, this is for sure.


Perhaps it's not visible, due to how DPreview's reply works, but I was commenting on the original post..

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KSV: Very interesting. "Made in China" will never catch up, this is for sure.

Depends, Apple seem to value their suppliers there..

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davesurrey: PART TWO
Secondly the younger generation (who often have the disposable income) tend to use voice calls less and less and are reverting to IM, social networking and the like. They often would rather message their friends than call them. Certainly it's becoming the case in Japan where this is targeted but also in other Western countries.

And for the rare occasions if voice is needed that can go over an app like WhatsApp etc.

So they don't need a voice call contract and a data only is sufficient. As someone who has dealt with the mobile phone network providers I can tell you that it may be a lot easier for Pana to offer this. Data only contracts tend to be cheaper.

Note also that the revenue stream for the contract goes through Panasonic.

No doubt Panasonic are testing the market but it could be a sign of thIngs to come.

But does it support voLTE? That would kind of make it interesting..

I kind of agree with what you are saying, but in the real world of adulthood we still need to call real people who only have real numbers, not skype/WhatsApp etc..

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AD in KC: Phase One is such a dumb name for a company.

> Phase One is such a dumb name for a company

Like Google, or Apple..?

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tjobbe2: the ófficial statement of Samsung Germany reads exactly like that for laptops

19. November 2015
In Deutschland beobachten wir seit längerer Zeit einen allmählichen Rückgang der Nachfrage nach Digitalkameras, Camcordern und entsprechendem Zubehör. Wir müssen uns den Anforderungen des Marktes anpassen und haben uns daher entschlossen, Verkauf und Marketing dieser Produkte schrittweise auslaufen zu lassen. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine Entscheidung, die nur den deutschen Markt betrifft

Source: http://www.fotomagazin.de/technik/samsung-zieht-sich-vom-deutschen-fotomarkt-zurueck

So the rumors is correct as far as the European market is concerned where Sasmung went silent outside of Germany already some months ago

Well, that washing machine looking thing in my local electrical dealers shop (aka MediaMarkt) with Samsung on it must be in the wrong country then :-)

Yes, Samsung do sell washing machines in Europe..

(and in Germany too.., I checked..)

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $800-$1200 (153 comments in total)
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JKP: Full frame EOS 6D costs less than $1100 in some places. I would pick it up before any APC-C cameras in the same price range.

There is a shockingly long row of almost unused A7 bodies in my local dealer because they had a trade-in deal for the A7ii: $600each (and almost like new..).

But, now we come to the crunch, same with the 6d, have you seen the price of decent lenses for FF (compared to APS-C)..

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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)
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RichRMA: I guess there is still market for $6000 hulking DSLRs. However, if, pushed by mirrorless features they decide to try for a 14fps continuous shooting rate, I wouldn't stand too close to it when it's firing, the mirror could be a projectile.

so, in 2.5 seconds your whole 36 exposure roll is gone..

Definitely need that f250 drive.. :-)

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DotCom Editor: "...made from a soft plastic that is optically similar to glass..."

Can you say #FAIL ? The samples are woefully out of focus. Make this sucker out of high-quality optical glass, like the Canon D500 close-up, screw-in macro accessory and I'd seriously consider it.

In fact, how about Canon itself making this product?

and you'd get it in 2020..

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On article Readers' Showcase: Janne Voutilainen (38 comments in total)

I love them all, but especially No. 1 - words fail me..

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ThomasH_always: This is a shockingly tiny, outright microscopic amount. Just think of Apple's multi-billion spending for some no-name headsets called, Bits or Bids, whatever.

I would rather expect a price in the range of 50 Billion. Even than this would be bargain for Sony.

I think the Beats purchase is more an example of the stupidity of the perceived "value" of some brands, rather than a negative comment on the amount paid for Toshiba's sensor business.

Anyway, for me it's a production capacity purchase..

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Marcin 3M: While I like most of these images, I have to ask myself, when the term "photography" needs to be replaced by some other name...

Hasn't the same blinkered argument been used for paintings through the ages, how do you classify Da Vinci, Turner, Seurat or Picasso? Modernism v. realism?

Personally, I don't like Picasso or Da Vinci, but I wouldn't dream of denying that they are painters or artists..

And regarding your later point, do you deny electronic music is not music? There are no instruments used, it's all created on a computer, but it's certaily music..

We don't need new terms: you are trying to fit Colin Anderson's art into your narrow view of what photography "is", but clearly it doesn't work.

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Michiel953: Manual focus? What was Voigtlander thinking?

You mean the 5% who will buy a MF only lens, or the 95% who want an AF lens..

The original comment was spot on.

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