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  • Replied in RX100VI
    A 1 inch sensor camera or a mirrorless system camera will take better photos than a smartphone. To me images from smartphones all look over processed and all start to degrade rapidly if you crop ...
  • I know, it is just my opinion. I just couldn't get used to it all, perhaps because I wear glasses. Try a camera in store before you buy, if you possibly can, is probably the best advice I can give.
  • The GX9 EVF is awful. So bad it puts you off using it. And it takes up so much space.
  • Are there any used X-T4 units available? Failing that you may as well wait until X-H2 performance starts appearing in lower end models. Auto focus is an area Fuji have always lagged Canon and ...
  • Replied in Iphone 13 pro
    I am constantly amazed at what tiny Phone sensors can produce but at the same time disappointed the images are so over processed. And I'm also disappointed with the distortion I see in a lot of ...
  • I have an iPhone 13 pro. There is no way an iPhone is as good an an APSC camera. And (at least my) iPhone has lots of distortion on the main camera towards the edge of the frame. In fact I prefer ...
  • I can't imagine why you 'hate' Canon. I can't imagine anyone hating a camera company. Meanwhile, carry on enjoying your Canon R5.
  • With all that gear, and the fact you have travelled before, you should be quite capable deciding the answer yourself.
  • 'It [the z 24-200] is a bit bulkier than the setup with 16-50,' must be the understatement of the year!
  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I think I'll go with the 16-80. The grip should make a huge difference. Shame the X-S10 isn't weather sealed like the lens. Perhaps the X-S20 will be launched soon!
  • Created discussion thread X-S10 with 18-55 or 16-80
    I prefer the range of the 16-80 but is it too big/too heavy for the X-S10? Thanks!
  • All are fantastic but to me number 1 is extra special
  • Replied in Yes..
    No that's not true. I'm not saying people buy full frame and then buy APSC or m4/3s.  I'm saying over the years more people will have bought non full frame cameras than full frame. And even now ...
  • No. Whenever there is a new camera from whatever manufacturer the corresponding forum becomes swamped with posts about that camera. Then it all dies down. I am also always surprised at the number ...
  • Replied in Yes..
    I don't agree at all. Most non-professionals  don't want to lug around full frame cameras and lenses. Even APSC lenses seem large when compared to m4/3. The quality achievable from m4/3 is vastly ...
  • Replied in Blog posts
    Thanks for the link to your blog. The photos you include there are absolutely fantastic.
  • iOS devices are easy to use. Finding all the different ways of doing things are not. For example, until a few days ago I didn't realise by pressing and holding the space bar on the keyboard you get ...
  • Marco, Thank you for your very detailed and helpful reply. I currently have an iPhone 6S, and despite its obvious limitations compared to the iPhone 13 Pro I often prefer the photos from the 6S! ...
  • Hi Marco In your previous post you wrote: 'On the iPhone 13 Pro, the device uses HDR by default because the image format is HEIF' Does that mean if you set the phone to only save in the JPEG ...
  • For me the X-T3 would be too large - especially with lenses. With MFT I value * the aspect ratio * the smaller lenses, and very good lenses * I like it zooms start at 12mm (24mm equivalent), rather ...
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