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Working on making photography a retirement hobby!!


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AshMills: How long till desktop users are locked into using Cloud PSDs, forcing CS6 users onto a Cloud they don't want to sit on?

I agree. Not that the cloud maybe useful... my traveling requires me to have a cloudless access. I go to places where the internet is not available or restricted.

I’m hoping that the new IOS version has a standalone option.

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bs1946: Manfrotto used to do one thing really well; tripods. But since they decided to make everything and anything related to photography except for cameras and lenses, the quality of their products have slipped while the prices skyrocket.

You’re correct in you’re statement. I own one of their day packs for travel, I’m still on the fence if I’m going to keep it or pass it on to a family member.

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I’ve had images taken from travel user groups and used for commercial use.

Didn’t know it happen, until I was visiting Ireland and saw a travel poster with my image in a travel agency window. I contacted the owner, was told it was on the Internet so it must be allowed for others to use. The individual was fairly terse with me enquiring the image.

I’m nobody, I’m just a hobbyist photographer... and of course I didn’t copyright the image nor watermark it. I guess it’s my fault.

But this recent court ruling, if I had copyrighted the image; it wouldn’t mattered too.

Another issue we all will have is the new ownership of 500Px — knowing the questionable ethics the Chinese business world. But I really don’t know why I left, they got the backups of years of images me and millions of users have published.
I kinda wonder if they will follow the copyright laws or will follow the ruling of this court.

Oh well that’s my two cents. I guess my days of posting images online are over.

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Canceled my account. Thanks for the tip.

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I just purchased two SD cards for trial. Let’s see how they function in “professional” equipment. Stay tune.

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mosswings: Thank Gawd I never was attracted to wedding photography. You hold too much of a couple's dreams in your hands to ever measure up to their expectations.

You are so correct. I generally take photographs as a guest, and hand them over. I wouldn’t want the responsibility of fouling up these high expensive wedding with a goof up photo session.

I leave that to those individuals who are insured and well seasoned to that industry. Best of luck to those individuals who shoot weddings.

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My experience with NASA, they have about three teams in training at all times, several go to mission support to help diagnose issues, and there are hot spares in inventory to supply any failures or project needs. Yea $350k sees high, but it’s peanuts compared to other mission systems.

I think it’s grand they have tools like this to take images from space. I hope they enjoy the new equipment.

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I've had a few times to try this lens both on a Minolta camera and on my Fuji Xt1.

I agree with the write up, the design or handling was very strange to get use to. But once you master it, the images you received were excellent. I wish I had a chance to purchase one of these.

The issue with this lens, it's VERY rare. Minolta didn't produce many of these lenses. And they were very pricey at that time.

If you can get one -- I would highly recommend it.

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Thank you!

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On article Canon EOS Rebel T6i Review (308 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Holy cow!

Not even a Silver Award!

Heads will roll in Seattle!

What after Silver?? Lead?

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Was wondering if they threw in the camera, I'm shocked at the price too.

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I have been to Whittier, Alaska, several times. It's hard to describe the town and the individuals who live there. Never thought of doing that...

Jen did a great job to bring the story and images together.

In fact I may have met Jen while I was there shooting images of marine resources for a non-profit (2012 and 2013). Staying there is amazing; the surrounding mountains, the sound (bay) and the marine life is hard to ignore. And the people are both friendly and a bit scary. Not much of a town there to visit. But the views are wonderful.

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It's a good point the mechanical shutter would be in the way; but...

... I don't think all have mechanical shutters, All the MFT's I have; Pano and Oly -- the CCD is fully exposed. It's the newer models that recently came out where mechanical shutters are now in use.

But... who knows... I thought the same there -- wasn't there a standard for Micro Four Thirds -- for all to follow??

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Seriously? ...

...whats next a copyright/trademark © ™ painted on every momument and building in the USA claiming private rights to public building and momuments??.

I guess I need to stop taking pictures or I own a ton of money to those folks.

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Forget it Topaz labs here I come.

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