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Gatoraied: Barney, you're a better editor/writer than a wildlife photographer. If I paid you to showcase a lens I made, I'd want my money back. The elk photos were not good. I'm guessing the focus point was not on the head in #1 as the middle of the body has some sharpness, however the head bordered on being blurred. The other elk shots were also not good. I understand some of the photos were taken during it snowing, but to post images such as these to showcase a new lens (which is probably a good lens) was poor judgement imo. Lastly, I've been to Yellowstone a few times and never even thought to take a photo of a sign not matter the intent when this place is a wildlife & geo-feature extravaganza. Id be happy to test your lenses next time.

It is a sample gallery, not Wildlife photographer of the year. The images are real world examples to allow you to see the sharpness, bokeh and colours of the lens.

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I would like the 45mm f1.2 for my EM1 Mk 2 but think I will wait until I can get it used or there is a sale.

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(unknown member): Whatever you say about Olympus, they sure know how to design beautiful cameras, and always have done.

Many commenters are unhappy with the 16mp resolution, but for me this is the optimum res, particularly on a smaller sensor; Fine A3 prints, and double-page spreads are the maximum most of us will ever need. People talk about cropping, but why? Get closer or attach a longer lens. Careful composition is one of the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of photography, and is best done with the camera rather than in post, imo.

I thought that but the 20MP sensor on the EM1 Mk 2 is definitely an improvement in every way. It probably is as high as M43 should go though.

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I like the idea of the analogue sticks but realistically this is just more complication and will end up taking longer.

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Why were 1st and 2nd disqualified? Vote manipulation? Can we have another round of voting on this contest?

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Eric00: Just got rid of all my Nikon gear and went Olympus with the new OM-D E-M1 Mark II. My reasons were simply portability and technology innovations, not to mention the great PRO line of lenses the company is putting out. The new M.Zuiko ED 12-100mm f/4 is simply stunning, as is the new M.Zuiko ED 25mm f/1.2. Even my Nikon friends seem perplexed with the great quality that's coming out of the new camera/lens combo and several have begun questioning their blind loyalty to the big boys in the camera world. Took me many years, but Olympus finally convinced me.

I did the same and left Sony for Olympus, first with the EM1 Mk 1 and then upgraded to the 2. So impressed by the system and its portability.

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Triplet Perar: Companies MUST rethink their lenses, because people keep their digital cameras at home and use smaller equipment, like smartphones, to take more photos.
Lenses are the main problem! We live in the age where cameras shoot ISO 1 million, but still are fed with lens behemoths and designs from the film era, like, gigantic f1.4 primes or f2.8 zooms are recommended stuff. C'mon!
Which company will be brave enough, visionary enough, to release three smallish f/4 of f5.6 zooms, and four f/4 primes, all tiny and small, much more portable?

This is sort of what Micro 4/3 gives you with the smaller lenses. The equivalent apertures of the top lenses are f5.6/8 but you do get the small size and also light gathering of an f2.8/4 lens. I don't want to get into an equivalence and high ISO argument here and believe all of the camera systems available now are excellent.

For me I just care that I get great image quality and my camera bag is about 1/3 lighter and smalller with more lenses in it.

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Photo Pete: I switched from Nikon D800 to EM1 partly because of the size and weight saving, but mainly because I was sick of front and back focus ruining the shots. The em1 was a step back in terms of focus tracking, but was usable. If the performance of the EM1 mkii AF tracking system delivers as promised there is nothing I will miss from having made the switch. Way to go Olympus.

The focus limiting really interests me. The 40-150mm f2.8 hunts a lot so being able to set it from 4m to infinity etc will greatly improve it, especially along with a better AF system.

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On article Review: Simple Booth Event Edition photo booth app (25 comments in total)

I think you got the front and rear camera mixed up in the what we don't like section.

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Markr041: So where is the dpreview forum on VR? Where do we post and discuss 360 photos/video and cameras?

I think the 3D and Stereo Photography forum is a good place to start.

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On photo Transport Frozen in Time in the Film Transport challenge (16 comments in total)

Great shot and composition.

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Kostasm: Absolutely no reason tο set the price higher than a6000.

Richard I respect your continued and professional patience with all of the whiners on here ;)

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ihv: This is the only serious alternative to Photoshop.

Photoline has too small icons, Corel is unintuitive and by far what one call robust, Gimp lacks features (functional healing).

I hope it a good alternative. My Adobe subscription is in US dollars and I live in Canada so it's working out very expensive.

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Will you guys be reviewing the KX800 Flash as well? It looks interesting.

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Reminds me of the old Nikon compacts - 8400 and 8800 I think they were. 8400 was a great camera image quality wise for the time. Nikon seem to have found their way again this year, hopefully the image quality is great on these. The 18-50 interests me a lot.

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noflashplease: The Pentax K-1 is truly a historic introduction. The Canon 80D reminds me of how Canon has fallen behind the industry since the 50D was replaced by the all-plastic 60D "Super Rebel." I'd didn't even notice that Panasonic had introduced a camera this week. Selfie-centric? Who cares? At very least Canon's powerzoom gizmo has novelty value, if no littlel merit for video, because it only attaches to a variable aperture lens. Why waste all of that effort?

Sadly lots of people care about selfies!

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On article Worth the wait? A look inside the Pentax K-1 (643 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: Impressive, unusual features. But how do you evaluate the results while out shooting? Did the pixel shift work well enough or was there a little too much movement? How much will I give up by using the blur filter simulator? At which level? Could I have gotten by without it? You'll find out later when you have time to really inspect the images. I guess you take 3 or 4 shots of everything, with the various options and pick the best one.

Like any other camera and features you experiment until you know what settings apply to a given scene,

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I don't think is is very hard to change some metadata to state that an image is an out of camera jpeg vs an edited raw converted to a jpeg.

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The triggertrap link has a space at the end which causes a %20 and the link not to work.

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showmeyourpics: As usual, lots of bitching and moaning in these posts. In his presentation, Brian Smith is very clear about what he is talking about. Mirrorless is here to stay and, in addition to a number of features that makes it particularly attractive to many photographers, there is the extraordinary ability to mount a number of larger formats lenses through inexpensive adapters. These can be either modern or legacy lenses, probably models that are exceptional in their quality and performance. With a positive attitude, Brian takes advantage of the opportunity and, for example, has no problem using manual focusing with an otherwise excellent lens. BTW, there is plenty of pros who are already using mirror-less equipment and EVF's and make no mystery about it. This is another feature that makes the format even more attractive.

It was a great presentation and for hit type of photography this is great. If you are into wildlife or sports then it would be better at the moment at least to stick with a single system. If you can get away with manual focus then the Sony A7 series are amazing.

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