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J Parker: As photographers, we tend to have very strong views concerning the tools of our craft.

But consider the following: in the music profession, you could buy a Yamaha digital piano for $2,000 that can stunningly recreate the sound of the most expensive grand piano -- and over 1000 additional instruments as well. It is a technological wonder in every sense of the word. On the other hand, a Steinway grand piano costs $100,000. It only plays a single sound (piano). The technology is basically unchanged from the way they were built 100 years ago. It is tempermental and unlike the Yamaha, must be meticulously tuned and maintained.

Both have their place. The existence of one does not detract from the excellence of the other or the artists who choose either.

Whether it's photography or other artistic fields, all of us have a wonderful array of personal creative choices in terms of how we practice our craft. That's a reality worth embracing and not attacking each other over.

As much as I agree with your statement, that what we are all talking about are mearly tools, but "Both have their place" simply doesnt aply when it comes to digital vs analogue instruments. You will never, never go to a concert of chopin, beethoven,liszt or what ever composer and have the artist play a keyboard or digital piano.
But then again, even for musicians their instruments are only tools and even they keep arguing who the best manufacturer is...

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