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Joined DSLR brigade 28th Nov '04

Sony A7R iii (bought Nov 2017)
5Dmk2 (bought Mar 09, 1 astro modded, IR filter removed, 1 std)
40D (1 astro modded - IR filter removed, 1 std)
Eos 20D (no longer used)
Eos 300 bodies (no longer used)
Eos 5 (no longer used),
Eos 620 (no longer used),
Canon 17-35 f2.8 (bit dissappointed with it quality wise, but love the wide angle it gives - on film & FF sensor at least - 'expired' 26th Dec 2009 - AF & Manual focus packed up)
Canon 24-105L f4 IS (bought as part of 5Dmk2 kit - I went for this with video in mind due to the IS on a wide-ish lens, have actually found it quite a good generally useful lens)
Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS mk1 & 2 (fantastic lens!)
Canon mk2 Converters - 1.4x & 2x
Canon 15mm FE
Canon 50mm f1.4
Canon 24mm TSE ii
Zeiss 21mm f2.8
Samyang 14mm f2.8
Samyang 24mm T1.5
Sony 85 1.4 GM (bought Nov 2017)
Canon 50mm f0.95 with adapter for Sony mount

AP 6" f9
Takahashi FSQ-106EX2
William Optics 98FLT CF
William Opticcs megrez 72
Skywatcher Startravel 80, 102 & 150

Rather large collection of the old Olympus manual focus system, M1, Om1, 2, 3 & 4's most of the OM prime lenses up to 600mm f6.5, OM microscopes, bellows, extension tubes etc I use a number of the lenses & macro accessories on the Canon DSLR's with an OM-EOS adapter
Canon 28-105 (no longer used)
Canon 100-300 (no longer used)

Hoya Pro1 circ polarisers
Lee Filters (circ polariser, Graduated ND's, big stopper)
Cokin pro filters (retired)
Gitzo G2272M 3-way tripod head (great for stills & video, smooth damping on all 3 axis for video AND you can lock each axis tight so good for stills too - I have replaced two of the control arms with much smaller hand built ones for greater compactness). Pity the axis operate the way they do as you loose tilt when in portrait.

Tripod: 2 cheap alu tripods that most have in the closet.
Gitzo GT1541T, GT2540LLVL, +other Gitzos

Skywatcher nEQ6 astro mount
AP900 GTO astro mount
Skywatcher star adventurer

Wish list:-
Canon 300mm f2.8 IS or
Canon 400mm f2.8 IS or
Canon 500mm f4 IS
(will only get one, but can't make mind up with would be best for me - so make do with 70-200L 2.8 + converters + cropping)

LDunn1's recent activity

  • I like the idea of being able to (easily) export/edit the depth map &/or create the depth map from scratch & then import it into a photo.

    I have ‘played’ around in the past with taking a 2d Astro...

  • Like seemingly everyone else here, I dislike the subscription model (why I left Adobe software).

    And there may be a degree of negativity of ‘fake’ depth maps for fake bokeh effects etc.


  • John, that is indeed a thought I keep coming back to as well re M10. i also agree about being disciplined to turn off auto.....although, I’m not quite sure ‘disciplined’ is the right word, but it ...
  • @cosmic.....think you might be right there re Samsung. Only difference might be that they didn’t have the sort of foothold that Sony do.....but it is a concern I have with Sony in general

  • Looks like Olympus has just started on the computational AI side at least......but the smart phone makers have a good lead on this now.....but then again, maybe they needed to, to offset the...

  • I’ve seen that website on the mono conversions before, very expensive. I know you can ‘DIY’ it, by carefully scrapping off the Bayer filter array with a chieseled wooden stick....sharp enough to ...
  • @Miki - thanks for the kind words!

    You may well be right that Sony’s camera division is safe(r) because they have a whole sensor division developing majorly for tasks outside of ‘normal’...

  • @Deux As an owner of a Sony Vaio laptop, one of my biggest fears with moving from Canon to Sony was that, just like they did with their computer division, they could pull out of the Camera market...

  • Totally agree with you re EVF Doug, I went from 5d2 to A7R3, but a year before I made the switch, I demoed over a long weekend the A7R2 (the ‘3 had not been announced), my initial biggest concern ...
  • That Jupiter 3 50 1.5 is a sonnar design, a copy of an early Zeiss I think. I have the new Zeiss 50 1.5 ZM, which I got because being part of a Facebook group on classic/vintage lenses, I became ...
  • I think that probably very much depends upon your personal definition of ‘better’. Obviously, as you know, I’ve not tried a Leica M series yet, so I can’t comment from a direct comparison, ...
  • I have several modern AF & IS lenses, technically they are great, fantastic even, as impressive as they are, I still get a kick out of using old glass.....it’s a sneaky, cheating kind of a ...
  • BAbsolutely! I’ve just posted elsewhere here a photo of my A7R3 with Elmar 35mm 3.5, which is about the smallest option I could find, this side of the cost of and MS Optic.....& the Elmar didn’t ...
  • As a current A7R3 user, I’m quite familiar with the adaption of big bulky SLR lenses! ;-) you are right, that would be an advantage, to totally break away with what I’ve used in the past and start ...
  • In a shrinking market, one approach might be to try & increase market share in order to keep ones own volumes up. And you are only going to increase your market share if you offer products that...

  • I enjoy using older glass anyway, and believe there is more to a lenses performance that outright sharpness, so for me, I don’t feel the need to buy Leica’s latest & greatest lenses.....having ...
  • Thanks for that Doug. it may, or may not, surprise you, but I have considered getting a secondhand Fuji. One thing that keeps putting me off is the APS sensor....not because it’s xtrans, not ...
  • I can respect that approach and decision, but all the same, must have still been a hard one to think about before hand. I guess you have not tried the recent Sony offerings then? i only have the ...
  • I think it’s the case for all digital cameras, that they depreciate heavily, it’s due to the underlying technology moving on so rapidly for the past 15-20 years, and it looks set to continue to ...
  • Replied in PITA
    Thanks for expanding on the ‘PITA’ comment Doug, I get you now. there is no such thing as a perfect camera for all types of photography I guess, even one has its weaknesses somewhere, it’s about ...
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