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NikonScavenger: Every mirrorless camera seems to be a mess of compromises. You give up a big sensor, or a viewfinder, or external controls, a lens library, or a flash hotshoe. What is the point of having a camera system if there are 3-4 lenses for it? Canon is now going to spend time and money developing their mirrorless lenses, but most kit buyers will NEVER take off the 18-55 once they first install it. Once you put a flash on it and a walkaround lens, the mirrorless camera becomes big once again.

Do the majority of the people who buy these things have a huge lens library, do DSLR owners really want a scaled down SLR? I've gone on vacations, planes, trains and have just taken creative measures to cram my D300 into my luggage.

I had a m4/3 camera. It wasn't very portable. The pictures weren't as good as my Nikon, the AF wasn't as advanced, you could put a flash on it, but the flash was twice the size and weight of the camera. You could put it in a pocket, as long as you took the lens and hood off.

I think the only company to achieve a good compromise was Panasonic with its Lumix GX1 + 20mm F1.7 + 14-42mm power zoon. It's a truly portable system and the camera has a built-in tilt flash which is great.

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HowaboutRAW: But those raws were processed to jpegs, please post the actual raws for download, also for those without ACR 6.7 rc1 or a fully updated Capture NX2, post tiffs for download instead of, or in addition to, jpegs.

Barney, I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys at DPReview have been doing. I noticed that you all have been releasing reviews and samples very quickly after the cameras are anounced or become available for testing. This is great.

Being present to reply in the forum takes this site to a whole new level. This is aewsome.

I just hope you guys can filter the nasty comments people write in here :)

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KonstantinosK: I have a feeling that the Canon 5D MKIII can't stay more expensive than this one for too long...

Wait until you see the high ISO comparison... I'd risk saying that the D800 fits perfectly the nature photographer and the 5DIII fits perfectly the wedding photographer. Too bad they aren't made from the same manufacturer so one could have both bodies and share the lenses.

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As a GX1 user who embraced M43 due to the available lens set and size, I find it very unfair that the photos in this review comparing the GX1 body to the NEX-7 and NX200 are shown with the original kit lens 14-42mm instead of the X zoom lens that is much smaller.

I accept the IQ having a bigger weight in the final score, but it looks to like those photos intend to hide the great size advantage of M43 to APS-C sensor cameras.

It makes the review appear partial to Sony and Samsung.

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