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I have always been passionate about photography. As a child I wished I could somehow show people what I saw. I still wish that and am constantly working at doing it better. I see photo ops every day, everywhere and I ALWAYS have a camera with me!

I have very little ego about my work. I accept critique very well and appreciate the opportunity to learn. I cannot abide a rude person though. Please hate my photos politely and respectfully.


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On article Manfrotto introduces new lens filter lineup (125 comments in total)

I see this as just a result of a brainstorming session with the marketing people who said, "hey, let's do filters! We'll slap a stencil on some good filters, get DPReview to reveal them for us and let our name do the rest! It'll be brilliant!" LOL No thanks, Manfi .. I'll just stick with my good old B+W and Hoya. Been fine for years, will be fine for years to come.

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While the law may be on Wikipedia's side, the goodwill certainly isn't. The photographer made the trip to Indonesia, took his gear, found the monkey and almost lost the camera. Without the photographer, Wiki wouldn't have jack. How rude! And l_d_allan has an excellent point! Do photos taken using a motion trap not count as copyrighted material either? After all, the photographer didn't 'really' take the shot. And to cite NG as an example is dead on! I'm surprised at the lack of integrity that Wiki showed us here.

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On article Did Amazon just patent the seamless background setup? (133 comments in total)

Because no photographer in the history of photography has ever come up with this idea. Really? :( And how are they going to enforce patent infringement? Send out their drones to spy on every photographer in the country who might use this technique (that they started using years before) after the patent? And what dweeb at Amazon sold this ridiculous idea to their legal department? This is BS on so many levels!

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Hongze: These images show that the photographer is definitely at NG class regardless tools used. I hope I can get back with images close to these even with Nikons.

However, the decision of leaving camera with a brand and bring a phone of a brand to a costly trip always demand questions. What;s the agenda? is it/are they:

1. Here is the beautiful Scotland, come visit. (We know before hand)
2. iPhone x can take beautiful images if used in right situation. (We've been shown many many times)
3. I will use iPhone x instead of Nikon in my future trip. (really?)

I will be much less confused if the story read "When I open my case at our first camp, I was shocked that, except my phone, all my gears were damaged by radiation during the fight...."

I suspect the agenda was "Hey Jim, iPhone here. How would you like to endorse our newest phone. Check's in the mail." Or at the very least, a free phone. I seriously doubt he woke up one day and decided that his gear was too heavy to lug around and thought 'hmmm I think I'll use the newest iPhone to shoot the ridiculously photogenic Scottish Highlands'.

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On article Ten items you should have in your camera bag (288 comments in total)

screwdriver and allen wrench that fit your tripod. you just never know when something is going to loosen up.

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Well, I'm sure glad I was too poor to subscribe for even the lowest tier! Of course, if they got my credit card number, they'd have to make a payment before they could use it ;) I'm more inclined to subscribe NOW than before, however. Once hacked, twice as much security. Or at least that's the way it should work.

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NickR: $16 a roll?
150 rolls or a $2400 DSLR, which would you rather have?

HEY! I resemble that remark! I'm a spray and (not so much) pray sports photog! I DO love film for street though. Nothing like B&W street shots in your hands. It's a tactile thing. :D

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SWEET! *dusts off old film camera* I love Ilford B&W film processing but was having it developed locally with mixed results. Good news!

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On article Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend (184 comments in total)
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ThePhilips: Mike, a nice write-up. Long overdue, too.

Previously I could only find assorted Eye-Fi reviews, which were mostly concentrating on the point-and-shoot perspective, in other words: "OMG wi-fi! OMG instant facebook!" To see the cards working on the 5D3 is rather reassuring.

Otherwise, for a next review, you might consider adding:
- Impact on the battery life.
- How fast the actual SD card is? How fast can camera write to it?
- Compatibility with the cameras aka impact of camera's sleep on the Wi-Fi transfers. IIRC, not all cameras a compatible with Eye-Fi.

P.S. You might have added few more clicks/views to the article by starting it with something like "let me tell you the reason why there are no full-metal body cameras anymore." ;)

For a synopsis of how fast it is in layperson's terms see my comment below. And the answers that Customer Support gave me when I called with my issues! :D

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On article Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend (184 comments in total)

I like the idea of the Eye-Fi card but ....

I shoot in RAW on a Nikon which is designated as NEF and the Eye-Fi stopped transmitting my images. When I called customer support I had to explain what NEF was and I was told that NEF isn't a true RAW!!! I'm sure Nikon would be interested in hearing THAT! They also told me to shoot in JPEG and I won't have the problem. Ya think? Not acceptable as a solution!

BIGGEST flaw .. this card is not meant for shooting in burst mode which I do a lot for action shoots and birding. I lost so many shots while the card was checking for a wifi connection before saving the next image!!! Again customer support offered a lame solution .. don't shoot in burst mode.

All in all, it's a good card for casual shooting and shoots that need immediate transfers for editing on the spot but I took it out of my DSLR and now use it in my POS only.

Conclusion: Great idea but needs some upgrades.

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On article What the new Nexus 7 tablet means for photographers (95 comments in total)

I have a 'first edition' N7 and love it to edit on the fly! I have a wifi card in my camera which uploads automatically and I use Snapseed for quick edits. On bigger projects I start in PS or Picasa depending how much work is needed, upload to Dropbox, finish my edit in Snapseed (It has some fun effects) on the tablet (usually in bed at night!) and reload to DB for filing. Love my N7 but of course there's always a v2.0, 3.0, 3.3 and on to infinity but basic bells and whistles are the same.

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On article Blending modes: Tools for post-processing (10 comments in total)

That may be Devendra but the technique is solid.

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On article Eye-Fi Mobi SD card sends photos to mobile devices (34 comments in total)

Got one ... love it! I get home from a shoot, set my camera down, turn it on and go feed the cats or myself and voila! my photos are all uploaded and ready to edit! I have had, on occasion, an error or two but the process will start all over again (with only the photos not uploaded being caught) by turning the camera off and on again. (Want another one for my back-up camera too! )

While my card does have a 'direct' ability, it's only to my Nexus7 and then it's a bit of a hassle to transfer them to my desktop. Dropbox works but it's still more work than just turning my camera on. If I need an immediate view of a photo I do use the N7.

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On photo Car crash dream (20130324011) in David Larkman Clark's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

This is one of the best photos I've seen of this exhibit! Well done!

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On GalleryItem:2485550 (1 comment in total)

Truly beautiful portrait! The expression speaks volumes!

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