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On article Olympus to axe V-series point-and-shoot cameras (124 comments in total)
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R Thornton: Like with other manufacturers, the reason they are going down now is not the technology but marketing. Olympus are going out of their ways to avoid competing, and instead, they are inventing tricks to defend their price points using "new" products as an excuse. In the process, they are not producing anything spectacular, and spectacular is what it takes to live on right now. What some call the "global crisis" is actually just real life...

Smartphones have been having a negative impact on this end of the market for some time now.
Photography grew dramatically with the advent of digital technology. What we are seeing now is the contraction of the hobbie as those that were never much interested in photography drift away to their smartphones leaving the original enthusiast base to continue with their genuine interest in photography as a hobbie. Of course the market will contract and adjust but its heart will retain its strength.
I don't think i could find anything more meaningless to read than your comments. Everything you've said is pure rubbish.

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Island Golfer: Think Tank bags are made too narrow, too small and too tight to fit the larger full frame cameras with today's longer, fatter lenses. The top flap on their top loader bags, that opens away from the body, makes it additionally difficult to get the camera out of the bag. I bought one for my D800, tried it once, and put it on the top shelf in my closet. If they were made more roomy, and with the top flap opening to the side (like Lowepro), they might have something. I would recomend trying your gere in their bags before you buy. I wish I had done so.

Your comment is completely irrelevant if you had taken the trouble to read the introduction. The Sub Urban bags being discussed are specifically designed for smaller gear and photographers wishing to travel light.

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