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I think the problem all along has been marketing. Olympus never seemed to make the case for the smaller lighter system, especially good for tele and macro with features that blow the big guys out of the water, like HHHR, incredible IBIS and so on. Maybe the new company will have a better marketing strategy... meantime, my lenses will last a long time, and I’ll pick up an e-m1 mkiii at some point at a heavy discount and be set for the rest of my natural life.

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I’m appalled. Even centre sharpness is terrible. I tried one in the store in the fall and hoped it might just be a bad copy, but there is no excuse for this. Compare and contrast with the Olympus 12-100.

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I had 2 older V1 anchors. Kudos to Peak Design for acting so responsibly. THIS is how all corporations should treat customers, even when the failure rate is so low. Thanks++

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Gary Goodenough: Exposure X3 not using standard XMP files is a deal killer for me. I don't want to be locked into their propitiatory system.

You made me curious, so I did some tests. They ARE xmp files, but not named as such. There are 2 ways to convert them, as long as you use RAW files. You can export them to the same folder using the same file extension, or you can actually copy the .exposurex3 file from the Alien Skin folder to the main folder and rename it. e.g P4010959.ORF.exposurex3 renames to P4010959.xmp, and voila, keywords and metadata are all there. Exporting jpgs bakes in any edits. I suspect the copy method would work here but I haven't tested it.

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Matt Random: Can someone tell me how the DAM compares to LR? The need for quick culling, rating and keywording while still being able to do quick edits at the same time is what keeps me bound to LR.

BTW, I plan to download the trial version. But I want to wait until I'm in a better position to make the most of the 30 days.

You can do all that in X3, without the reliance on LR's import and catalogue - see and look at the "fast image culling", "copying photos form a card" and "managing image files" tutorials. Also have a look at the update blurb...

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tonyreidsma: " Not good for:
The impatient."

That's all I had to read.

It's not that slow. Try it... I have never enjoyed post processing more now that I've switched!

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Why is this news? It is not a new item. Who care what designer colours a piece of kit comes in? It is the same technology as boring black.

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Simply... thank you, thank you, thank you!

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