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On article Street Photographers test freedom to shoot in London (184 comments in total)

The UK Police handled that really well. They seemed to follow the law precisely. It was really only security guards challenging, and really, you cannot blame them. I don't think there was anything new or astonishing in this.
I also liked that one of the building managers offered to help them take better photos - brilliant!
Everything worked out fine. No one was killed in the filming of this movie :)

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On article Microsoft releases Camera Codec Pack with RAW support (82 comments in total)
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Peter Hayward: From the comments on this forum I don't know why Microsoft even bothers.

Just because Microsoft has produced a wide ranging codec in a snap shot of time that does not align with your camera release date, does not mean it is Microsoft's fault. Try blaming your camera manufacturer.

At least Microsoft has tried. Take Nikon. They have not even bothered to keep up with the worlds most popular operating system. For years it has ignored the fact that while Bill has produced a superb 64 bit operating system and Adobe and others have produced software that marries to the advantages of 64 bit memory addressing, they (Nikon Australia) have simply told me ... "sorry there has been no demand for a 64 bit version". Oh why oh why do they continue to frustrate the #$@% out of us either producing what is a candidate for the worlds worst photographic software (NX) or not producing any at all (64 bit codec for their NEF files)!!!


People love to hate Microsoft. It's been a childish sport ever since the inception of the Internet - and probably before.

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On article Microsoft releases Camera Codec Pack with RAW support (82 comments in total)
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lbjack: This new Windows capability seems pretty limited compared to just downloading freeware Irfanview and associating your RAW files with it. It will instantly open any RAW file as a bitmap, which you can fool with -- Irfan has a nice selection of editing tools -- then save in lots of formats. If I want to do more, then I can open with PS.

he means you don't have to open it, and fuke=file
many people will like this codec pack, you can also use Windows Live Essentials and Skydrive now. If you want to use Irfan view, stick with that, its your choice - why argue.

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On article Microsoft releases Camera Codec Pack with RAW support (82 comments in total)
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gaiaswill: It's 64-bit support. It may be incomplete, but damn, Canon doesn't provide that for ANY model. Grade appropriately.

Nobody asked or expected Microsoft to do this. What I'm more curious about is why MS felt they should do it anyway.

Not true. MS Windows sales are very healthy:
It's one of those Myths

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