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On article Keeping the faith: Pentax K-1 video overview (103 comments in total)

What I've read about the K1 is very promising. But putting that aside for a moment...this is just the best looking FF-DSLR out there!

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alcaher: Im gointo to buy the d500 but i also want so badly the K-1, Forget about those digital medium format big boxes.

This two cameras are going to be the best two dslrs of 2016.

I've been mirrorless for a couple of years now and don't regret it. But if I had enough disposable income (I don't!) I'd seriously be considering a K1 and D500. I've been really impressed by what I've seen and read about them so far...the DSLR seems to be making a serious comeback with these two!

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Impressive! And with pixel shift enabled quite stunning! Good on Pentax.

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On article Two in one: LG G5 camera review (89 comments in total)

Aren't smartphone camera reviews supposed to be on the Connect sister site? Has it been incorporated into DPReview?

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AksCT: Leica today proudly announced the first accessory for M-D (Typ 262) camera; an external display that can be connected to the camera via special add-on, to be installed only by Leica factory. Display will have VGA resolution and will ship in 2017.
Press release states that "With inclusion of ubiquitous LCD screen, photographers 'must' surpass the principles of photography and beyond. Display will have a novel built-in mechanism that prevents chimping. It also does not allow photographer to retake the picture of the same scene after the previous picture is displayed on the external monitor".
When asked who was responsible for the design of M-D (Typ 262), Leica's new Head of Bizarre Innovation (HBI) responded that "former Head of Backward Innovation (HBI) is no longer with the company and is pursuing his personal interest in pinhole photography."

It is also rumored that in future Leica may increase resolution of external display to XVGA and later on embed it in camera by 2025.

Nice one! Lol

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marmotto: Leica are wonderful cameras, their manufacture is the best like a lot of german products, and optical quality is great (not the best, but great).
I know this... in the seventies (16 years old) i looked at them through the windows of the shops (sigh).
This is the plus side.
I don't like that their target is an arian (possibly :-) ), male, middle age, rich (very rich) and narcissistic and exhibitionist man that make the same photo of mine but with a lot of bucks or euros.
We can exclude Cartier Bresson and similia because at that time pro cameras were all the same price (Speed Graphic, Contax, Leica, Rolleiflex, Rectaflex, Janua etcetera).

I love photos and always look at the best photographer but the japanese cameras in my books have a ratio of one to ten with Leica (from sixties then on), Nikon and Canon in primis.

Arian male? What century are you living in? Just say 'white guy' if you must. We're not in the bloody third reich anymore! And as FujLiver said the far-eastern Asian market for such cameras is larger than the 'white guy' one.

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love_them_all: Would have been perfect for me if it has wifi and a EVF port. That way if I can access the menu via the EVF, or proof exposure on a phone or tablet, if needed.

BTW would this camera be as thin as the film M's? I used to hate the digital M because they are too thick :)

The WiFi idea is a very good one. Its discrete, off camera and doesn't effect the 'concept' of this camera. The EVF port though..not so much.

The thickness of this camera without the screen is a good point too. I hope its thinner as well, but I somehow doubt it. I also agree with you in that the excessive thickness of the latest digital M's is really off-putting.

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FujLiver: I had a look at one of these in real life. What a beauty. there is something strangely appealing about a camera with no buttons on the back. Just concentrate on the photograph, aperture, shutter speed and focus. Like its supposed to be. no menus. Just raw output, etc.
The build is stunning. Like jewellery. I can see real pride of ownership.
BTW this is different from the 262, it has a brass top, not an aluminium one. Makes it heavier but nicer ...

I like this camera too. If I had that much disposable income lying around I might even purchase one for all the reasons you just said. But its digital and not providing a means to see your digital images on your digital camera just seems rather odd to me.

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princewolf: Every product has its own positives and negatives and I don't think we should make the whole company responsible for one bad product, which this clearly is. If this camera was priced lower than the standard M262, because the loss of an LCD DOES warrant a fall in price, it could be a winner. But pricing it MORE than the camera that DOES have an LCD? Come on. As another poster noted, why not limit the frame no to 24, and while you are at it, make the raw files inaccessible for one day(development time) to give the feel of retro? I am beginning to believe that Leica has started snatching marketing boys/girls from Lomography. Their motto: Sell less for more! Ok customers are sheep and all, but even then...Oh, and I will not bother reading your negative comments, but if you have a lot of free time who am I to judge?

@FujLiver - That makes more sense.

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bogdescu: This is a step in the right direction.
But the only way I would EVER consider buying this camera:
- include a chip that locks ISO, grain and color/BW settings for 36 exposures in a row;
- include a time-delay after 36 shots, making the camera unworkable for 60 seconds (or however long it takes for an average pro to change films);
- make a cover that's possible to open yet unnecessary and link it to the "format card" function.

Ahh...sarcasm /s

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Charging more for less functionality...only Leica! Yet I do like the concept of this. That rear ISO dial reminds me of those classic M-series film cameras.

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)
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RW Perk: To me the dark one is much better and the white one has no class.

I completely agree! The white background (already in use on Connect) makes the site look almost like any other site out there. I'm glad that DPReview are still going to allow those who like the 'Black' theme like us, to keep it.

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On article Huawei P9 Leica-branded dual-cam made by Sunny Optical (81 comments in total)

With optics tech as it is today. Prestigious German brands like Leica and Zeiss are no more capable of designing a 'superior' lens optically than Japanese and increasingly Chinese brands are...that's history.

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On article Fujifilm X70 Review (372 comments in total)

A disappointing review (not even a silver rating!) but I'm not all that surprised really. Especially after reading about the below par lens. If Fuji had invested more in lens quality (after all they are known for their very good glass) this cameras other foibles: AF etc... would have been more forgivable. But as is, its a bit of a dud. Fuji can do much better (I'm an X-E2 user) they were disappointingly lazy here. The Ricoh GR is still king of the hill in this class, and considering how old that basic design is...Fuji could of beaten it...if they had tried harder.

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joel avery: Timed exposures up to 30 minutes - that's excellent.

Yep, that's the thing that stood out to me. Every camera brand should offer something like this. I've been wishing for metered exposures up to a half hour/hour for years! Now we have it but it's only available in an unaffordable Leica! I think Pentax might offer a similar capability, I'm not sure. But then I'm not a Pentax user.

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Great camera spec, front & rear! This might give Sammy's S7 line a run for their money in that department. Also the overall spec of the HTC is excellent now! Welcome back...

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GabrielZ: That Sony 100MP CMOS sensor is popping up in more and more MF cameras...nice! If currently ridiculously expensive. Hopefully when its Pentax's turn they'll have a more affordable take.

There have been some strong rumours of late that indeed Fuji might reveal an MF-MILC prototype together with a few primes at the upcoming Photokina. If it does happen they'll probably use Sony's cheaper more established 50MP CMOS sensor rather than the 100MP one though...but again this is all speculation,we'll just have to wait and see.

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GabrielZ: That Sony 100MP CMOS sensor is popping up in more and more MF cameras...nice! If currently ridiculously expensive. Hopefully when its Pentax's turn they'll have a more affordable take.

@noirdesir: I might of jumped the gun a bit with that first comment. But I very much doubt that Sony have invested all that money in R&D designing this sensor...only to supply it to Phase One and Hasselblad! Other brands are going to start using this sensor, its inevitable, maybe even Sony itself with an as yet unannounced MF camera...who knows?

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