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A 50 Dollar reduction on a HERO6 Black isn’t enough,100 would make it worthwhile. Or just reduce the regular prices of their cameras to a more competitive price point instead.

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When I covert RAW to JPEG I use the maximum quality setting, which seems to be a 4:1 compression ratio.

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On article Nikon dominates World Press Photo 2018 camera breakdown (370 comments in total)

As a Fuji user, it’s nice to see them take the largest mirrorless percentage here. Wasn’t expecting that.

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On article Report: Chinese company Xiaomi may purchase GoPro (92 comments in total)

This seems like a potentially good fit. As was said in the report, I hope they would continue to make quality GoPro action-cams. But at more competitive prices. Xiaomi I assume has scale of manufacture to make this possible. GoPro actioncams at a good price could rule the roost again in that long as the quality is held up.

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ggc: Many thanks to Fuji for the update. It's nice to see our camera updated!

Unfortunatly this leads to people asking even more, me too.... but this way you're getting customer even more satisfied and loyal to the brand!

Would be cool to have a customizable front dial, and to add focus stacking and flicker reduction in the next updates like i've read you'll do with x-t2 and others.

Also save-restore setting could be even better to the sd card, without a pc.

Fuji, thank you for listening customers!

I think the flicker-reduction functionality should of been part of this firmware update too. Still a pretty good upgrade, certainly more extensive than you would usually get from other camera brands. But then RGB histograms for example, usually come as standard with mid-tier cameras from those manufactures anyway.

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On article Blackmagic Design announces Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (399 comments in total)

Seems to be good value for what it is, but it’s incredibly ugly! But then video cameras aren’t exactly beauty queens are they? Rather functional behemoths.

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How do SLR Magic sell for those prices, when similar lenses from other brands seem to cost thousands. It can’t just be because they’re made in China or something...

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vscd: In lenses nobody beats Canon... apart from Zeiss, maybe.

Yxa Nikon don’t make Cine lenses though. Mind you with everybody seemingly pumping out Cine lenses nowadays, how long before Nikon decides it wants a slice of that market too?

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On article Report: Apple won't release the next Mac Pro until 2019 (208 comments in total)

Better late than never I suppose. But why did it take 6 years? The MacPro prior to the trash-can was already an excellent modular design (and looked good too!) they could of just adapted a variation of that to the updated tech available nowadays.

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vscd: In lenses nobody beats Canon... apart from Zeiss, maybe.

Not even Zeiss I think.

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JanMatthys: 5 Lenes = $12,000 , basically 1/2 the price of a new Leica neckstrap


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Terry Breedlove: Plenty of cinema lenses coming from everywhere nowadays.

I suppose it’s a booming market now, especially in TV with all these streaming services demanding a lot of content to attract and keep all those millions of subscribers interested.

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On article Video: Canon shows off its new 120MP APS-H CMOS sensor (217 comments in total)


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What are the chances?

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At that price to be competitive they should of offered 4K. Despite potential sales cannibalization of their pricier models. But are enough people purchasing the pricier models anyway?

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32GB seems pretty useless nowadays. Apple should of offered 64/256GB options for that price.

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tom1234567: Well I just sold my X-T2,
I WONT BUY THE X-H1 its just an X-T2 with better video, same camera I just sold
in my opinion
my Goal is to now save for the X-T3
now that should be better for shooting images, I hope
the X-T2 was and is an excellent camera still but I have to get my finances in order to get the X-T3

But you said you don’t want an X-H1?

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retr01976: I have been a Fuji fan for years now, but as of late their prices continue to climb while the price of FF SLRs continue to fall, so all things being equal when i decided i was ready to upgrade a FF SLR was a better choice (for me) over a newer Fuji model. The things that one made Fuji unique are not longer unique in the market space they occupy and other manufacturers have surpassed them in what they now bring to the table. The H1 was a very strange move for Fuji and it leaves one wondering what direction they are heading. Also I moved back to a traditional SLR which might be odd for some people, but the truth is the handling of small bodies with big lenses is awkward as hell and yes I am still hung up on battery life - I know it's not a big deal to keep a spare battery or two in your pocket, but those little things (for me personally) defeat the entire purpose of having a smaller camera. I know add a battery grip right ? Now we are back to an SLR sized body.

Retr0196 I did the same initially. Missed the DSLRs battery life and bright optical viewfinder. But ended up regretting it. Just couldn’t reconcile myself with the bulk and weight of it, not to mention the focusing accuracy of a DSLR setup, which is a pain to correct if it’s off. Luckily I retained my Fuji kit and now only use my DSLR for things like sports photography where Fuji’s still lag behind.

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Ernest M Aquilio: My interests lie in the rumored GFX Xpro variant rumored to be announced later this year

Using the new Sony MF 100MP sensor right? Well Fuji have claimed that their MF lenses can already resolve that kind of res, so an exciting development yes.

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El Chubasco: If improving video is where Fujifilm is heading then they have long way to go. Catching up with Panasonic is perhaps where their challenge is. 6K at 60fps with the ability to extract images from video with the new G9 is very impressive. Also impressive is the G9 high-resolution mode creating fine 80MP images by sensor shifting.
I love my Fuji gear and it is because of the flavorful experience that Fuji cameras offer that I stick to this system. But technology-wise they have catching up to do....

I concur!

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