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Micksta71: Hahaha, high end camera heist with a Nikon D60 pictured, you D60 users are all suspects :-)

this is not the picture of what was taken...
this is the picture of what was left behind...

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On article Olympus working on 8K video for Micro Four Thirds (219 comments in total)
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Georgeee: 33MP for single shot. handheld high-resolution image mode . beat FF

no you don't, all you need is to shoot wide open.

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On article Primer: What is VR, and why should photographers care? (141 comments in total)

VR = Vaginal Rejuvenation and photographers should definitely care.

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On article Look Sharp: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85/GX80 video preview (127 comments in total)

Good job Panasonic, and I would have switched to a smaller version of GX8, but the 1.39 EVF is a deal breaker for me. Switching from GX7 to GX8, you will be immediately impressed by the size of the GX8 EVF, its one of the largest in the industry, bar none. No way I'm going back to the GX7 size finder in the GX85 body. (but shutter improvements are always welcome).

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Looks like lots of people are upset with Sigma's decision to use long Flange distance, thus limiting the amount of lenses that can be adopted to it.
While I agree this probably will hurt their sales, we shouldn't assume they have made a mistake. I don't think they are that stupid.

I'm more incline to thinking that their decision making was based on the technical limitations of the Foveon sensor. I believe Foveon can't handle steep angles of light hitting the sensor, since it has to penetrate 3 layers of each photocell. (the longer the flange the straighter the angle of incidence will be).
Perhaps this is also why they didn't introduce the FF sensor at this time. (and they do make FF lenses). I'm almost positive that if you put Leica 28mm on the Foveon body the image will have color shift and/or large vignetting. Plus electronic connection with their lenses will give them more control with in-camera image adjustments.

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On article The mighty PEN: Hands-on with Olympus PEN-F (155 comments in total)
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Edac2: I knew about the 2x focal length factor of micro 4/3 lenses (17mm = 34mm), but I didn't know that applied to the f-stop as well. Is it true that an f/1.8 lens is actually f/3.6 as the article states?

@mosc, not exactly agree with you.

1) Light quantity is irrelevant, because you don't need more light than you sensor area is capable of absorbing. If our Sun was bigger it still would not have covered more area in any given moment.

2) Light intensity is NOT meaningless number :) Yes you are correct, this is what meter would show, because this is what photography is all about - capturing light of different intensities.

3) Light quantity? :))) Einstein would have loved your theory, why didn't he thought of this before. Hey, everything is relative and in photography world its all relative the the size of the sensor. Thats why they call them Ratios and relative aperture, because they relate to the size.

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (359 comments in total)
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Vadimka: I don't know why people are so negative here. Will they sell millions of them? of course not, but there is a very good change Kodak will sell 12 maybe 15 of those beauties. :)

If you are a student who want to learn film, you buy Bolex H16 camera, or old Arriflex. If you are in the music industry you will buy a camera that suits you for the style you are looking for. You can buy a hand crank camera for slow speed (ala Charlie Chaplin). What would 8mm format offer to them, other than a limitation on DOF and resolution, not something that can be fixed in post. JMHO

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bmwzimmer: Why does the Sony lens look bigger than Canon's? Shouldn't it be smaller?

If by DSLR you mean Retrofocal design, then YES. Sony 35mm f1.4 is retrofocal design like most DSLR lenses with FL wider than 40mm. This allows light to hit the sensor at straighter angle and producing pictures with less smear and color degradation. I'm sure they borrowed Zeiss Distagon design, which I think one of the best Retrofocal lenses ever made. Most Hollywood movies from 1960s and on, captured their wide angle scenes with Zeiss Distagons lenses made for Cine 35mm format. (APSC size sensor) Distagon 16mm and 24mm are some of the finest lenses Zeiss ever built.

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (359 comments in total)

I don't know why people are so negative here. Will they sell millions of them? of course not, but there is a very good change Kodak will sell 12 maybe 15 of those beauties. :)

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matthew saville: I've never been a big fan of the Holdfast line of stuff, as they look like some sort of kinky bedroom apparatus. Now they're using Bison instead of regular leather, plus the word "Maven" is always a bad sign WRT elitist pricing. Oh hey I just looked AFTER writing that. $135, holy crap.

Congrats, hipster mode has been fully activated.

Hipster mode? WTF are you talking about? Hipsters don't wear Bison skin. You got your stereotypes confused. :)

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mpgxsvcd: DJI will never benefit from this deal at all.


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Reminds me an Olympus E1 (first Olympus dslr)

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (747 comments in total)
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Zeisschen: The biggest problem I see:

DPreview has to extend it's award range to "Platinum" now.

I don't think platinum is good enough. How about Unobtanium, just to discuraged competition from even trying.

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On article #1 in France: Hands-on with DxO ONE (278 comments in total)

I'll take Ricoh GR any day over this… what ever this is…

Plus its hard to keep your phone lasting a whole day without battery dying on you, and this thing will probably drain your battery uber fast.

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On article Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? (207 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: On the one hand, its an excellent, no frills wide angle camera. On the other, perhaps Ricoh took note of the fate of the Coolpix A (which expert Steve Huff said was a great buy at $1098.) and decided not to put a lot more into the GR.

a) Ricoh GR digital has been out for 10 years with excellent results and before that GR film has been a cult camera for over a decade, so no, it has nothing to do with Coolpix-A, if anything GR killed it.

b) don't listen to Steve, he always Huffs and Puffs, he lately reminds me of Ken Rockwell.

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On article Ricoh GR II: What's new and what does it mean? (207 comments in total)

I've been using GRD since 2005, even before it was officially released in US. I loved that little camera a lot and took close to 30k pictures with it, literally until that camera fall apart and flash burned down. It was by far my most used camera, and I had so many of them (perhaps E1 was close second).

Yes I'd agree this is very small upgrade, However, whats important that they still support this model and looks like have all of the intentions to keep it going. What makes this camera special over anything else is - Fit, Form and Function. Keep it up Ricoh, and hopefully in 2 years we will see FF GR with backlit sensor.

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Vadimka: Let's take a minute of silence now, to remember our fallen comrades mr Canon & mr Nikon.

@Chris Weller, of course as of today Mirrorless can't replace SLRs 100%, but they real close. Won't you agree that 95% of people who use SLRs today could easily replace them with Mirrorless and get everything they ever needed from SLR plus a lot more. Its only those few % of hard core pros that perhaps are still better off with SLRs and thats ok. We need to remember that Canikon will not survive on those few pros. If they won't adapt real soon they will be out of business in a hurry.

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Let's take a minute of silence now, to remember our fallen comrades mr Canon & mr Nikon.

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On article Alpha dog: Hands-on with Sony a7R II (1124 comments in total)

where is A7S-II

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PHtorino: This is a terribly lame effort from Olympus. I own OMD-EM1 and EM-5 and a few of the Olympus pro lenses. But there is no way, It would ever replace my Nikon FX DSLRs. I think in the mirror-less world, Fujifilm and Sony has a better future ahead than m4/3. So, making crap videos with fake long arm will bring no good.

I disagree, I think its good video. All this video saying is that Olympus mirror less is lighter and smaller. No need to panic, no one taking your DSL-Arm from you.

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