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I spent 8 years traveling/backpacking in 20 third world countries in Central/South America and Asia from northwest China to Indonesia & west to Nepal/India. I am now in New Mexico and my wife and I will return to Asia next year. Worked as a photographer for the Washington State Fish & Game Department in the late 70s.

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  • I'm 68, and when I became interested in photography at the age of 12 or so, my first camera was a 2 1/4 square format twin lens reflex. So yes, at that time 35 mm was apparently considered small ...
  • Great thought.
  • Replied in Pro vs non pro
    Thanks. I was not aware of that.
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    That sounds good to me. There is so much of this planet to see. I hope COVID is controlled soon so my wife and I can leave the U.S. again. My wife is an RN from Bangkok, and surprisingly, Thailand ...
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    Actually, neither one. I'm not a member of any camera club, and don't need the income. I give photo presentations when back in the U.S. from wherever I traveled in third world countries, and ...
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    Thanks. I'm considering the 12-100, but don't know if the increased image quality is worth the extra money and weight to switch from the 12-200. I may order a 12-100, and try it out, as that seems ...
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    I assume that WR is water resistance. Specifically, I'm comparing my 12-200 Olympus with a 12-100 Pro. Both are weather sealed. Thank you for the comment.
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    Makes sense to me. As I must carry my stuff myself for long periods in other countries, I'm debating between the 12-100 Pro and the 12-200 Olympus that I now carry. Difficult because both are ...
  • Understood. My gear issue is carrying my stuff myself for months at a time in 3rd world countries. That's why I was considering the 12-100 Pro vs the 12-200 non pro that I currently use. I'll need ...
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    I just bought a barely used EM1III two days ago (shutter count was 328), and forgot to add it to my gear list. This is the body that I'll carry from now on. Thank you for reminding me to add this.
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    I understand you point, and didn't mean to mislead. Note that the answers here DO help me in general terms, as although I'm now comparing two specific lenses, this basic question has been on my ...
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    I'm the author of the original question here, and I guess I should have been more specific. I travel for months at a time in third world countries in Asia and South America, backpack occasionally, ...
  • Created discussion thread Pro vs non pro
    I'm very curious about the image difference between an Olympus pro zoom lens vs their non-pro.  Could someone post similar images of the same focal length? I read interviews that there is , in ...
  • I may be a bit late in responding to this. I was considering exactly the same thing just 3 days ago upon ordering an EM1III. Then I thought about the cameras I've owned since around 1968. NONE ...
  • I have the EM5ii and EM5III. For me (and only me), it was worth it to buy the newer model. It seems significantly faster in acquiring focus, and dealing with camera shake, and the extra megapixels ...
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    In traveling to places in Asia and Central/South America where I have to personally carry my own stuff (my wife refuses to carry it!) for literally months at a time, and wanting photos where I ...
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    VERY nice!
  • Created question thread Thoughts on future pricing?
    I've decided to stick with MFTs, regardless of what happens to Olympus and the format itself, as I'm happy with the products and their results. I'll be in the market for the Olympus 100-400 lens ...
  • My tubes were a middle quality, and there are 3 different sizes; mix and match. This allows me to choose the ones that suit my shot. They also weigh less than a macro lens.

  • Yes. Years ago I also used these filters, and they worked. The difference might be that extra glass can cause distortion, especially if these filters are stacked. I certainly cannot say that this...

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