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While I am happy for those who are going to find some employment for the kickstarter campaigners, I am dismayed that they chose to revive this clearly inferior brand of film. Ferrania was supplier for most of the "house brand" film brands sold at the end of the last century. Color, contrast and grain were fair to awful. Fuji is still producing film, although in much smaller quantities to meet the demand. I'm not sure the revival of Ferrania is anything more than a feel good program for those who are nostalgic.

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On article Samsung launches Galaxy K Zoom with 10x optical zoom (115 comments in total)
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forpetessake: With 5.62x crop factor the lens is equivalent to f/17.4-35.2 -- probably enough to shoot from 3ft with a flash, but useless for anything else. There is a reason smart phones have fixed lenses with f/2 or so, because even f/2 (FF equivalent f/11) is only good in daylight or with flash.

You just don't seem to get it. The light gathering ability and the effective depth of field are not related. from the light gathering ability the lens is f/3.2 to f/6.3. From an "effective" depth of field point of view, you are right, the near to far focus is very deep, no isolating "bokeh" from this lens sensor combination.

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On article Hungarian law bans photos taken without consent (321 comments in total)

Here's a another instance of a laws being written by people with little or no understanding of the matter in question. I think an appropriate response could take two different forms. One method would be immediately eliminate any distribution of any images from Hungary. Another response, my preferred way, would be for everyone to shoot photos of everything and everyone in sight. Fill every social media site with as many photos of as many Hungarians as possible. The Hungarian legislative body has proven its complete incompetence in this matter.

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MrTaikitso: People are spending on small things. I got to play with a Canon EOS 100 (the ultra compact DSLR) and it feels superb in the hand - mine anyway.

However, although the Sony RX100 was revolutionary due to it's sensor size, it's handling is awful (you don't want to use it when you pick it up, unlike say, the Pentax MX-1), so it is not consumer friendly.

What is needed is a groundbreaking development in lens miniaturisation so that someone can produce a pocketable compact camera with both the handling and IQ of a DSLR. A mix of the Pentax MX-1, Samsung EX2f (which I have), RX1 sensor (yup, the 1, not the 100!) and Fuji X series controls, but for under $400.

The Panasonic GM1 comes close from an IQ angle, but it lacks exposure adjustment dials and an articulating display, and is too expensive.

So, who's going to accept the challenge?

I agree about the otherwise very capable RX100. When I picked it up, it felt fussy in my hands. My XE-2 and X-20 models, feel really intuitive, especially the XE-2. Obviously, everyone has there own preference, but I've been shooting for over 40 years and some camera "feel" right and other "feel" clunky. As for the price point of $400 for all of the features you've mentioned, I think it is attainable except for sensor size. For a sensor with good low light, low noise and high resolution, m43 is the bottom limit and APS-C is just about right. It's tough to make a full feature camera in either system for $400.

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On article Sony A3000 First Impressions Review (620 comments in total)

More like a sheep in a wolf's clothing.

It's probably already been said, but I didn't want to read all 370 comments.

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On article Gorgeous color photos of America in the 1930's and 40's (109 comments in total)
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Benarm: Interesting, but many of them look staged.

@graybalanced, thank you for thoughtful informative comments. I find these photographs completely engrossing, "staged" or not. They are slices of a time and of time long gone. We are so lucky to be able have them available at all, let alone online for everyone to see. Thanks to DPReview for bringing them to our attention.

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As a pilot, I am always a little saddened by the sight of machines that were designed to fly after they are finally grounded. The dead bird on the seat may a bit heavy handed, but it still works, too. There is a haunting quality to these photos. Thanks to DP review sharing them. I'm looking forward to seeing the whole book.

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DotCom Editor: It was nice of them to wait until after Roger Ebert's death to do this.

People want video content because they don't have any attention span. They don't have the ability to read, analyze a still photo nor do they really care about anything other than a soundbite or tweet. It's a shame that the medium of commercials, video, a passive, highly manipulative vehicle, is now consumed by the illiterate masses. The same criticism can be applied to photos, but at least with static images there is time to contemplate and revisit.

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For the folks who use it to stay in touch with family and a few close friends, FB has some functionality at the cost presenting information to company with utterly questionable business practices. For the rest, it is nothing more than a colossal waste of time and resources.

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On article Just posted: Our Fujifilm XF 14mm 1:2.8 R lens review (78 comments in total)
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RStyga: First and foremost worry for Fujifilm, in my opinion, should be to get complete software support for their RAW files; it seems that they're getting there, at last, but they have lost precious time and this delay has given their cameras a questionable name that, unfortunately, will take time to be erased. Their lenses also seem to be very good albeit not enough to warrant the name of a system quite yet. Last, the pricing needs to be a bit more aggressive in favour of the consumer; currently, lenses and bodies are a bit expensive.

First, RAW is not an issue for Fuji because the camera produced JPEG's are superb and work for most workflows directly from the camera to the client. Second, the lenses are some of the best optics produced recently (Not surprising since the same company produces all the Hasselblad optics and broadcast TV glass, too.) Finally, the target customer is not the consumer. The target customers are professionals seeking a system with great color, dynamic range and full control with minimal size and weight. The other target customers are advanced amateurs. By selling at higher prices, theu can continue to develop the system despite the niche product.

I think Fuji is definitely on the right path. The days of having to rely on Nikon hand-me-down bodies are, thankfully, gone.

Have you ever wondered why not one single mainstream manufacturer makes a camera that just records in RAW? Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Fuji, Leica, etc. all spend millions on developing in-camera processors for a reason.

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Benarm: Nikon D600: Aperture control in LiveView mode. Can someone check if it was actually fixed? Maybe Nikon didn't mentioned it in the release notes.

I just installed the update on my D600. Yes, there is now aperture control in LiveView, but only in still photos, not in video. Boo!

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Whenever I read a story about ISS, or see photos or get to watch a video it makes my day. It always reminds me of the wonderful things humans are capable of and the simple curiosity and awe we can experience about the universe. These were wonderful images!

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Peiasdf: A $21 billion revenue company. Go Fuji.

I think it's more of a reflection on how a film based company continues to reinvent itself unlike others cough*Kodak*cough who are in bankruptcy.

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On article Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue (240 comments in total)
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starwolfy: Just a tought for Fuji...which never recognized the sticky aperture issue with its Fuji X100.
Mine is still blocked a full aperture...and I think will remain as such for my FIRST and very LAST Fuji product that I've had and will ever buy in my all Life.

I got sucked the same with an ACER computer in the past. I will never buy an ACER product again.

I know you can face problems with any brand...but at least there are brands which recognize their mistakes and take responsibility for it. Those are the brands I prefer to invest in, despite it cost me more sometimes.

I don't think you're ever going to find a manufacturer to satisfy your expectations. Admittedly, I worked for Fuji years ago and as such I had access to many models. Since then I've sho Fuji almost exclusively including 10 different PS models, 2 different "bridge"cameras, 4 S3 bodies and 4 S5 bodies, an X100, an X10, and X Pro 1 and most recently, 2 XE1 bodies. Out of all those cameras, only on S3 needed services because the CCD died and Fuji repaired it at no charge. Dismissing an entire brand because you've had bad luck with one model is premature at best.

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The writer and I disagree about how "serious" a photographic tool Apple products have been thus far. On the other hand, a great photographer can use any tool (shoebox pinhole, Holga, disc, 110, 126, Polaroid, etc.) to create great images within the limitations of the medium.

I believe the next great development related to photography is going to abandon the tradition control paradigm and create a completely UI and process for recording. I don't what that is yet to you would all be reading about my great new invention. Still working on it!

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XE-1 body and 35 lens updates installed without a hitch. Low light AF speed improved significantly. Thanks Fuji. How about focus peaking in the next release?

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On article Nikon issues firmware update for D4 professional DSLR (28 comments in total)
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jnk: just curious - why would DPR provide firmware notice for the D4/users and yet - the camera has not been review?

It may also be a harbinger of things to come, like the eagerly awaited firmware update for the very affordable D600. Owners are yearning to be able to change aperture while in live-view (apparently an exotic feature for the folks at Nikon).

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