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Boissez: This is the first cameraphone that truly cuts the mustard. However I don't believe I'll buy it unless they'll put in some sort of protection for the lens. Such a shame really because the quality seems to exceed my current lx3 in a pocketable form factor (the phone part is just a bonus). Oh and RAW would be nice too but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

Or that's great (the Nokia's case)!

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Infms: Here's a fantastic interview with Damian Dinning, for those curious about Nokia's PureView technology:

Thanks for the link! I will buy the WP version of this.

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On photo ISO 25600 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (17 comments in total)
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JamieTux: This still looks remarkably useable!

The rat is losing some detail and it's beginning to look a bit washed out but considering the conditions and the ISO wow!

I like everything up to ISO 12800

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On a photo in the Canon EOS 5D Mark III low light ISO samples sample gallery (17 comments in total)
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JamieTux: This still looks remarkably useable!

The rat is losing some detail and it's beginning to look a bit washed out but considering the conditions and the ISO wow!

I like everything up to ISO 12800

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On article 'No Future in Photojournalism' Interview: Dan Chung (266 comments in total)
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jj74e: Just a thought- would dpreview also be migrating to integrate more video information on their site? It would certainly attract more traffic, fill up the rather sparse video forum, and provide an excellent go-to site for videography that dpreview already is for photography

I.e. articles, perhaps more thoroughness on video in camera reviews (although to be honest I've never thoroughly read the video sections of the reviews until recently, so I don't have a good idea of how thorough it already is)...but I wouldn't necessarily miss an absence of camcorder reviews...I think I'm going to stick with hybrid cams.

Barney, could you possibly consider a camcorder section or a separate website? I don't know anything like dpreview for camcorders, and this is frustrating...

Or you think that there's no place for dedicated camcorders anymore, and they should be replaced with video-capable still cameras?

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On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (767 comments in total)
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ci-lee: well they came thru with the larger sensor size but really messed up the rest of the camera. 1) lens is too slow...esp @ the long end. 2) it looks like an ergonomic nightmare...imagine trying to adjust settings using back wheel which is pushed all the way to the edge of the camera. 3) same old crap VF 4) macro distance of 20cm?!? 5) no manual a camera this size, a barrel zoom would fit and make operation much quicker! looks like I'll be keeping my X10...even with the smaller sensor, the considerably faster lens (throughout the zoom range) probably offers better DOF control and probably similar low light performance (smaller sensor but brighter lens). Just waiting for that firmware update now ;) To Canon's credit though, I love the flip screen & direct movie record button and frankly cameras like this and the X10 are better implemented real world solutions than the Nikon 1-Series...imo.

I will keep my X10 too. High-speed continuos shooting is a must for me - I have 4 little kids, I always use continuos shooting, and almost everytime the best frame is not the first one.

Cannon had better used a slightly smaller sensor and made a faster lense and a faster cont. shooting.

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On article Buyer's Guide: Enthusiast raw-shooting compact cameras (275 comments in total)
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Bob Yarbrough: OK ...from the article we JPEG shooters should try RAW.

We need guidance for an Easy To Use RAW program ! I have a Fuji X10.

Adobe Raw now supports X10

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I shot a friend's child birthday a couple of days ago and i was too busy to sort them out. Now I've looked at those pics. Shots in a dim room with birthday candles are almost unusable. Candles are big white spots. There is a strip of decorative light on the wall. I think that one light (out of 4) was on, and there's a big white spot, 3 times wider than the light strip.

Unfortunately I cannot return the camera to the seller, it's over 2 weeks... I'll try to do what I can to return it...

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ecologer: I think that the hope for Fuji users might be the case with Sigma SD9 - that model had very similar blown out highlights, see

And Sigma did come up with a firmware fix:
Benefits of this Firmware (V Update:
* Reduced tendency to highlight blowouts and "blooming" in overexposed long exposure shots.
* Several bugs fixed

Sigma also made changes in its RAW processing software that also helped to improve the issue with color clipping:

So let us hope Fuji can come up with a good firmware/software fix, too.

I would say that there is a hope if I saw a comparison of SD9 shots before the firmware and after. Does anyone have a link to such comparison?

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andrewD2: Picked up a X10 at the fuji stand at a calumet autumn open day. Took one shot and it locked up, couldn't even turn it off. If this was 10 years ago or a budget camera I could have understood but the least you expect now is a camera that works and has no obvious imaging flaws.

I have a X10 and it does not have any problems with power on/off

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