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mjoshi: Affirmative action for photographers (?) - and this is coming from person of color. So what is next ? Can we have affirmative action in sports too ? There are not enough white people in NBA and NFL and not enough black people in NHL ;)

Yes....this kind of thing is TOTALLY unnecessary these fact, hasn't been necessary for decades.
The rent-seeking, identity politics, and the power of having the "diversity/inclusion/racism!" card is just too addicting, though.
The new way to identify the most race-obsessed, NON-diverse people is by how very often they refer to identity, race, etc. (just the opposite of what they claim)

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MikeFairbanks: I don't see this endeavor as racist (the way many do as shown by the comments), but I do believe it's unhealthy and not a step in the right direction.

The thing about photographs is that when we see one, we have no idea who took the photo (unless told ahead of time).

I'm a member of Photography-on-the net, a wonderful site for collaboration, advice, gearheads, etc. I never even thought about who was taking the photos, and their screen names don't reveal race or gender most of the time. Plus, I usually see the photo in a feed first.

It's the same with Instagram. I see amazing photos. My opinion of the picture isn't going to change if I discover that the photographer is white, black, female, male, autistic, has dwarfism, is in a wheelchair, etc.

The photographer is not in the photograph (usually).

So, again, I don't think it's racist (based on our historical injustice toward people of color), but I do think it's misguided and counterproductive.

oh, it's 100% about identity.....and race. We have cultivated ever more clever ways of being divisive. These days, this clever approach allows one to couch oneself as being "against hate", "diverse!", "multi-cultural"...all while very VERY clearly being insulting and exclusive. Exclusive of whom? hmmm...I wonder

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Terry M: EVERY post in the "most popular" queue (at this point) is denigrating the intent of the database. If THAT doesn't illustrate the problem, nothing will.

People are starting to get wise to the obvious.
Diversity = whites not-welcomed here
That is NOT very loving, passionate, fair ...or... DIVERSE!!!
It is bizarre, exclusionary, and explicitly racist (not subtle racism or is full blown, explicitly stated, direct racism)

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quietrich: I’m going to have another go at it, just because I think it’s important.

If I’m a white Caucasian in a largely white Caucasian society, I am privileged to always be included and represented by default. I am a member of several associations, which are all predominantly representative of the society in which I live.
For instance, if I’m a member of the British Institute of Professional Photographers, then (by default) I’m a member of the British Institute of white Caucasian Photographers.

Now if I’m a black female photographer, then I’m not represented at all, because I’m in a minority. I can choose to join the British Institute of white Caucasian Photographers, but that won’t help in terms of inclusion and opportunity. So, as all ‘minorities’ have always done, I’ll join the association that represents me, rather than the association that represents the majority.

It isn’t rocket science, and there isn’t any ‘racism’ here. It’s just an attempt at representation and inclusion.

Thanks for trying to explain how it's ok, yet again, for "diversity" to mean "no whites allowed"

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jamesfrmphilly: saddens me to see how many racists there are in here......

"Diverse" is apparently the passive aggressive, racist way to say, "whites not welcomed"

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Pitchertaker: This is a legitimate question so please, no flagging, deleting, or "warnings" about this question: Why is any other "color" or nationality/culture besides Caucasian called "diversity?" So being Caucasian isn't representative of "diversity?" Why not? Who decided this is so? Caucasian culture doesn't have within itself its own "diversity?"

Asians and Jewish people are far over-represented in positions of affluence in the U.S. (is that a problem, too?....I don't think so)
White's are lousy at being bigots....that, or they have a strange fetish for Asians and Jewish folks.

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Stigg: Here is Benjamin Franklin's take on this subject:

“Why should Pennsylvania, founded by the English, become a Colony of Aliens, who will shortly be so numerous as to Germanize us instead of our Anglifying them, and will never adopt our Language or Customs, any more than they can acquire our Complexion.”

It looks like this deranged belief known as racism and its psychotic definitions of fictitious "races" was birthed in the Anglo mind and spread throughout the world and was so devastating that it encouraged the subjugation and destruction of "lesser races" throughout the globe - including the genocides of N & S America.

I thankfully live in NYC, the most diverse city of ethnicities on the planet, and I would not reside here if it were not that way. Its why I left my home country of England decades ago. I reject the concept of races. There is only the human race.

How cute, Stigg thinks that racism was birthed in the 1700's!
As with other religions (earth is 6,000 yrs old?).....he thinks racism is Euro-specific and a few hundred years old.
Charming, these religious views.

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Clyde Thomas: Web site states "self identified ethnicity".

So I can identify with whatever ethnicity I desire.

Client won't know until contract is signed and I'm on the job. Then they fire me on the spot. Then I sue them for... racism?

I love this world. Just love love love it.

How could they fire you? Are they going to do a test of your DNA?
You can identify as whatever you like!
The new religion is a delight.

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Paul B Jones: White christians are now a minority in the United States, and not taking it very well judging by the comments here.

fmian - As long as they are judging white skin colour, it is culturally acceptable to stereotype, mock, and cast judgement.
Remember the plight of the Jewish people in early-1900's Europe? They were considered "privileged" and openly resented by the rest.
You need to get with the new religion.

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cybertec69: This progressive diversity experiment has destroyed the West. Diversity, these progressives make me laugh, all this diversity nonsense has done nothing more than destroyed cultures and soon civilizations.

Roustabout -
Rationality doesn't matter in the face of the new orthodoxy/religion.
Here is the new religion for white folks.
You must admit that you are a sinner....even if you truly don't think you sin.
ooops...scratch that....replace the word 'sinner' with 'racist'.
And that's just rule #1.
Of course, if you fail to recognize this holy truth, then you are a heretic.
ooops...scratch that.... replace the word 'heretic' with "racist" or "bigot"...or "Hitler".
You are being placed in a corner with this dogma, and there is no logical way out.

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lilBuddha: ISTM, diversify.Photo is merely seeking to give voice to those who have been marginalised. Whether by racism or ignorance.
Why anyone should have issue with this, outside of racists of course, is interesting.

A few notes:

Race does not exist, but racism does because race is Perceived to exist by some and people are judged by their perceived race. Extending this, people naturally group to others they perceive as part of their group. Projects like diversity.Photo seek to expand the definition of what that group includes.

People in the dominant group have difficulty seeing institutionalised racism
Because it does not affect them negatively.
Because they are not, or do not think they are, racist.
Because they think they achieved strictly on merit.

Sounds like lilBuddha has got religion. Gee, if only these blind people could see the real truth.
you must have gone to college

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Thematic: When I was younger in elementary school, children were told to execute projects just like this that promoted their "cultural heritage" - a few months later all the kids were seen mingling on playgrounds in separate ethnic groups.

None of us kids saw race.....until the adults told us to see race.

It's sick. Gone are the days of a melting pot - its the salid bowl ideology that places an emphasis on what you are, vs what you accomplish.

Very sick. And sickening that children are exposed to this.

And yes, im black and sick of it.

It is easier to argue that it has been open season on whites for decades. Want to make jokes or disparage the character of whites? Go for it without hesitation! Want to say something unsavory about any other group? a very, very bad idea.
I say, we should all address each other as humans....and accept that sometimes, some people say rude things. It's no big deal. As a "Euro-American", I have experience quite a bit of explicit racism... as well as other kinds of rudeness. That is life on earth. Truly, it is no big deal.

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Robert Soderlund: Get ready for the article called "five reasons to choose a Mac over a PC".

Honestly, I'm somewhat embarrassed to be seen with a Mac! It just looks too "hipster" to me. ...among other things. So to those who say that the Apple is more stylish, I think it is very un-stylish. It is boring, in fact. However, there is one thing that I have not yet read in these comments: the Apple trackpad. Good lord that thing is wonderful. It feels like a perfect, organic connection between one's fingertips and the pointer...totally natural and precise.
So, here I sit using a Mac as I ponder another computer. Because of the Mac, I won't be able to tolerate a skippy, hesitant, weird Windows PC trackpad experience. It is really quite central in the use of any computer when you think about it.
Perhaps the Microsoft "precision trackpad" experience has corrected previous flaws?

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J A C S: Photos of scalped whites would have made this exhibition more balanced.

By our modern standards, the kinds of violence and war behaviors of ALL involved, back then, are quite disturbing. Of course, we like to display only those historic accounts of the unseemly behaviors of the European types while portraying the others as peace loving angels of serenity.
The Europeans basically interrupted and added to the ongoing tribal wars and slavery that existed before they arrived.

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There should be no such thing as a 4gb RAM option on any expensive computer.

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Wye Photography: The one thing that really outrages me is how easily people are outraged.

This conversation makes me feel unsafe. coddle me now!

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2017 at 14:32 UTC

I'm outraged! ... well, not all. Good grief, I wish I could find the energy to get "outraged!" about numbing "issues" like this.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1197 comments in total)
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msheikh921: hmmmm... this site has demonstrated that crop factor MUST be accounted for in aperture equivalency, yet a lot of people in the comments still compare the "weight" of the panasonic's "f/2.8" lens to full frame ones........

love the GH5; getting one!! but just felt that point should brought up for the sake of comparison accuracy.

So what is the 4/3rds 2.8 is equivalence in a "C" sensor?
Perhaps, with 5-axis stabilization, the 4/3 sensor might be quite close to the APS-C performance.

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oh no... THIS is now a "throwback", old school camera???? yikes. time passes fast

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Will be interesting to get the price on these things. At this point, I just can't buy a 4gb model of any Windows only interested in the top model.
I notice that there is no built-in dock for the S-pen....requiring one of those fabric loops to hold it.

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