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Robert Soderlund: Get ready for the article called "five reasons to choose a Mac over a PC".

Honestly, I'm somewhat embarrassed to be seen with a Mac! It just looks too "hipster" to me. ...among other things. So to those who say that the Apple is more stylish, I think it is very un-stylish. It is boring, in fact. However, there is one thing that I have not yet read in these comments: the Apple trackpad. Good lord that thing is wonderful. It feels like a perfect, organic connection between one's fingertips and the pointer...totally natural and precise.
So, here I sit using a Mac as I ponder another computer. Because of the Mac, I won't be able to tolerate a skippy, hesitant, weird Windows PC trackpad experience. It is really quite central in the use of any computer when you think about it.
Perhaps the Microsoft "precision trackpad" experience has corrected previous flaws?

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J A C S: Photos of scalped whites would have made this exhibition more balanced.

By our modern standards, the kinds of violence and war behaviors of ALL involved, back then, are quite disturbing. Of course, we like to display only those historic accounts of the unseemly behaviors of the European types while portraying the others as peace loving angels of serenity.
The Europeans basically interrupted and added to the ongoing tribal wars and slavery that existed before they arrived.

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There should be no such thing as a 4gb RAM option on any expensive computer.

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Wye Photography: The one thing that really outrages me is how easily people are outraged.

This conversation makes me feel unsafe. coddle me now!

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I'm outraged! ... well, not all. Good grief, I wish I could find the energy to get "outraged!" about numbing "issues" like this.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review (1194 comments in total)
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msheikh921: hmmmm... this site has demonstrated that crop factor MUST be accounted for in aperture equivalency, yet a lot of people in the comments still compare the "weight" of the panasonic's "f/2.8" lens to full frame ones........

love the GH5; getting one!! but just felt that point should brought up for the sake of comparison accuracy.

So what is the 4/3rds 2.8 is equivalence in a "C" sensor?
Perhaps, with 5-axis stabilization, the 4/3 sensor might be quite close to the APS-C performance.

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oh no... THIS is now a "throwback", old school camera???? yikes. time passes fast

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Will be interesting to get the price on these things. At this point, I just can't buy a 4gb model of any Windows only interested in the top model.
I notice that there is no built-in dock for the S-pen....requiring one of those fabric loops to hold it.

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BfSkinner: Gosh, another award winning photo gallery ... and as usual, thankfully absent of those yucky European types.

Oh my....I'm a special snow flake, you just gave me a death threat??? I'll go put this on my Progressive Blog and start a gofundme page to help with my stress!

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Gosh, another award winning photo gallery ... and as usual, thankfully absent of those yucky European types.

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utphoto: Great post. Here's a link to more detail about that grim time in American history. Are we on the way to repeating it with the hate and vitriol being raged against immigrants today?

Well, I always put myself on the other foot. If I lived in, say, Japan....and the U.S. began bombing Japan, I would FULLY UNDERSTAND why the Japanese people might want to keep an eye on me. They are not engaging in a "hate crime"...they are merely trying to shut all possibilities of additional threats.
Yes, I would be truly troubled by the situation, but it's how life sometimes happens.
Ok Americans, back to our favorite past time: self flogging!

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Because of who this guy is (more specifically, what he has had access to), I would love to see his photos. The artful photos are nice, but I'd like to see ALL of them....even the willy nilly snap shots....especially from his time in the 60's and 70's.

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On article Apple unveils iPhone 7 and dual-cam iPhone 7 Plus (905 comments in total)

Can the image processing be easily altered to avoid some of the iPhone artifacts and over-processing?

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BfSkinner: Does the use of the LCD "live view" screen result in reduced focusing speed (or effectiveness)?
I'm referring to still photography...not video.
As I recall, the D7100 "live view" resulted in reduced performance., but I am a behaviorist.

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On article Samsung launches first removable UFS memory cards (177 comments in total)

Would this type of storage be usable as the actual "hard drive" in new, cheap PCs?
They would certainly take up nearly zero space!

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On article Back to the action: Nikon D500 Review (1134 comments in total)

Does the use of the LCD "live view" screen result in reduced focusing speed (or effectiveness)?
I'm referring to still photography...not video.
As I recall, the D7100 "live view" resulted in reduced performance.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 IV Review (1561 comments in total)

For the first time, I handled this camera at the local Best Buy. Even though there are plenty of photos of the camera within this review, I was shocked at the incredibly teeny tiny size. I was hoping it was small enough, actually, but found myself thinking that it was almost too small! My hands felt almost bunched-up as I tried to manipulate the camera. Looking forward to the next, updated version! soon, I hope!

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Alex Permit: This reads like a google translation of a japanese press release. Is the english language market so small that they can't afford a single native english language speaker in their marketing department?

North Americans and Northern Europeans are obsessed with demonstrating their willingness to self flog, and/or demonstrate "open mindedness".... they love to get offended FOR other people, too!
Even the most subtle things can be leveraged for maximum "I'm offended" status.
Their favorite theme is: The U.S. isn't the center of the world!

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dark goob: It has FANS inside it? FANS? In a tablet? WTƒ?

I'm mystified. This is supposed to compete with iPad somehow?

<shakes head>

I'd be surprised if it survived for a year. It's not even solid state! It has moving parts INSIDE! FANS! lolol

The Macbook has no fan. The lowest Surface Pro 4 with the m3 processor reportedly has no fan.

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