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Robert Newman: I am sure some well-heeled pro or advanced amateur might benefit from this review, but spending $250-400 on a ball head makes no sense to me. I picked up my two Manfrotto ball heads on Craigslist and eBay for fraction of what these cost. I rarely use a ball head anyway unless I am traveling very light. I prefer my 3-axis Manfrotto and Gitzo heads which also cost less than the reviewed balls.

I have a collection of cheap tripods and head that i use for secondary stuff like travel or positioning flashes. You really have to use the nice stuff for a few days to understand how much better is than the cheap stuff. my old manfrotto is my least favorite. it bounces around like a trampoline and doesn't take standard AS plates.

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i am guessing, with the time and expense required to setup shoot and process each picture, there was a little more thought put into each shot. in 1890 the definition of spray and pray may have been four shots.

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Lee Jay: 10,500mm f/1.25. Wow.


"expected exposure times of 10 to 20 seconds."

3 degree field of view, what is that the equivalent of an 800mm lens?

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Simon97: I had it

i had it too but returned it BH when i realized it would take some of my faster lenses

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i am having a a love/hate relationship with this post. i love my d600. in fact i would go so far as to say the camera could count as revolutionary for its price/feature set. then dpreview has to publish this and i see this camera fixes all those niggling flaws in my d600. now i wonder if nikon is going to cut the price on the d610 (because it doesnt compete well with the d750) or simply discontinue it.

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mgblack74: So it's not an imminent release... it's "being developed". Which means it's at least a year away from see the light of day. Did Tamron just hear that Photokina was now? No one else has been suprised by the date and actually has products to launch. These "cock block" announcements make me laugh.... "Thinking of getting a Canikon wide angle? Don't! We're thinking about making one". Lol

they had to announce now because sigma is coming out with a new wide angle lens.

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On article Beginner's guide: shooting high-key at home (72 comments in total)

thanks. great read for simplified lighting for those of us that dont have a studio or are just getting into lighting. i like the trick on bumping up the exposure on the brush. its not how i do it but it probably gets better results. i cant wait to try it.

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D1N0: Shot with a German camera. Weren't the Zorki's any good?

The russians never stole technology (or entire factories) from germany. thats illegal. #irony

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Steve Wilson: The value of this image, and the camera, seem greatly diminished when you know it was a staged shot that occurred days after the actual event.

if memory serves, most of the most memorable photos including the flag over Iwo Jima are staged. the picture still captures the spirit of the moment. this image is worse than staged, TASS made him photoshop the image. the guy in the bottom right actually had two watches on but TASS didnt want the guy to look like a looter. http://quillandpad.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Yevgeny-Khaldei_zoom.jpg.

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Retzius: Nikon should IMHO just end their software development. Its almost always poorly designed and never developed after release. Their wifi iOS app was a joke and really nothing more than just a remote release with live view.

TBH, I think the age of proprietary RAW converters is done. The camera makers should do what they are good at, making cameras, and let the software companies do what they are good at, make software.

Let the cameras output in TIFF or DNG (kudos to Pentax for this) and be done with it.

Capture NX2 might have been a dog but it had the best color handling out there. control points were awesome and you could use nik color effects. i hardly opened photoshop anymore. View was always a solid capable viewer. now i have to go back to photoshop and that program can take forever to open.

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On article A look at the Lomography Petzval 85mm F2.2 lens (185 comments in total)

great review. now that i have a d600 which is sharp enough and has enough iso headroom i don't have to worry about every pixel. i feel like i can start to experiment with lenses that might have unique features such as this, a lens baby or some of those old lenses i gave up on years ago. i would like to see more about lenses that have a unique or distinct character. these lenses might not be perfect for magazine work but certainly lends itself well to more artistic endeavors. the price for this lens might be a tad high compared to some of the old russian options but i think if we encourage this sort of lens development we might start to see lenses that focus (pun intended) more on qualities other than sharpness.

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wait, is that 1990 calling?

i thought we had iphones and instagram/facebook for that.

now i'm showing my age. i meant hashtags and twitter. #firstworldproblems

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i guess that is cheaper and easier than scanning and properly indexing all of those images which is what eventually needs to happen.

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the calumet in rockville never had anything in stock so i wasn't surprised when they folded. their canned response was "sure we can order that. you pay now and try it when it comes in." i am not sure there is any benefit to reviving that store.

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fastprime: Wonderful images, thanks for sharing them. Wish I had that kind of talent.
As for all the douche's whining about PP, there wasn't that much done IMO. A little blur on some, a burned edge on some, perhaps some desaturation on some. Pretty minimal compared to what heavy PP would look like, and not dissimilar to film-era darkroom techniques.
Most of the work was done in planning, setup and capture with lighting and composition carefully staged. Taking the studio outdoors as it were.

Flame away!

agreed. she did a great job. i am jealous how fast she picked up photography. it looks like she has natural talent.

i wonder how many of the "old school" complainers ever used a dark room. i remember doing plenty of post processing in the dark room. ansel adams spent hour manipulating images in the dark room. i am just glad that these purest here never use those evil nik or topaz plugins. i personally appreciate how much time i save PP in the digital age.

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On article AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer (164 comments in total)

it is interesting that cropping is allowed but cloning is not. i have seen too many photos taken completely out of context by cropping down to one dramatic part of a more mundane scene. you see it all the time when they crop down a few kids throwing stones to create the illusion of large scale civil unrest.

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kaiser soze: I glanced at a few of the reviews just to confirm my suspicion that the group test were rather expensive. I think that the readership would be far better served by a similar review of ball heads that can be bought for under $100. The cost of these ball heads is more than what the typical camera owner spent on their camera, and the reality is that only a very small percentage of camera owners would even consider buying a tripod head in this price range. There are a good many ball heads that sell for less than $100 and that easily meet the needs of the vast majority of enthusiast photographers.

first let presume you have an SLR with more than a kit lens. if you go to b&h and sort the lenses by most popular or best selling you will see that the high-end gear floats to the top so actually there are a large number of photographers working off the high end stuff. Thom Hogan wrote an essay many moons ago about the buying process of a tripod and ball head. he said most buyers go through a process where we start with the cheap stuff but as it fails we move on incrementally to the pro gear. his point was to save your money and buy the pro gear. in the long run you save money because you dont waste your time with the cheap stuff that will eventually fail you. I have high end gear and sub $100 gear i use as backup travel gear and Thom Hogan is spot on. the cheap stuff cant hold a candle to the high end gear

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MrSkelter: RRS stuff is over-rated and your money helps fund anti-human rights legislation which targets the families and rights of gay people sponsored by the owner. For those who care it's worth giving them a miss for that reason alone. I know I don't want my money going to fund hate.

For those that are interested here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/groups/865962@N20/discuss/72157612473243424/. the original poster states that

"For those who are interested...

I learned recently (and verified myself via public record) that the owners of Really Right Stuff donated $16,000 to the yes on 8 campaign. If you would like to verify this yourself, go to mormonsfor8.com/ and click on the link for the complete list of donor amounts over $1000. Scroll down to Los Osos, CA. You can cross-check that with the about us page on RRS's site: reallyrightstuff.com/contact/02.html"

I believe the OP is talking about Prop 8 against gay marriage in CA. unfortunately this was posted in January 2009 and none of the links go to where the OP says anymore.

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PVCdroid: I'm shocked at the prices for these ballheads. I bought a arca swiss compatible on Amazon for < $30 and attached it to a good quality tripod I picked up for $70. I bought a second $30 ballhead to fit a $20 monopod. And I thought L-brackets were expensive. Scary.

i bought one of those amazon $30 ball heads for an extra travel tripod. it is nice for the money but could never compare to a real ball head like an RRS or Arcatech. My Arcatech on my gitzo is like a rock for stability and just so smooth. the $30 head on the $100 tripod feels like the compromise it is. but it is small and cheap and if i lose it or trash it at the beach so what.

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ExposureMeter: One of the better heads the Acratech GP which I have does not even get a mention, shame.

i would think a larger ball would operate smoother and have more surface area for higher weight load and finer operation.

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