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HRC2016: It may not be proper to dump on Kickstarter, but who cares? And who didn't see this coming?

Congratulations to all of the marks. Did you really need more stuff to "improve" your workflow?

If you are concise in your shooting you will spend less time and money (less storage and batteries).

Not really. If you're really concise with your shooting you'll end up shooting more with more keepers and more to back up.

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BackToNature1: By the way folks, DSLRs aren't going away, anytime soon.

2.38 million

"In 2020, a total of around 2.38 million DSLR cameras were shipped by CIPA companies all over the world.

DSLR camera shipments worldwide 2012-2020 - Statista"

May be sooner than you'd think. The 2019 report showed they dropped 34%, the 2020 report showed a drop of 47.3%. It's not just losing numbers, they are losing numbers increasingly faster.

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dash2k8: Not to nitpick, but "I think it's safe to say that the Z9 is Nikon's best camera yet (of any type)" needn't have been said. How could the latest-tech flagship is not a brand's best camera up to that point?

This entire post is specifically there to address the old argument that some aspects of the DSLR are superior, like the OVF and start up time.

That very statement means the last bastions of DSLRs have indeed fallen.

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Kit Lens Avenger: What's to keep the weight of that Nikon body from torquing the goofy thing upside down on that slick, round pole?

Who's going to trust ever more expensive cameras to this relic of Amazing Science Fiction covers?

When you set it up to fail, I'm not sure what other results are you expecting.

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jase: When it's the same price as the EF 16-35 F/4L it might be an interesting lens, but really until then it's just an unnecessarily expensive toy for people with deep pockets who use cameras as an tool for bragging on DP Review forums while being haughtily dismissive of anyone who mentions the ridiculous pricing.

Yes and no. Options are always good, but right now the options available for RF is expensive and slightly less expensive. There’s the $1,500 psychological halfway point that this lens has crossed with its $1,700 price tag. If Canon priced it at just $200 lower you will find a lot if not all of the complaints replaced with hallelujahs.

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rhlpetrus: I wonder why they are saving the R1 name, what could be that camera? Any guesses?

Think it'll be slightly faster than 10. The main target demographic for that camera will be wildlife photographers and it still needs to be of a certain speed. 14 fps maybe. The R5 will be better for landscape/hiking.

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rhlpetrus: I wonder why they are saving the R1 name, what could be that camera? Any guesses?

A high megapixel, double CFexpress machine as a reply to the Z9 and a1.

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Breakfastographer 2: "smartphone camera use on the rise among pro photographers"

"Hello, is that the Bureau of Obvious Surveys? I have a... oh, you already did that one."

Next time someone states the obvious, at least there's something they can cite from.

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1st. The a9 is a signal to the world mirrorless is finally up to scratch with the best DSLRs. 2. The Z6/7 is a signal to the world that a DSLR-heavy company is finally taking mirrorless seriously. 3. The iPhone takes casual photography to the masses.

I picked those 3 because they are heralds of change.

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Tape5: "This new mount is Nikon's response to the challenges of the future."

Finally, a lens mount that addresses climate change and over-population.

I laughted too hard at this one.

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Xcelent: Spring?!

Nikon is saying to its wavering users, "Go ahead and buy the Sonys."

I'm one of those who find it a hassle to change systems and will still hold out for the mirrorless. Besides, I like my DSLR set up. I just want a secondary system for the times I don't want to use my DSLRs or do video work.

But, I have to agree I've been holding out purchasing a 24-70 f2.8 (renting for jobs) until I see what the FF mirrorless can do.

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Saying "mirror is going to be dead" is like saying film is dead. Apparently film is still very alive and somehow having a renaissance. DSLRs will probably end up like that and fill a specific niche. People who want big and grippy cameras or task specific flagships like the 1Dx and D5 will still want DSLRs. Mirrorless will take over the rest and majority of the market, but so long as users pick the right tool for the job, it won't kill film (again) and DSLRs.

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Anyone wanna hazard a guess of the filter size? 72mm?

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As a concerned Nikon user I want to see how Nikon stands up to the 15 stop DR and ISO, amongst other things, with their FF mirrorless.
Things could get ugly for Nikon.

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JohnnyWashngo: So it's not RT compatible then?
That's a shame as I no longer use LoS to trigger my flashes.

To be honest, it feels like a gimmick product. Learning how to use flash well isn't tricky and learning is always fun. Why remove the fun part of using flash?

It's a gimmick for photographers who already know how to use flashes, but it's a gimmick that's greatly appreciated by idiots like me who can never get their heads around flashes.

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That minimum focusing distance of 19cm is .. woah.

The 2470GM is double that at 38cm.

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shademaster: cue the nikon fanboys...

Nope. We're going to quietly stay away from this and kill ourselves with expectation and overexpectation for the secret mirrorless machines.

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