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Stupic: I'm was considering buying a Gopro HD Hero 2, for taking underwater photographs and also for use while surfing. I was put off by numerous reports about poor focusing underwater due to fisheye lens/housing and the obvious distortion around the edges. Does the new version HD Hero3 get around these problems with the new flat cover? Also, is the obvious fisheye distortion in normal pictures reduced on the '3.' Thanks for any helpful answers.

I have seen many GREAT videos underwater, so I don't know about this focusing problem. Probably bias sceptics

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Dinther: I wonder what the bitrates are at the various video modes.

Also I wonder about the real horizontal FOV for each mode. "Ultra wide" means nothing to me and nor does "normal" or "Narrow"

Can anyone help me out with how all this works. The way I see it is that the camera has a fixed lens and a 4K sensor. Therefore At 4k you can only get the "Ultra wide" FOV while at 1080p you can choose to have narrower FOV's because the processor simply picks the 1080p sized area on the 4K sensor depending on the FOV selected. Full "Ultra wide" at 1080p would mean the processor is taking every second pixel on every second row to form the 1080p image etc.

That would explain the weird 2.7k video option. I want these cameras to run at 2.7k with a HFOV of 90 degrees. I suppose that means a replacement lens.

I wonder if the older aftermarket lenses for the Hero fit on this camera.

Any real technical information on the Hero 3 would be greatly appreciated.

All old mounts fit, so that part I can answer. So that means that an after market lense should fit. But I do want to know the other information, I was alittle confused.

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Kampbyll Photography: PS is ok , but my view point is very simple , PS to me is an excuse not to buy better equipment , i personally would rather have the best equipment than there is no need to waste my time in PS , i have no need to go to Photo Shop , my pictures look great like they are , and those who waste time there should just upgrade there camera , better yet take better pictures!

I want to see proof that you take fine pictures without photo editing software, post them to your gallerie!

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infiniti55: What an F-ing dissapointment that Canon and Nikon are for stooping so low to the point that their DSLR's are more geared up with video and have now begun to ditch actual useful features and opt for the video BS . Everyone is on this video bandwagon and it is getting stupid, I have a suggestion for the video guys.... Get a dedicated VIDEO CAMERA.

go for Sony's new translucent mirror tech. cameras!1

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Best YET!

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They need to update this. Nothing about Sony: They are cheaper, faster, and top of line for price range, and nothing about Translucent mirrors either.
So DPREVIEW....please update this, and don't be bias

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