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  • Hi Claude Until today I had no idea where the name originated until Brian mentioned 'Bill'. Bill being a shortened version of William. William Cordeaux's father fought at the Battle of Waterloo ...
  • Yes it is. Cordeaux Dam named after the river which was named after William Cordeaux. Some Specifications below. Over to you..
  • Yes, that's  him although I imagine CQui would be familiar with the root of his surname..
  • What and where?
  • Never been there Brian but it looks like you have to walk to the lookout you were at..
  • Looks like the old Yanga Shed a little south of Balranald NSW. The Banjo was not very specific as to where Clancy was shearing but Balranald is about as far downstream as it is possible to get :) A ...
  • Do you think Clancy was ever around that area Brian?
  • My Grandfather had this sorted in 1917..  His home from a glass negative using a Barnes Tele, so says the inscription.
  • Not on my side of the country though :)
  • Blew a rear brake cylinder seal on my Mini 850 north of there in 1965. Got a lift back to Tullah and got replacements at the local garage. Thumbed a lift back to the car, fixed it up and good to ...
  • Hi Max Would that be the North Head 'disappearing gun' fortification, Auckland ? A free turn if correct
  • I'm starting to think Japan but I could be well off the mark.
  • Normally I export from DXO to Affinity as a TIF but just tried exporting as DNG. Affinity does indeed treat it as a RAW file but it seems that the DXO lens corrections were not respected. Not sure ...
  • I think he means that you can only see the effect of Prime NR on the small preview image but not the whole image unless the image is exported to tiff or jpg. This is due to the high computational ...
  • I think the last 'free' Nik collection was 1.12.11  .  The DXO Nik Collection  1.12.15 is the DXO version which fixed supposedly compatibility issues and is a paid version after the trial.
  • I recently had a similar problem. I think the best solution is to disassemble the Acer, remove the HDD then place it in an external caddy. You can then treat it as an external drive connected via ...
  • I agree 100% with the last three posters. Affinity is really excellent except for the initial RAW conversion where DXO will take you all the way until you may want to do some pixel level editing.  ...
  • First thing I checked was the position of the Moon as per the EXIF data but it lied :) A mate of mine moved to Snug around 1977. I've not seen him since..
  • Replied in More clues
    When I first saw the photo I thought that this would have been where Mark Twain might have been when silver mining in Nevada. Subsequent clues didn't add up to much until the gunfighter ones hence ...
  • Up to you..  If I am intending to take photographs I will take a 'proper' camera but I always have my phone. To get the best value from a shot I reckon it's worthwhile to use RAW which in my case ...
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