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What has this got to do with Digital Camera and accessories reviews??? Has this become NBC Sports review?

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Is Dpreview now Backyard Astronomy Review??

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BFD .... you mean the iPhony that is a rip-off of the 2007 PRODUCTION LG Prada shown 9 months before the first peek of a mock up iPhony at MW???

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Where the hell are the XD Cards!!??? I have Olympus cameras, GREAT Cameras, that are now media card Orphans because these jerk Flash Card makers adopt and DUMP formats at their whims! The largest XD cards that were ever made were 2GB! And those are nearly impossible to find! Even CF cards are becoming too expensive and hard to find (for older DSLRs like the early Nikon's before the switch to SD)!! There was nothing wrong with CF, considering the size they could have made 128 or 256GB cards by now!

This is BS!

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Where in the hell do these camera companies come up with goofy names like "Selphy" for their products???

This stupid printer will go the way of the Kodak, Sony, Brother and all the other small format "specialty" photo printers .... on the shelves at your local Salvation Army and Goodwill thrift used crap no one wants stores.

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The days of responsible engineering at Olympus that produced wonderful top of the industry film cameras in the OM series is long over. I still cherish my early 70's OM-1 and OM-1MD, and my other OM-1N and OM-2N.

But since entering the Digital market, Olympus has repeatedly stumbled, often big time, with cameras that were seriously flawed by Engineering. I had (have but it's dead) an Oly E-10 DSLR, which for the time was a wonderful camera even though it had a fixed lens, because that lens was tremendously versatile and accurate. BUT it had a flawed Battery Circuit board designed that failed every two years like clock-work (Oly paid to fix it once, I paid the second time), then the AF circuit kicked the bucket at age 5. That's BS, even a DSLR should last as long as a Film SLR. ONLY recent Oly I loved is the C-7000. Spot on colors, a range-finder, great video recording, fast lens and it still works .. so far.

Sorry Oly, no buyer here till you get your Engineering chit together.

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The Plastic Fantastic Canon Rebel Series ..... they FEEL and LOOK like you should buy them at Toys-R-Us. The Nikon camera's in this range may not be any better in image quality, but at least they are Made Better, Feel Better, Look Better and last longer. I've known too many student photogs that complain about the short life-span of the "budget" Canons.

They're over-priced for what you get, too. Sorry, Ashton Krutcher commercials do not justify a +20% price tag. Just a Gag.

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BeanyPic: Is it actually a Carl Zeiss lens. I think its a licensed lens. The way you can tell is the Word lens is missing on the lens front. The word Lens can't be used as it's not an original Carl Zeiss lens. A little trade secret on the market that more people are getting to know about. As for the rest of the spec it looks good and I like the design.

Are you crazy, or just delusional?? Talk about half-baked theories. In 28 years of REAL marketing (management) experience with major corporations from GE to Toshiba, I have never heard (or seen) such garbage on "licensing".

So I guess according to you, all my "Nikkor" only marked lenses are fakes too because they aren't marked "Nikkor Lens"?

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