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If there's no 3.5mm headphone socket, the phone could come equipped with a time machine and mind reading telepathy app - and I still wouldn't buy it.
Apple should take more note of their customers' wishes, and less note of their design "gurus".

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AstroStan: "color distracts you from the image"

And goosed-up color, even more so. I can't help but notice that nearly every photo in the recent awards is hyper-saturated. But I suppose that's what grabs the competition for eyeballs, even if it's only a 1-3 second glance. This aesthetic runs rampant in pretty pic astro-imaging.

Sadly, nowadays, talent, skill and effort (the old fashioned things that earnt people respect, fame and fortune) have given way to controversy, shock tactics and vulgarity.
This applies in all walks of life and the change in photographic tastes has gone from delicate and artistic finesse to oversharp, brash, eye wrenching hyper-reality.

Hopefully the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction and people will become tired of images that smacks the viewer in the eye like a bucketful of caustic soda.

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It might sound trivial but the headphone jack is an issue for me. Yes, there's the adaptor but it means you can't charge the phone and listen at the same time.
Not having a removable battery is a big issue too. When the phone goes wrong, I want to be able to cut its power. I don't want to be forced to wait until it decides it's time to restart.
That's why I haven't upgraded my Samsung Note 4. I've taken some superb pictures with my cellphone,,so I don't need to be conning about how good these little devices are. I still have a DSLR. The weight and size makes me feel a little more confident. A bit like the photographer with the huge wood and brass plate camera. It's big, so it must be good!

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On article Pentax K-1 Review (2663 comments in total)

I've had the K10, K7, K5, K3 and just recently, I bought the K1.
It's no surprise to say the K1 is the best. What is surprising is by how much.
The thing that no-one seems to be commenting on is the overall apearance of the K1's photographs. The K1's pictures look like LARGE format film, ie 4"x5". To say that it's as good as medium format film would be unfair - it blows my Rollreiflex's results out of the water.

Am going to stop film photography? - No but that's because silver imaging serves other purposes for me. What would I use if I wanted to get the best possible portrait, low light shot or landscape picture? - This e
K1, every time.
It is truly fantastic and never fails to leave me in awe of its capabilities. Expensive Nikons and Canons are better for shooting a racing cars. I don't do that kind of photography. For *everything* else, the K1 is your best best.

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I've just bought a K1 and unequivocally state that this isn't just the most impressive camera out there but each time I take a picture, I'm left thinking that photography has no right to be this good. Apart from the DR, sharpness and noise, this camera has a most delightful feature:- the pictures look smoothly delightful. They have an analog look to them ie, is as if the pictures were shot on large format film - it really is that good.
In the subject of noise etc. ISO 204,000 is A silly claim, the results are awful, however 25,000 is outstandingly good. With my K series F1.2 lens, good quality pictures can be taken in light that is almost beyond human perception.
This K1 a game changer. I have a friend who has a Nikon 810. The K1 is *noticeably* better in almost every way. It's lighter and smaller and every lens I have is - effectively - image stabilized.
I can't think of a reason why anyone would want a camera other than a K1.

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Big deal.

If you reduce infinity by 15%, you're still left with infinity. (trust me, it's true).
Dropping Hasselblad prices by 15% takes then from being absurdly, ridiculously and obscenely overpriced, down to absurdly, ridiculously and obscenely overpriced.

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On article DPReview recommends: Best smartphone cameras (370 comments in total)

I compared the IPhone 6 Plus with the Galaxy Note 4. To my mind, the Galaxy's phone was way better. Low light levels were coped with much better and, generally, I felt it was a no contest comparison. Not saying the iPhone was bad, just that the Note 4 was better.
It would be nice if they offered RAW shooting on the Note 4 and I'd like an optical zoom (of course). Maybe on the Note 6?????
I wonder if smartphones, will ever supplant DSLRS? I really think they will, one day.

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For heaven's sake. How much extra would it have cost Epson to put in automatic focus? How difficult would it have been to have glass film carriers to ensure perfect flatness of the film?
I'd hardly call LEDs and "improved" plastic carriers mind boggling. I'd call this a minor, minor, change.
Am I being unreasonable here?

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On article Samsung Galaxy Camera in-depth review (82 comments in total)

Why, OH WHY, don't they offer a phone capability? - How much harder could it have been?

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Imagine if Leica - in 1955 - had come out with a film camera that wouldn't accept color print or slide film... It would have seemed an absurdity. I realise that the analogy breaks down a little bit because Leica have optimised the Monochrom for B/W but will the results really justify this astronomical price? I would have thought a Pentax medium format digital SLR would still end up giving better results than the Leica - and of course the Pentax can take color if and when desired. The cost would end up the same....

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Is it me or do most of the portraits in the M Monochrome section appear unfocused?
If they are focused, then the shrpness is woeful.

I'm an Leica "M" film user from a long way back and I would have been extremely disappointed if those samples had come from one of my M cameras. I realsie that the camera is probably pre-production but it is only 2 months pre-production and the camera should be sorted by now.
Am I being harsh? - No, at $8000 I expect impeccable results.

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This is analogous to the Men at Work riff in "Down under" that was found to have elements of an old nursery rhyme "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree"
There may have been a similarity but I'm damned if I can hear it. The nursery rhyme was composed in 1934 and someone - somehow - bought the rights to it recently. How can anyone buy a nursery rhyme after 75 years and then claim they've been ripped off? These people who cry "Plagiarism!" are (ab)using the courts to feather their own nests - The courts nowadays always oblige - like faithfully dogs. Megaupload's boss now is in jail for this. I don't like this thin end of the wedge. It's as if the law will soon be completely co-opted by the music and publishing industry to further their income and rob society of its freedoms. Preserve your rights and lobby your politicians & complain, before these parasites get a legal toehold.

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