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I highly doubt the viability of this type of accessories with the price of motorized gimbal coming way down and the its technology keep getting better.

The problem with gears like that, or a nice staple video tripod (not just a tripod for still) is it's cumbersome, heavy and requires time to set up. With the gimbal, most of the situation, I can simulate the effect.

It is a lot easier to carry a handheld gimbal than my video tripod with a video head, or spending half and hour to set up this motorized slider for 4 seconds of footage.

I built a track system with dolly and tripod and I used it once. Now I walk around with the camera mounted on a gimbal and I hang it around my neck. I can get from taking it off my neck, turning both the camera and the gimbal on to ready to shoot in about 30 seconds, the most. Can't beat that.

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I want to purchase a premium compact for video. I was zooming in Nikon's DL series but they were on hold and God only knows when it will be released. I was starting to warm up to the Panasonic LX10.

But after reading the roundup review on Sony RX100 IV, I have made up my mind on that. It has all the features I wanted in the DL and more, and even better. it s about a year old so there is plenty of reviews out there (overwhelmingly positive). Even better, in the used market, it is around $650.

Now I am watching it on eBay and Amazon.

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I am still using the 35-70mm f/2.8D with the D800 body. I bought 2 of them back when I was shooting with the F5 and N90s back in early 90's.

I kept one of them as the world turned digital. Earlier DSLR was cropped sensor, making it impractical for this lens. I struggled through the D100 and D1xwith a 17-55mm f/2.8 DX while waiting for Nikon to come out with a FF body. I quickly use this 35-70 immediately with the D3. I finally upgraded to the D800.

I resist the upgrade to the AF-S 28-70, or 24-70 because I don't like the size/weight of the new lenses. And having AF-S or IR, is having one more thing to fail. Plus, I don't see the reason of having AF-S and IR on a short focal lens. The 35-70mm is fast enough to focus for me.

IQ wise, I don't have any problem with the photos I take.

So, unless Nikon purposely tries to obsolete this lens, I see myself using it until it breaks.

BTW, for wider angle, I keep another old lens, the 20mm f/2.8D in my bag.

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