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Karroly: Is the quality of the ZEISS Makro-Planar T* 2/50 ZF.2 really mandatory to record 1024x512 pixel pictures or is the University of Jena just rich ?

Zeiss is located in Jena - I assume Jena university is sponsored by Zeiss

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Tape5: It is so stupid it is funny. But in a stupid type of way if you get my meaning.

I hope someone at DPR is having a laugh so at least it is worth the effort.

Hey guys how about a review of what is going on in various photography galleries in London, Boston, NYC, Paris, Moscow, Kabul, HK, Rio, Ankara,............??

Most would rather read that than this fluffy dross, I hope.

Or alternately - create a forum in which DPreview visitors can post informatiopn about local museums showing interessting photography. I for example would like to hear about exhibitions in the area Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Liege etc. Information on exhibitions in Boston, Seattle, Moscow or Dublin is not really that helpful to me.

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Who needs Big Brother is Watching You? Hey guys, I will watch for you and guess what, I will tell you also alll the place I have been as I go along. That'll make a lot of NSA guys redundant. Come to think of it - first you do not need any photo journalists any more, next we can get rid of all clandestine observation persons. A real saving of taxpayers money.

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On article Mobile photographers capture do and don't moments (32 comments in total)
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PhotoKhan: These are awesome scenes, subjects and personal perspectives.

These may be something to pause-and-look, even appreciate.

These are NOT good photography.

People (especially "Connect" for whom, understandably, theres' no turning back) seem to continuously fail to see that what is happening with the interesting photographs they select to make public is that the only statement they put forward is they are noteworthy IN SPITE of having been taken with a mobile device.

I now officially declare my proposed motto for noteworthy mobile photography:

"Think what these could have been if an actual dedicated camera was used".

Point taken, but my smart phone I tend to have with me more often than a camera - and one is less likely to be told not to use it.

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dorff: Early adopters get burned more often than those willing to wait a few months for the sample size of reviews to grow. Most highly sophisticated products such as DSLRs will see a certain percentage of the first production runs leave the factory gates with QC, software or other problems. Six months later, those things are usually fixed. If one has to live on the bleeding edge, one might lose a little blood now and then.

Reviewing the brand together with the product has some benefit to the reader of the review. Buying a DSLR means in all probability you are going to deal with the same company for system expansion, services and repairs, future camera upgrades, software issues etc. So if Nikon has a hostile service policy, the prospective first time DLSR owner has the right to know about it. if the camera is great but the lens system is incomplete, likewise. We are buying parts of a system and experience, not merely cameras or lenses.

In a way I agree with a simple BUT: If I am an early adopter, which I rarely am, I am aware of teething problems: here is where some companies or retailers shine: They strive to sort the problems out. A company which acknowledges that they have problems and sort them out will still get good marks from me. It is only where the product fails and then the service fails as well I will give a made review. Oh yes I have given some books bad reviews if I thought they deserved them.

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A good way to get rid of GAS is to learn to use your camera: I am not a professional and hence I spend less time behind my camera(s) than I would like. But the cameras I use most are like extensions to my limbs, I hardly have to think using them, I can concentrate on my subject. This has not come without practice. A new camera means a new learning curve - so I avoid it. My lens before last I bought was two years ago - a Voigtländer 20mm - it took me some time to get used to it, now I love it. This year I bought a 30mm for my µ4/3: I am slowly getting the hang of it. So if you pace yourself and get to know your gear, you can keep the GAS at bay.

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RichRMA: Newspapers are dead. This (firing all their photogs) is just a pathetic effort to stave off the inevitable.

Not all newspapers are dead - in Germany the reach of the top newspapers - notably the daily Süddeutsche and the Frankfurter Allgemeine and the weekly Zeit - has actually gone up. Gone up especially with top decision makers. So content does matter

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On article Gifty concept camera produces instant flipbooks (30 comments in total)

Cripes how I hate the German GEMA! The video cannot be watched in Germany because these idiots are banning it because of some of the background music.

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I feel that some of the posters are missing the point of the argument. It is not about being ethical or unethical. Let me put it in a different context: a couple of years ago I attended a photography master class with an photographic artist from Cologne and when he was looking at some of my work he aked me what was driving me: was I making pictures to document or am I making pictures to achieve some athetics. (note I did not write or mean aesthetically pleasing). I read the article as a question how much should a photograph be pushing itself to the front. Picture of the balaclavered man shows this - the edited work creates a somewhat post-apocaliptic film look. A terminator type of feel. I cannot help but feel, that the photographer was trying more to create a striking image than to show it how it was. It is not unethical - but every person taking pictures will have to decide for him/herself what they are after. And it helps to be aware that there is a line somewhere.

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On article Google Glass inspires etiquette guide and SNL mockery (27 comments in total)
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white tea: What is the sense of posting info which is available only for US residents?

With all due respect -I have searched on YouTube and did not find it. Perhaps someone could give us non - Americans a clue?

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On article Google Glass inspires etiquette guide and SNL mockery (27 comments in total)

Regrettably the SNL footage cannot be viewed outside USA

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On article Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF6 hands-on preview (83 comments in total)
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MDGColorado: And I've owned 4 cameras with hotshoes in my life and never bought a flash.

I use the hot shoe also fo a spirit level or alternately for wireless remote - I also do not own a hot shoe mounted flash

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iudex: One good picture telling a lot: Both APSC DSLRs, but the size difference is huge.
Or the other way: 100D vs. DSLR-style mirrorless:
In this context the 100D makes really sense.,327

The Pentax K30 is bigger than the 100D - agreed but comes as a much more acomplished package.

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Nice camera if only .... Yes if only Canon would have taken those photographers seriously who like a small no frills camera as a real tool. But no - again the typical tunnel vision dimly lit viewfinder (pentamirror!) - again only one control dial.
Canon you did again what you did with the M: you missed a chance.

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LensBeginner: Again, no Pentax? :-(

But it will serve nicely for my Pentax FF film cameras

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On article Online images and copyright infringement (254 comments in total)
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Mark Prince: Geez. The station initially acted despicably by using the photograph without permission. No doubt it's not the first time they've done this. But once it was pointed out to them, they owned it, made a low ball offer of compensation, were polite and... had to deal with a photographer at DEFCON 5.

I am in no way defending the radio station here. But Ms. Cameron is so completely unprofessional in her correspondence, I find it difficult to side with her, and I speak as someone who has to deal with photography theft almost on a weekly basis. If I get a polite, responsible response to my cease and desists, you can bet I act professionally and polite in all corresponding discussions. Ms. Cameron did none of this. Just this alone brings shame to our industry, and she was in the right at the start.

Also, typically you charge 2x 3x your stock rate for copyright infringements - at least most of my peers do. Her $2K demand is quite out there.

Is it too much asked? If the station had asked an established photographer to shoot a picture for their campaign what with getting models atc. they would have paid a lot more. If they had asked the photographer prior to using it they could have negotiated a lesser price (possibly) However - and I quote: "Adam Gasson on PetaPixel: I don't think $2000 is high at all. Generally the pricing structure for use without permission is between 2-300% of a standard usage rate (according to, for example, the National Union of Journalists in the UK). The whole point of it being that much higher is to deter potential infringers." The issue here is, that they used a photograph for comercial use and only stopped using it after bein caught. It is a bit like being caught stealing something and then trying to get away with it by just paying the price - especially if the victim did not want to sell in the first place

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So what I would like to see would be a GXR Module with a Pentax-K mount.
Then Pentax/Ricoh would be offering K-mount capability on a Mirrorless system. Alternately would be them joining µ4/3 and then releasing a really functional µ4/3 adapter and a µ4/3 GXR module.

But perhaps I should rather wake up and face reality :)

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