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On article Incredible microscopic close-ups of a peacock feather (80 comments in total)
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Bambi24: The title of this article is "MICROscopic".

The content of this article is "MACRO photography".

A microscopic image of a feather looks like this: https://www.owlpages.com/owls/articles/images/eagle_owl_feather_paolo_taranto-1.jpg

It still is microscope if it si 10x or 20x magnification. But electron microscope has no colours in them. So half the point of the images are gone if you use electron microscope.

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jaykumarr: I can understand 24fps.
say for a BIF, the camera can focus approximately once every 5 shots, accurately once in those 5 shots. So at 24 shots one will be sharp.

That depends how they have solved the shutter mechanism. If the shutter is after the sensor, then the sensor can focus at all times. If the shutter is electronical, then af can work independently.

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pro photo 2011: Think of it this way:

For $1700, you can buy a Fujifilm X-T2 camera body that features an APS-C sensor, or you can buy a Sony RX10-IV body that has a 1-inch sensor AND a Zeiss 24-600mm lens permanently attached AND has the ability to shoot 24fps using AF-C. Having such a long zoom range is a definite plus, as you don't lose time and opportunity while changing lenses.

So it comes down to how good the Sony 1-inch sensor is compared to APS-C, although often being able to catch a shot with a convenient setup outweighs sensor size and image quality.

You will never get images with low DOF with this setup. But it will be convenient for many applications nontheless.

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Michael1000: "The settlement was not a victory for the photography community, however. NPR reports that both Slater's legal team and PETA have jointly requested that the 9th Circuit Court throw out a ruling made by a lower court that found animals incapable of owning copyrights."

The world has gone made.

Someone check the drinking water.

It was a victory in the sence that the photographer ended up with all the rights to the photo.

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panchorancho: Ridiculous. The UN is just the lapdog for corporations and capitalists!

@trungtran . There have been many insidents with drones being driven over thousands of people without permit. If that drone falls down it is high risk of injury. But it is not only that, you have a camera, and in Norway, you are not allowed to photograph people without their permit. ( maybe why street photography in Norway is not very popular ). So if one hover over peoples heads without permit, who owns it, why are they doing it , will the drone fall down? Etc.

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panchorancho: Ridiculous. The UN is just the lapdog for corporations and capitalists!

Drone usage has many legal problems attacked to it. And also aviation regulations. And also using drones over people has many legal aspects. Regulation of drone usage will come. But an international regulation is good so the regulation does not vary so much from country to country. Today anybody can buy a drone.

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My was serviced in 1998 or something. The focus motor stopped working. I was not under warranty then. It has a weird motor. Not the ring USM as the other USM lenses. I still have the lens now, and it is still working now. But I had not bought the lens again. I would go for the 1.2 lens instead.

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Kenneth Arthur Owen: My original 5D looks the worse for wear, it doesn't focus particularly well, the rear screen is awful, it's full of crud, and I love it. Having said that, it's time to upgrade. I'm waiting for the latest iteration to drop in price because it costs as much as what I paid for my house.

If it cost as much as your house I guess your house is extremely cheap. Houses around here cost 50 to 150 times as much as the 5D mark IV usually.

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ChickenBalls: How about the 6D mark II? Doesn't it deserve the worst camera of the decade award?
As a Canon shooter at least I have the choice to wait another year or two for the price of the 5D mkIV to go down.

ChickenBalls: The 6D mk II is a full frame 80D. Worst? Hardly. As a camera it is quite capable. And the ergonomics of Canon cameras are good in general. The 6D mk II is not cramped new stuff. But unfortunately that is what Canon is doing in the lower models and has alsways done.

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sureshmysore: About four years ago bought a surface for my daughter in college who insisted on having one.
Cost about $1400 in Canada. A lot of money.
About a year later she went to the states and left it charging overnight and in the morning it was dead she says. Looked into it and it seems that there was some update going on which bricked the thing. Microsoft said it was not covered.
Will never buy one again. It lies to this day in a drawer somewhere in the house. Microsoft should have looked after its customers and it did NOT.

In Norway, you would get a new machine. You have at least 2 years of warranty on all such products here.

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SteB: This whole claim upheld by the court that the Macaque took the photo, and therefore the photographer doesn't own the copyright is beyond absurd. It really does entirely discredit legal thinking, exposing it to be seriously ignorant of photography. For a start if the photographer had not revealed how the photo came about, there would be no case. The photographer specifically gave the Macaques the camera to see what would happen, and then downloaded and probably processed the camera. Almost certainly the Macaque had no insight that it was taking a photograph, or even the process of capturing an image.

There are numerous instance in photography where the photographer does not physically take the photograph. Such as an assistant tripping the shutter of a studio scene set-up primarily with the direction of the photographer, to various types of camera trap. For years photographers have remotely triggered cameras at sporting events not knowing what the scene was they were capturing.

The one setting up and planning the photo is the copyright holder. Not nescesary the one pushing the trigger.

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oysso: Better buy a full version of a cheap editing software like cyberlink powerdirector. More flexible, and cheaper for the amateurs than the free version of a pro software. Are you not amateur, then go for something else though.

Powerdirector has 4K support. And supports more output format than the free avid media composer. Avid supports only 8 tracks of audio and 4 tracks of video... Its a joke in my mind.

Link | Posted on Aug 7, 2017 at 06:27 UTC

Better buy a full version of a cheap editing software like cyberlink powerdirector. More flexible, and cheaper for the amateurs than the free version of a pro software. Are you not amateur, then go for something else though.

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CaPi: I quite enjoy hearing the terms DSLR and high demand :)

It just means that the number of preorders exceed number that Canon initially was going to produce early.

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Johannes Zander: This stress test should be part of every DPR review.

Yes. Here you have stats from one camera which gives n=1. n = 1 is worthless testing.... actually. You must have for instance 20 cameras running same test. Then we are talking.... But what is the point? The manufacturer have a 200k guaranty which means if it fails at 20k you get new shutter from canon...

Link | Posted on Jul 7, 2017 at 07:50 UTC

I guess 199k shots is acceptable when 200K is the number that manufacture is giving. It is not normal to do all those shutter actuations in one go which means that you actually force the camera to fail faster if you just do all at once.....

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Photoman: A shotgun works as well...

You can't just fire a shotgun anywhere neither.

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Neuropsychology: no 4k, no dual card slots, no focus peaking? Yikes.

It is a camera for amateurs. Not for the pros. The pros should buy a 1DX or 5D IV for general shooting and video. 6D II can be used in studio shots though. Because you can have the images transferred to a computer while you shoot. and retake shots. But for events etc. When you only have one go, dual slots is a must.

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Jintana: Looks like I'm gonna stick with my 700D now while waiting for the 6D Mark III in the future. The daylight photos look similar to my 700D no kidding via the naked eyes. No push to upgrade so soon!

You can't see much difference on images published on the Web. But if you are going to print, you will notice a huge difference if you have good glass. If you can't afford good glass then stick to your 700D. Better buy a good lense for your 700D than buy a 6D II with a cheap lens.

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JeffGM: I can't say the iPhone has meant that much to me. It seems to be a good mobile phone and obviously it has more apps, useful and otherwise, than any single person can know about. That being said I have no desire to control every electronic gadget I own with an iPhone. I also can't say that I have ever needed to check my iPhone to see if I am loved by enough people to get me through the day. Being a high school teacher I get to witness the obsession most of my students have for their little electronic buddies. The only time many of my students actually look up is when they bump into another cell phone user hard enough to cause discomfort. Face to face socialization, in the old sense, is done by sitting at a table with other students and texting each other while keeping track of how many likes they each got on the last exciting selfie they took. They can do all of this without ever actually looking at another person at the table. Yes I am too old to understand! It get that!

iPhone brought smartphones to the mass marked. It has meant something for most people in that sense. Not all are using smartphones much, but phone usage affect how people around us behave.

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