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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (160 comments in total)
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jcburke: Anybody who needs GPS data for all pictures should just cut back on the drug prescriptions so they can recall where the heck they were when they pressed the shutter. I mean, really, go buy a point-and-shoot camera with GPS instead; the rest of us know where we were and what we shot.
I may make an exception for National Geographic photogs (who wouldn't be buying this camera anyway for other reasons), but otherwise GPS is a crutch for amateurs and has nothing to do with core imagery and creative photography. If it is your discerning feature between two cameras, then you are not a photographer, you're a map freak.

hey gps can kill yo'!!! like snow up in the andes & yo' take the shortest route into 25' of the stuff. they'l find you like maybe never!!! lfp ps aa/aaas, etc will never get it but 1size lit for all should work.

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On article Canon launches PowerShot SX40 HS 35x CMOS superzoom (160 comments in total)

just got the sx40hs 8/19 from best buy for $345. b&h nyc is still the best but this was close to house & fast to hands. plus i think a no ??? 30day full refund/maybe???!!! i better check to be sure!!
reason: replace wife's useless 3-4yrs P&S nikon. have a 35lb 60d system that's the best BUT maybe not on sw air to nyc next month for tennis open. this looks like the answer BUT where's the manual/owner's guide???!!! couldn't get flash to pop-up & how to switch from live view to slr viewfinder. figured it had to be the camera BUT called secret canon assist #8008284040 (don't let anybody else know this #)!!! gal was great & in nj, usa!! told them canon was best but forget 'bout saving trees which are renewable. just ask & they send FREE full owners guide like 300pages. goodluck, lfp

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