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Josh Leavitt: If Nikon partnered with Samsung to put their 1" DL sensor technology into the Galaxy phone lines, or even a subset of the Galaxy phones, I'm pretty sure it would reshape the way professional photographers view smartphones. The trick would be making a pancake telescoping zoom lens compact enough to not otherwise detract from the "phablet" looks and ergonomics. I'd take a 1" sensor smartphone over a dual 6mm sensor smartphone any day of the week - especially if it included proprietary Nikon imaging technology.

And, last but NOT LEAST, technology of 1" sensors (including the ones foreseen for the DL cameras), is by SONY, not by Nikon!
Sony already manufactures smartphones, BTW!

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telecomprofi: I wonder how much already released samples would cost on ebay ;-)
Now it is officially the rarity.

NO "released sample" actually exist. Selected "Nikon Ambassador" photographers who received the preproduction cameras for testing and writing "wow!" reviews had to give them back to Nikon. And, strange, none of the published pics shows "Nikon DL-xx-xx" in the EXIF data. Actually, I don't remember of any pic allegedly shot with a DL coming with embedded EXIF.

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beavertown: 5 generations of RX100 won nothing.

Hmm... RX100 IV won the 2015 roundup. Apparently the reason for not choosing RX100 V this time was the high price. Or touchscreen is more valuable than stellar video performance?

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