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On article Stellina: imaging the sky with a smart telescope (230 comments in total)

LOL at this review. If you want a super low resolution, cheaply made GoTo telescope with a 1/1.8" tiny sensor, terrible firmware, 6MP JPEG images, that produces 1.4MP downsized stacked images of a very fuzzy, blurry Andromeda galaxy devoid of much detail, and you don't mind shelling out $4,000 USD for what is essentially a device running beta firmware, then get out your checkbook...

(BTW that is not a 400mm lens, it is a 400mm EQ. lens, as in equivalent in focal length only to a 400mm lens on a FF camera. Plus it is an alt.-az. tracker which means the object will rotate over time, resulting in blurred images.)

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cjb: I really want this market (larger digital wall art) to mature some more. And stay in business (Memento?). And innovate (Samsung Frame?).

* 4K
* Wifi to my desktop photo library. With offline/disconnect mode.
* Smart phone controls.
* Support for managing multiple frames
* Energy saving strategies
* Ambient light compensation strategy

Looking at Meural at the moment.

I spend a lot on gear and trips. I'd be willing to pay. Somebody can be the Sonos for Digital Art. Heck, maybe Sonos can.

Hey cdembrey, are you going to hang your iMac on the wall and dedicate it to picture frame use? I think not. Get realistic man, your iMac might be good for viewing photos but it is way too expensive and unsuitable for using as a living room, wall mounted picture viewer.

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Tried it today. A total pos! It has a very small subset of what the Mac version has, including no filters. Worthless app.

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ScanSpeak: Maybe we can get the “artist” to take the photos for us as well.

There is always a lot of arrogance from so-called pro photographers in these forums. I think they lose track of the average person who might want to record their child's birthday party, family reunion, or vacation. The average person cannot afford a pro photographer for those things, nor why would they want one. Pros stand there bossing everyone around trying to manipulate the photos. Most people don't want that. They just want to record the "Kodak moment." Modern digital cameras and computer apps can automatically turn many hohum images into keepers, and that is really all a lot of people want. That really is no different from say the 1970s when people might carry a 110 film pocket camera, take a roll of photos, send those off to a photo lab, and get back some keepers. The people at the photo lab did the magic, not the amateur photographers. That really isn’t any different than using an app to turn a lackluster shot into a keeper. The only difference is the lab tech is now an app. :)

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Personally I would rather have a signed print from the original raising of a flag on Mt. Suribachi in Iwo Jima. This is just the scripted, recreation photo op that came hours later and replaced a small flag carried to the top of the mountain by a marine with this more official flag. IMO such photo ops were as bad as the Russian Army restaging key assaults long after the fact and filming them. The Americans did similar things of course, even hiring John Ford to recreate the Pearl Harbor attack. But the real touching moment of triumph on top of the mountain had come and gone by the time this flag was theatrically planted.

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Apple should include full manual controls in their camera app. I mean intuitive, camera-like controls that actually work for photography. Give us manual focus that works and is easy to do, give us shutter speed control. I doubt ISO and aperture control would be anything more than software crap, but if they could give us true aperture control then even better. But the key is they have to make those controls easy to use and quick to access. No software BS, just manual controls and we can take our own night shots like we do with our "real" cameras. I've tried several 3rd party apps over the years, but none of them work well, and they usually shank the easy to use and quick to access requirement.

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Mariano Pacifico: Would WalMart deliver had I ordered at that price?

Maybe, maybe not. I suspect that if they caught the mistake they would cancel the order and list it as “out of stock.” I also suspect Walmart is smart enough to include fine print that legally allows them to cancel any order for pretty much any reason they choose. I’ve read about other companies making similar pricing mistakes in ads and cancelling the orders before they shipped. If I were Walmart I would certainly cancel any orders that were placed.

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ojos azules: If a lens is 45mm, you can be sure that the first comment is someone asking for 44mm.
If a 44mm is released someone will prefer 43mm.
It can obviously go on forever.

Sony uses FF sensors that are 35.8mm x 23.9mm which equals 43.04mm diagonal. Not that it matters that much. Since the 35mm film days where the film was 36mm x 24mm = 43.27mm diagonal, most photographers settled on using the 50mm lenses readily available for their cameras to get close to a standard 1:1 focal length.

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Peter Bendheim: Fortunately it’s just a matter of time before the competition which has been growing, catches up. There’s some clunky stuff out there, but there’s some good stuff too, and Adobe is just ensuring that the competition doesn’t rest on its laurels.

I've heard this theory for years now, yet none of the competition even comes close to offering the full functionality of LR + PS. For my usage, there is NO viable alternative yet. I don't foresee one entering the arena any time soon. There are plenty of alternatives that would satisfy many lightweight customers and their lightweight needs, but those of us who need a heavy lifting solution are stuck with Adobe for now.

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Aperture was a POS in its best days. Now it is so antiquated that crying over it is completely ridiculous. It was never a top notch post processor, not by any stretch of the imagination. Just give it to your cats and let them bury it their litter box with all the other smelly crap.

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I'm thinking the artist who drew and/or painted portraits for a living in the 19th century were pretty whiny after photography was introduced. "I used to be able to get people to pay me thousands of dollars to sit for days in my studio listening to me yell at them to stop moving, now a photographer can take their photos in just a few minutes and only charge them a few dollars...." :)

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Read the contract before signing. If you sign you agree to its terms, and therefore have no legitimate grounds for complaining. You always have the right to walk away from it by refusing to sign and seeking employment elsewhere. I'm not sure why people get upset over things like this. As long as the company is up front in their contracts, there is nothing underhanded going on. You might not like the terms, but again, you don't have to sign it.

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ProfHankD: There are tons of these cheap scanners now, but they don't seem to be handling things well. My Nikon 9000 does a great job VERY SLOWLY, but I found I could do comparably well using https://www.instructables.com/id/3D-Printed-Slide-Copy-Attachment/ -- a 3D-printed slide copy attachment on my Sony A7. If you've got a decent camera, I think a slide copy adapter is the way to go for fast high quality.

@Hugo808, I recently scanned several old Kodachrome slides from a trip I took back in 1984--34 years ago. They are all still in great shape, however I kept them in a box to keep light away. Here is a link to my Flickr Album of these slides after scanning and post processing. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jackswinden/albums/72157696301385350 The Kodachrome slides were tilted too far to the blue color to compensate for using a slide projector with a yellowish lens, so you need to adjust the colors during post processing. I used a Cannon CanoScan 5600F--very slow.

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Am I surprised that yet another Kickstarter campaign went belly up? No. Am I sorry for the investors? Heck no! A fool and his money shall soon be parted. Am I surprised when DPReview posts articles about new Kickstarter campaigns even though many of them go really sour? Nope. DPReview seems to have no conscience when it comes to such things. I wish we could have more articles about legitimate companies with real products and fewer articles about Kickstarter campaigns that in all likelihood will never pan out.

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What moron would put up a time lapse video of a camera purporting to be an AP camera when said video has too many clouds to even tell how terrible this little sensor camera is?

A lot of posts from AP challenged individuals here. A lot of misinformation and assumptions that won't pan out in practice. Makes me giggle. :)

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On article Lightroom CC 2.0: What's new, and where is it headed? (375 comments in total)
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AKH: Nope, there are so many other and cheaper options.

Oh really? Why don't you name them and list their features that can compete with the LR and PS suite? If all you do is take silly photos with your phone of your kids or perhaps your dog licking himself, then yes there are plenty of cheap apps that can handle lackluster, amateurish photo enhancements. But if you are a pro, or at least want to create professional looking images, then no app or app suite comes close. To match the feature set of LR and PS in a workable and usable workflow, you would be hard pressed to find any true competitor. You could buy several unrelated apps and create the worlds most complex and unusable workflow, but you would pay a lot more money and you would get very little production accomplished. So go ahead and enlighten us on all of those "many other and cheaper options" that exist perhaps only in your imagination.

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mainger: Wow, it looks quite impressive for a tablet app. And at $14, it's definitely worth a try.

I agree with @fuego6. I use the MacBook Pro for editing. It is still way too much of a bother to import RAW into an iPad and then export the edited files to a computer afterwards. Using any cloud sucks. Besides, trying to import a few hundred large RAW files would be horrible, much less trying to edit that many on any tablet. I still prefer LR for applying batch edits to a series and PS for tweaking. I tried Affinity, but the iPad just doesn't fit well into my workflow and Affinity isn't that great yet anyway.

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Adobe really needs to work on getting Lightroom to run fast. They made a big production about speeding it up, but in reality it is now even slower than it was pre-speed-up version. I don't expect them to ever get it to run as fast as it should. The lack of speed isn't as much about old equipment and old OSes as it is old mentality and VERY old code that needs to be rewritten to bring it into the 21st century. This is just another lame attempt by Adobe to blame older equipment and outdated OSes for their slow software response. What will they blame it on after this new release and it still crawls along at a snails pace? Unfortunately Adobe still has us by the shorthairs and they know it. There is no viable alternative to the creative suite available, nothing that can deliver a turn key professional job. There are a few individual apps here and there, but no all inclusive design suites that can come close to competing with Adobe.

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A fool and his Kickstarter investment money will soon be parted...

I'm still amazed that so many idiots still invest in Kickstarter projects given the large number of frauds and broken promises. Stupid is as stupid does...

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Does it really matter how much makeup you smear on a pig? It is still just an ugly pig. Or in this case, an ugly pig funded by idiots who think they will actually get to see a finished product one day... DPReview, or their parent company Amazon, really need to stop reporting on all the BS Kickstarter projects and report actual news for a change...

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