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On article Getty Images sued again, this time by Zuma Press (68 comments in total)
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PanoMax: That's about another billion. This could bankrupt them.

Well if they ARE guilty of these crimes, and HAVE been doing this to others....then I Do hope they go out of business.. Hate to see folk loose there job, but .......Photographers might be better off if Getty goes down....and stays down.

Greed leads to the dark side ( according to Yoda's twin brother)

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On article Power Zoom: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 Review (338 comments in total)
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Mogu: Hi,

currently I have a LF1 and although it has a high aperature I am not satified with the reaction speed, the focal length starting at 28mm and the sharpness/image quality. Now I found this ZS100 (in Germany TZ101). It sound very good with it's 1" sensor and I tested the speed in a shop, which is really good (feeling better then the Casio ZR100 I had before).

When I check all this article and compare it with the ZS60 (which seems to be the TZ81 in Germany) I cannot see much difference in the picture quality on the compare-picture side. Can this be? I can live with 250mm, 385mm would be better, if picture quality and speed is the same. What is the difference, only measureable or also visible?

I sometime find comment on bad lense qualtity and failed sharpness on the ZS100. How can I test it or is it immediatelly visible, if I take a picture from newspaper front side, for example, at different focal lengths?


@sam the ZS60 is every bit as fast, with same exact DFD AF, and shot to shot times is blazing fast...this coming from an FZ1000 owner.

Lens seems sharper on ZS60, look at the resolution chart . choose ZS100 and then choose ZS60.

Many areas, the ZS100 looks a bit better, but NOT in the resolution area of the test chart. ZS60 clearly has more resolution/detail. Sensor , of course is smaller, but ZS100 has MORE resolution, but somehow the detail in some areas is LESS.

ZS60 lens is indeed sharp, and ZS100 seems soft, at least DPReviews sample.
Don't compare the TZ70 with TZ80, as TZ80/ZS60 is Faster.

Panasonic actually has same exact manual for both ZS60 and ZS100.
Sensor and lens is main difference, but they , for some reason made internal processor and AF with same chip. External controls are a bit better with ZS60, too.

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On article Power Zoom: Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS100/TZ100 Review (338 comments in total)
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Hysterical Paroxysm: The major disadvantage to this is how ugly it is... ugh! Reminds me of those hideous Olympus point and shoots of the 80s... the ones with the motorised zooms. Cameras should be sexy... how can we love them otherwise? Carrying this Lumix around must be like going out with a girl with acne... embarrassing.

I remember when folk bought cameras to take pictures with, and didn't care what 'other' folk thought about how it looks....shallow generation we live in, me thinks.

Why not care about the quality of the images....why care how a camera on the outside actually looks ???

Oh...the new 'selfie' generation will have to see the camera as it looks back at them...probably too much for this group to handle :)

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Getty....are they still in business ??

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (488 comments in total)

anyone notice the shadow noise in the last shot (Red Parrot?)
Detail is really good, but only ISO 320 and chroma noise ???

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On article Lens shootout: Sony RX10 III destroys the competition (488 comments in total)
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Greg Ness: I have the Canon G3X with the additional EVF and really like it. It works perfectly as a travel camera with its size and weight when I don't want to lug my big DSLRs and lenses along.

The Sony results – especially at the 600mm end – look impressive thought atmospheric distortion and varying sky conditions in the test photo sequence make a comparison more difficult. Both the G3X and Sony RX 10 III can struggle with focusing at the upper end of the zoom range because they are only contrast-detect AF. I think the real winner here is going to be the Nikon DL24-500 when it is soon available.

Yes the DL24-500 only goes to 500mm instead of 600mm, but with its similar 1" sensor and a sophisticated hybrid contrast & phase-detect AF system, it will lock on focus much more quickly and can shoot at 20fps with continuous AF. That is impressive!

Both Sony and Canon need to move to a hybrid AF in their next iterations of the G3X and RX 10 III to really empower the potential of these cameras.

Thats where the FZ1000 beats these....sheer AF speed !
Nikons DL looks promising, but no telling if it can focus faster than Panasonics FZ1000. (lets hope the internal buffer is big enough not to slow down the camera, once buffer is filled. The P900 and P610 are pretty bad, in this regard).

Phase detection AF still wins with AF tracking, but for non tracking subjects, its been surpassed by DFD CF AF. Go Panasonic!

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On challenge Post-Processing Salvation - # 3 (9 comments in total)
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ANAYV: Need help.

how can i put the before and after photos next to each other?
(or one on top of the other)?

i.e. how do I merge the two so they are one image, for this challenge?

I have FastStone and also PhotoShop Elements 14.


Thanks so much...I was able to get the canvas twice the width, so my 'before' image is on the left, with blank area on the right. Just cant figure out how to get 'after' image in the blank area :(

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On challenge Post-Processing Salvation - # 3 (9 comments in total)

Need help.

how can i put the before and after photos next to each other?
(or one on top of the other)?

i.e. how do I merge the two so they are one image, for this challenge?

I have FastStone and also PhotoShop Elements 14.


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AksCT: Although I do not plan to buy any of these, they offer a good selection covering a broad range of interest. And it keeps competition active for more to come.
I am looking for compact travel cam and will try Panasonic ZS100 when it becomes available.

I'm semi impressed with these. Just wondering if the fast fps burst have decent buffer.Or will the buffer fill up really fast, then make you wait , before being able to shoot again. (my P610 pushes my patience, as I , at times, will wait for over 1 minute!)

Also not good if 20fps is only for one second, lol.

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cgarrard: The best serious compact on the market- it and the GR.

No VF...the older folk will miss it, the younger crowd will not.
If you hold camera at ridiculous arms length away, just to see the LCD screen, that would be you, lol.
Others can see it clearly from 6 to 8" away, and much more stable to hold (those holding camera so far away, DO look like they are holding a toy.)

Nothing about the GR series spells toy...great I.Q. great menu, loads of buttons, to make adjustments without ever taking eyes off the LCD. Excellent I.Q.

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Marty4650: You gotta love the fact that Panasonic keeps pushing the envelope.

They have come a very long way since I bought a TZ1 back in 2006. And note the TZ1 also had a 10X zoom (28-280mm, and not as useful as this 25-250mm lens) but had a tiny 1/2.5 inch sensor.

Interesting thing wth the. TZ1 is the lens.
Part of the lens is actually inside the camera (at 90 degrees)

Think that first version also had the largest , thickest grip .
Newer models became smaller and smaller :(


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On article What's missing? Ming Thein on the state of mirrorless (744 comments in total)
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keepreal: "No compromises in optical quality." Now there is a joke. Almost all mirrorless lenses rely upon software to correct distortion. That obstructs use of my chosen RAW developer for HDR.

For me the main issue with mirrorless is the viewfinder. An LCD is hopeless in bright light, not that good in any light. Also, it is much easier to hold a camera steady against your forehead. I would be happy with an Albalda optical viewfinder of Leica M quality especially if covered 21mm or wider on full frame or 14mm on APS-C.

My first camera is an APS-C DSLR and the second Olympus Micro Four Thirds. The VF-4 EVF for the latter is not bad but does not compare with an optical viewfinder. Against the light if the sun is nearby is a problem. The Fuji X is a nice camera but the EVF on it is dreadful, flat and I find very distracting. I have not bothered to look at anything else but initial comments on the Leica SL suggest it might be better. But look at the weight of it, let alone the price. Crazy.

LCD's of todays camera's are more than good enough.
Trouble is, the older crowd can't see too well, close up and have to hold camera at arms length just to see the LCd in focus.

This is not the LCD problem, but the users eyes.

I often wondered why folk wouldn't just hold camera 5 to 7" away...but then was told many folk can't see it....they have to hold camera farther away to see clearly.

i'm sure the day will come when I will be one of these folks, who get sun glare from holding camera at arms length.

then I will relate....but for now, the hi resolution LCd, added with an anti glare screen protector works great!


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Aleo Veuliah: Great all around Camera.

Well done Panasonic.


You fail to see the quality one can get with these small sensor cameras, Tim.
Granted , if low light is what one mostly shoots in, then surely these will disappoint, with noise above ISO400, and if shooting jpegs, then smearing of fine detail also will give lower I.Q.

Who wouldn't like these shots? :

But, if shooting at ISO 400 and lower, then these give quite good results, with feather detail retained, having sharp glass, and amazing O.I.S.

AF is quite fast these days, and fps burst as well. No camera phone can compete...and no camera phone can zoom to 600mm optically.

Many folk here are hobbyists, and don't make money with their camera's...nor do they need top I.Q. from FF or APS-C sensors.

Have you seen the results from the FZ200 ?

For display on Tablets, cellphones, and HD Monitors/TV's I.Q. is very good.


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Lan: OK; sounds great - what's the catch?

There's a Epson R340 never dries out, and it's a good 4 to 5 years old now.
It sits for 3 to 5 months, before it gets used, and it always works.

the trick:

Leave it on all the time....NEVER shut it off.
Ink stays hot and never dries out. Cost pennys a month to keep it on, too.

Cartridges last me at least 8 to 10 months

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Retzius: I'll wait for the Endangered Species edition with white rhino hide covering and crystallized Panda tear LCD cover

Cool, I didn't know Hasseblad was doing a remodel of this...Sony might be jealous, lol

And only $123,000 for their version :)

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BigShooter: I'll stick with my 645z for now...

Hasseblad should do a remodel of this...although Sony might be jealous, lol

They'd only charge around $123,000 for their version :)

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Aleo Veuliah: Great all around Camera.

Well done Panasonic.

Timmbits is still here...He still is into photography ??

Look at his gallery...wonder why he didn't give up this hobby....

He thinks smartphones have zoom lenses...that zoom from 25mm to 600mm?? With excellent O.I.S that avoids tripods at 600mm??

Still waiting for 1 or two decent shots from his superior cameras/ lenses.

I'll come back next year and see if that's enough time for him to improve

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On article Shooting with the Canon PowerShot G3 X (322 comments in total)
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(unknown member): At what focal length does stabilization without a viewfinder start to drop off in effectiveness? I remember with the FZ200, 600mm was about the absolute limit of effective stabilization but that was with using a viewfinder. Handholding it was impossible. Same with the SX50 HS, 1000mm was shaky as heck handholding and even with the viewfinder it was very difficult to keep steady at those lengths. So how is using the high end of the tele zoom range on the G3X without a viewfinder?

At Celsus
1200mm at 1/100 shutter is pretty easy with SX50, IMHO.
That's using the LCD.

One needs some better technique in handholding cameras.
I do ' twist' the camera , to obtain better stability, and my eyes can still see the LCD about 7" away. If eyesight limits one to arms length, then that's a different story.

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On article Week in Review: To boldly go (66 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: "Panasonic announced the first-ever 20MP Micro Four Thirds camera."

Product announcements are usually not reviews. Also, since we have had cameras with app. 20MP sensors for seemingly ions, and including all sorts of form factors and size sensors to boot -- why is it a "big deal" if Panasonic now is announcing one such camera with the same pixel density sensor?

Whereas I do not wish to rain on anyone's parade, summertime is usually not the time to get overly excited about new camera products and announcements about them. Let's hope this autumn and winter will bring a more palatable crop of them to fruition.

Um, because after years of the 12MP sensor, they finally moved up to 16MP. That was years ago, and now, they finally moved up to 20MP.

First time any micro 4/3 had this much resolution. Panasonic was first to do it. If Olympus came out with it first, then they would be mentioned.
But I don't think they ever made a sensor, so they wait, whereas Panasonic does make their own sensors. Not saying it's their sensor in this new camera, but not an impossibility.

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On photo P1750346 in mpgxsvcd's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

This is the best the GH4 can do, for a moon shot ?
I think todays superzoom can easily outperform this...showing more detail..perhaps do to better optics, and less need to crop. Plus no need for tripod, with their superior O.I.S. Surely I don't miss my GH2 with 45 to 200mm lens.

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