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  • An ironic statement considering your sig... How is that any different to capitalism? I've heard it said that the government that adhered most strongly to the true principles of Marxism was the UK ...
  • Sweden doesn't have much in the way of oil.. Germany, The United Kingdom? Both of these have populations much larger than California, but have public healthcare and welfare. I would argue that it ...
  • There are plenty of governments around the world (particularly in western and northern Europe) that work successfully on socialist principles, but generally they accept that an element of ...
  • Back in the far past, there were factions. One faction said automatic exposure was lazy. Another faction loved auto exposure, which came in two flavours. Cue more factions... Canon and Konica did ...
  • Mr Finn will retain a right of access and residence to the UK regardless of BREXIT, more than that, I think Irish citizens resident in the UK retain voting rights... I agree about house prices ...
  • They may have been made at the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich, where they made brass cannon for the Royal Artillery and the Woolwich Dockyard - the brass foundry stands to this day.
  • I don't think anyone should have kids to preserve a pure bloodline. They should find someone they love and produce kids that are a little bit them and a little bit the person they love, whatever ...
  • 'Peppy' is precisely what you will get from an SSD. However, I quite understand the wish to go with something that should give less teething problems. Might be difficult to get a new desktop at a ...
  • It sounds like the old machine is doing OK - you don't mention anything that you can't do or that run really slowly. Nothing wrong with replacing a7 year old machine, but you might be able to get ...
  • To a certain extent it depends on what sort of photography you like best, but the river gives some great photo ops, right from Richmond, south bank, docklands and down to Greenwich.. If the rain or ...
  • Replied in Offensive
    It is a colloquial shortening of Spastic, a term that has now been replaced by Cerebral Palsy, largely because of the pejorative use of the term.
  • Replied in Offensive
    I do find the use of this term to be highly offensive.
  • Replied in Brexit over?/
    Then I think you are lacking in imagination. I hope you are right, but the risks look quite high.
  • Replied in Brexit over?/
    1. Can you at least use 'to' properly? -  you are giving the impression that the English cannot use their own language properly. 2. Can you please stop telling people to get over it all the time?
  • Replied in Brexit over?/
    No pap, I'm sure your 'when you're not a country, no-one cares' statement will be just the point the Nationalists will make: it is a great shame, as I rather liked my country the shape it was...
  • Replied in Brexit over?/
    Our PM said beforehand that he would leave the EU if the vote went that way - even though referendums are not technically binding on the government: In this case they painted themselves into a corner.
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    When faced with that sort of charm, I'm sure the Scots will find themselves unable to leave the union.
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    I would like to point out that London voted the same way as Scotland and Northern Ireland... But unfortunately the rest didn't...
  • Replied in Brexit over?/
    Well, then they would have voted in the referendum in full knowledge that they were voting to stay with the UK and exit the EU. Last time they were left with the impression that the only way they ...
  • Replied in Brexit over?/
    Given that the situation has changed since their original vote, it is likely that at least some will call for another vote on Scottish independence. It would seem churlish to refuse them the option.
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