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Rod McD: This camera is an incremental evolution from its predecessor. To that extent it's fine, but once again, how about producing a slightly larger model with a bigger sensor? Everywhere you look people are extolling the virtues of very small cameras with 1" and MFT sensors (RX100, LX100). Just do it.

There seems to be an assumption that the people who do active photography in harsh environments won't benefit from the improved IQ that a larger sensor brings. And before anyone says 'buy a DSLR and UW housing' don't waste your breath. They're heavy and costly, there's no way on earth you can stuff them inside a PFD, or do all the things you need to do when you're surfing, kayaking, sailing, climbing, etc while you're hanging on to one. We need the middle ground of a tough camera with a bigger sensor.

Still: it'd be such a perfect invention. A compact, rugged, waterproof 1". So many people would buy it in a heartbeat - including me.

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Nikonworks: Most retailers hold a straight forward 'Inventory Sale', of which this article clearly seems to be, except the straight forward part.

DPReview please take notice:
When I was a kid 'slot cars' were the newest and 'biggest' thing.
Stores opened up just with slot car race tracks. It was fantastic but very short lived because the market place became overloaded with slot cars and accessories to the point the kids could not keep up with the market.
The whole market folded like a deck of cards.

Of late, you, the editors are doing the same thing here at DPReview.
You have too many Final Reviews to post before listing 'Old cameras under $1000'. You are reaching in all directions, phones, tech, cameras, etc.
You are making this site unwieldly and soon ambiguous.

You better get together and focus on your mission.

At the same time you can discuss formally thanking me for my 'Real World Samples' suggestion.

Tanks for the article. Thanks for working late, so we have something to read during the weekend.

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Clyde Thomas: Those are the slowest fire fighters I've ever seen.

Short. Precise. Humouristic.

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tkbslc: WHAT?! Another phone review? When are you guys going to quit diluting the site with mobile articles and get back to real photography?

Oh, wait, sorry. Habit.

hahaha, that's funny. Made me laugh out loud. I think the DPR guys are doing a great job. Keep it up :-)

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ybizzle: We need a shootout!

X10 vs G15 vs P7700
XF1 vs S110 vs LX7 vs EX2 vs XZ2
G1X vs RX100 vs X100

I can't wait to read that. It'll save me a lot of time, and make my life a little bit easier, when I need to choose one.

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