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On article Ten things you need to know about the Sony Alpha 7 II (281 comments in total)

I'm a little torn between this and shelling out another 50% on the A7S II. I understand that the S has a few notable upgrades, if anyone cares to share input.

1. Sensitivity, as in ISO cap is higher, but what about noise at the same ISO?
2. Autofocus has more focus points, but how important is that?
3. Silent shutter, but it's not always on, so what do you lose by using it?

Are there any other changes that are significant?

Are there any lenses you can't use with either of them? I think Sony has a fairly small offering of lenses, so you can't really miss out on any of them. It seems like a lot of their lenses aren't even full frame, but may work.

I played with the A6000 in a store and it sure does focus fast, especially coming from a D90. Even my fastest-to-focus lenses are quite slow and like to jump around or be picky, pushing me to a manual mode.

I may end up getting the A7 II for now and waiting for the III to get the S, once I'm a little more confident in Sony.

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On article Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? (291 comments in total)

I think eventually people will realize that Instagram is the photography equivalent of McDonalds. It has mass appeal, but lacks substance. Sadly, even when most people realize it lacks pith, many will still use it from time to time and some will use it exclusively.

I imagine if there were online forums when fast food hit it big we'd have heard the same arguments from proper chefs. Now, seeing fast photography in fine periodicals might understandably stir up professional photographers, because it's analogous to a fancy pants restaurant serving you a Big Mac and charging as much as wild tiger filet brazed with honey and lavender infused pine nut oil with a dusting of saffron, gold flakes, and the fermented tears of an ancient alligator served with garlic and pixie dust rubbed asparagus and olives hand stuffed with Italian Bitto wrapped in grape leaves.

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