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On article What you need to know about the new Nikon Z5 (304 comments in total)

This new Z5, has me thinking? I recently purchased a D750, its fine but its still a handful.
Lenses, i also purchased a new 58 1.4, and its great, but mated to the D750 and that 58, quite a "chunk" I'm not getting younger, and looking more closely to how much I carry at a time.
I don't care about video, I've not even engaged the video on the 750, not even on my 5300, 610. I've played with it on the 7100 but not impressed.
I don't need blazing speed [fps] so I'll set back and study this out.
My D750 hasn't even reached 500 clicks??
Z5 is very impressive for my type shooting.

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fpapp: I don't understand why there needs to be a debate to settle.

If you like to shoot digital, go out, shoot, enjoy, and make images.
If you like to shoot film, go out, shoot, enjoy, and make images.
If you like to shoot tintypes and daguerreotypes, go out, shoot, enjoy, and make images.

I like to shoot digital and film (including Polaroid). If I require a technically perfect, high resolution image, then I will use my D850. If I don't, I still get a lot of pleasure running a roll of Velvia through one of my film bodies. It doesn't make one better than the other.

Go out and shoot with whatever format you enjoy, who cares what others think!

I think this says it best! shoot your favorite medium. i personally prefer film. As i age [74] I'm returning to my roots, and three Nikon film cameras.
I have let my new D750, set on the shelf more and more, and out shooting one of my Nikon N80s.
But digital is better, with some caveats.

"dog house riley"

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On article The gear that got away: reader responses (240 comments in total)

Starting with a Yashica super 2000 film camera, moved to Nikon, been there ever since. After going digital in2004, and new D200 in 2007, I wished I'd never sold it.
Could buy another? maybe, I did buy a second D2X, and love it. Also should never sold D700? today I'm using about 50-50 digital and film [Nikon N80] and new D750.
I doubt I'll ever update again unless I can snag a Nikon F6 for a decent price.

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On article Analog gems: 10 excellent, affordable film cameras (950 comments in total)

I currently use two Nikon N80s, all my AF AF d, and g lenses work just fine. I now spend about 50 -50 film and digital.
My new D750 doesn't get out like i thought it would.
Oh yes, i bought both N80 for about 40 or 50 $ US.

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Tom K.: One thing I've never seen by the moon hoax conspiracy theorists (a far too complimentary label) is any effort to create photos that duplicate the look of an Apollo photograph using 1969 vintage equipment. They say "It was done on a soundstage". If it's so straightforward, why hasn't anyone done it just to prove that it could be done? I think it would actually be almost impossible.

Recently, I was watching a science program on TV, and video of a moon orbiter, sent in recent times flew over several landing sites.
The video pointed out the landers sitting on the surface of the moon, and disturbances on the surface, said it was footprints from the astronauts.

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guyfawkes: How many remember this?

I spent some time in France, I can't say for sure just how devastated the country was. I never made it Italy, cannot say. Germany was a whole new ballgame, Germany was bombed like no other country on earth, so I feel its sort of safe to say many maybe not most buildings, but its a safe bet, you won't find untouched complete buildings in most of Germany, standing like in 1939? And those that look untouched? look closer, they were rebuilt.

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guyfawkes: How many remember this?

Granted, they mostly are older, but I'd say go look at hard WWII images taken in May 1945.
Even in 1965, when I was there there was still visible damage. Some buildings had not been rebuilt, some cities had the chance to build the old style some elected to build modern. I've heard Germany did not fully recover till 1980.
Berlin for one I doubt has one original building standing?
I always wondered what they did with the debris?? outside of Berlin is a man made mountain where debris was dumped, after usable debris was reclaimed.
The area I was in was devastated, by the bombing most building fronts were remade. But yes there were buildings still standing from hundreds of years old, but virtually they all sustained massive damage.
Even today their still finding unexploded bombs in buildings being renovated.
Go look at Dresden, and Hamburg I doubt there is one untouched building there? Some have been completely rebuilt, but they started from scratch??

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guyfawkes: How many remember this?

I made it there in 1965, as in Paris, my 3 year tour of the US Air Force, allowed me to travel in my free time, Switzerland, The Netherlands twice, Vienna, on New Years day 1968.
How many 18 20 year old kids can look back on their life and say " I've stood in front of the Mona Lisa" Been to top of EiffelTower, Traveled all over GermanySpent many free days enjoying Europe, small beer halls, and dating a lovely German girl,
She used to tell me "her dad was in Army" but his uniform was a different color than mine??
Remember back in 60's, as US military, I made less than $100.00 per month and saw so much.
Keep in mind, that most buildings in Europe are less than 75 years old, WWII destroyed so much, and rebuilt to look like 3 and 400 year old structures.

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So sad, I had the chance to visit Paris in 1967, 3 separate occasions and Notre Dame was a highlight for me.
I was in US Air Force, stationed in Germany, and lucky enough to tour many wonderful locations, during my 3 year tour [1965 1968] these memories cannot be taken from me.
Paris was my favorite city in Europe to visit.

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Reactive: My children (14 and 17) have held my empty film SLR (an antique to them) but have never seen a roll of film. If either of them went to art college and were told they had to use that wacky film stuff, they'd hate every minute of it. The effort! The time it takes! Only at the end you find the image wasn't worth processing anyway! How did anyone ever use film? As each year passes, there are fewer and fewer (old) people who will ever know about or care to use film, until one day it will take its rightful place alongside gouache, parchment, and easels in the corner of an art supplies shop. It's astounding to think a pension fund invested $325m on this dead-end indebted business.

I use film! I've gone back to slide film, and put the digitals in the closet. I prefer the look film gives.
Sorry I'm old, I don't even have a cell phone, don't see any advantage!

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Daniel Bliss: Trouble is, what are we to shoot on if Nikon won't even sell a simple replacement back door for the notoriously fragile one on the F100? We need something that takes our G lenses, the FM/FE/FG/EM etc don't take them, the F5 is a gigantic brick and the F6 costs an arm and a leg. Come on Nikon, either provide the parts for our old cameras or start making some new ones. Same goes for Canon and the rest that have film-compatible systems.

Nikon N80, will shoot all G, AF S AF AF D, I know, I'm using one right now. It won't to my knowledge handle AF P or E lenses??
I recently purchased a nice one from KEH, like new for under $100.00 US.

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I use the Cuff for my D3300, and 35 1.8 and 18 55 VRII, works great, but? when on my wrist the strap tightens on my wrist and difficult to remove. I wish the loop were a tag larger and easier to get on and off.
I use the quick release from the clinch? [didn't care for it] and a second attachment threaded through the eyelet so can use either left or right hand. [Have to walk with assistance of a cane] and i still can mount on my tripod.
Great gear. Will look into the new Cuff. Also use my 85 3.5 macro.

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Terry Breedlove: Trump is about to erase everything Obama has done. His Legacy Lives by the executive order and will die by the executive order. Overnight !

Maybe his presidential legacy will end up like his college legacy and all his previous life-nobody knows anything about him? or his schooling past, never a college roommate or childhood friend. I hope the samething happens to his Presidential legacy too.
Yes the white house photographer, was a great photographer, will he stay or a new photographer be the new presidents photographer?
Just erase his time in office--- who are we talking about? I already forgot him.

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I'm excited about KR, coming back.After reading that I checked out my F100, just needs new battery's and uncovered junk from on top of my light box.
i sold my projector long ago, still have my screen, but i think I'll shoot the KR, in my F100 and just explore looking at slides on my light box with a loupe.
I'm looking at this as a gift to me for me, made me stat looking at 58 1.4 G lens.

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Banana Chips™: if Kodachrome comes back, i will consider buying film again.

Me too! when i read this I pulled out my F100 and looked it over.

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On article Nikon D3300 Review (252 comments in total)

I find no problem using the D3300, trips to menu nothing to it! I've been using my D700 and D2Hs and D2x, bodies and i feel I adapted to the light and quick D3300 with no interruptions.

The single command dial poses no problems at all I see no difference using this camera and spending time with my D2X, its just bulkier and heavier.

I've decided I prefer the smaller and lighter camera body over the bulkier FX, I'll sell my D700 and the FX lenses and stay DX. This little D3300 along with my 35 1.8 Dx, and 18 140 pretty much covers all I need to enjoy photography.

Besides its all about ego? isn't it? I need??? I am thinking a D5500 could work just as well and it does offer the "floppy doodle" LCD.

Besides, i can save much dollars over the bulky cameras.

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On article Nikon D3300 Review (252 comments in total)

I've had my D3300 for about 3 months now, I've been an active hobbist for over 25 years and health issues are making me downsize. I selected the d3300 for size and weight and of course price.
Is it perfect? NO! far from it but what little short comings I can live with. I find the IQ, very good, and camera functions fine, although I'm not used to spending this much time in the menu, compared to my D700 or D2X, but I'll live.

I had a canon SL1 but never could conquer the menu, so sold it and stayed with Nikon, I just love using this little gem! and the 18 55 is okay for now, will look for a better choice later. Looking at 18 140?

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras around $500 (276 comments in total)

I'm quite satisfied with my D3300 and its under $500.00 price tag. I enjoy its compact size and great IQ. Just my 2 cents. Even its not on the list! maybe it should be?

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On article Nikon Df Review (1623 comments in total)

Right now i can't help to keep coming back to the design, of the DF, i had a brief chance to handle one! at first not a fan but as time has passed i keep thinking, maybe that wasn't as bad of a feel as i thought, I've got to say I'm still in the ball park to get one many features impress me and some don't?
I loved many years ago shooting my FE2 w/wo grip, and DF keeps taking me back.

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On article FAA proposes regulations for commercial drone usage (119 comments in total)

About time!

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