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I owned Nikon D7000 before I purchased Fujifilm X-Pro 1 after serious comparison with Olym OM-D. Fortunately I ended up with Fujifilm. While using Nikon, never Nikon release any update what so ever. And Fujifilm releases update which indeed useful every quarter I think...The customer experience is second maybe only to Apple I believe. And with X-Pro 1 IQ if so wonderful...Bravo Fujifilm!

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jocuribarbius: Yes Fujifilm is the best for that you can sure makes photos the best and beautiful,I value IQ over the speed of AF - it's the photograph I'm after not the medal in speed of AF <a href="http://www.jocuricubarbie.us" target="Jocuri cu Barbie" title="Jocuri cu Barbie">Jocuri cu Barbie</a>

When I was researching about X-Pro 1, the dilemma was either Fujifilm X-Pro 1 or the super fast AF from Olympus OM-D. OM-D is really a fast camera. But for me, for superfast AF, I should stick to my Nikon D7000 while this mirrorless camera should be the main camera which I can use daily and with superb image quality...

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With this update, I can confirm the AF work really snappy on 35mm lens. I want that 14mm...

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On photo Bjelovar, Croatia in the Sunset in the city II challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice halo...

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andreaThode: I am still undecided if I should jump in on the XE-1. Considering the new firmware on the Xpro1 with faster AF and the roadmap for new lenses it's a very intruiging camera package.

But then, the only camera that really turned me on was the RX-1. And I need to see more from this camera before I take the plunge.

In the end, I really applaud fujifilm for listening to the critics and make such efforts to prove they are in this business to stay and care for the customers. That said I was an early adopter of the X100 and sold it a month later because of the slowish overall behaviour ...

By X-Pro1, with fW2.0, surely no regret. RX-1 has fixed lens. The X-Pro1 sensor will blow those bokeh, etc advantages of FF by RX-1 easily. Somemore, can change lenses.

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I did a tremendous research comparing Olympus OMD and Fuji X-Pro1 and even with the known AF issue with X-Pro 1 I still ended up with X-Pro1. And indeed during my X-Pro1 use for almost 3 months with FW 1.1, the result is really not pleasing at all. I just missed so many great scene especially with my kids while indoor. Outdoor of course X-Pro1 AF work flawlessly. So bad that for really important session like my previous Muslim Eid celebration, I have to revert back to my bulky, heavy Nikon D7000. But really after the FW2.0, the experience is totally so good. The AF is super responsive! And it is so enjoyable too to use MF. Previously MF is rendered useless completely. Kudos to Fujifilm. Really hope upcoming FW 2.1 would implement the minimum shuttter speed.

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At last!!! I have been waiting for this ever since I bought the camera.

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