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Pentax: K5IIs, some DA primes, and, older manual M and Takumar lenses
Panasonic: GX1+20mm, LX3
Olympus: E-M1, 45/1.8, Sigma 60/2.8

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  • I bought it in 2012. Took 45K pictures -- much less than gazillions ;) it died suddenly and never wanted to power on ever again. All my other M4/3 cameras are fine, even the older GX1 and the GF1 ...
  • In sequence, since 2010, I had : K7, K5, K01, K5IIs (2013), then K3ii (2018). After 4 months with the K3ii, I sold it, and, kept my K5IIs. There was nothing really wrong about the K3ii. I preferred ...
  • Replied in "Be ready"
    Since 2018, I have sold or given away a few of my cameras and lenses. ... my photography output has not become magically better though ;)  .. but I feel better nonetheless. Some of the gear that I ...
  • Replied in "Be ready"
    The only "mistake" is to not be ready to take the picture when the right moment happen. if the picture is blurred or too noisy or over/under exposed, it's still much better than not having any ...
  • Replied in No
    I've had similar experience. My film experience is unimportant compared to yours. I was using an automatic 135 film from 1994 to 2000. Then in 2000 and after I had several compact cameras. I got ...
  • Replied in No
    There is nothing "wrong" per se with F/5.6 or F/8. Many lenses are optimally sharp at about F/5.6. The problem is that with FF (compared to APS-C or M4/3), to get enough DoF you have to close down ...
  • Replied in No
    APS-C is already more than enough for me. APS-C has more DR, but, less DoF than M4/3. I will not get a 40mpx FF and then find out that I need to carry a 2000$ tripod to get sharp pictures. I'm not ...
  • I'm impressed by 8x10, 4x5 and 120 B&W photographies.
    But, I've tried 135 (35mm) format and, for me, I think it's much worse than a 10 mpx digital camera. Yes, there is more headroom for...

  • My set of Pentax DA Limited is smaller: 15, 40, 70. I like them for their compactness, simplicity and IQ. My most used DA Mtd is the DA70. The DA 15 I use much less but I keep it as it is ...
  • Replied in da screen
    A laptop is always a compromise. It's much easier to get a much better screen for a desktop. For my future trips (if humanity manages the current pandemic well enough), I will probably bring a ...
  • Replied in da screen
    Yes, in most cases, calibration is more important than the screen itself. And a stable room lighting where the screen is. Etc. Nonetheless, for a laptop, a screen with a wide enough gamut is better ...
  • Replied in da screen
    These days, CPU, RAM and SSD should not be a problem. (The minimal specs would be i5, 8 or 16 GB, 512 GB SSD). But... the screen should be really good enough for photography. That might be the ...
  • Replied in risk analysis
    Me too, I would feel very bad if all lost all my pics of my very occasional trips. But, what are the most probable risks of loosing data ? Let's make a risk analysis... What is the highest ...
  • Replied in more SD cards
    I never use the Cloud for backup. For several reasons, I see it as unreliable (bandwidth/speed, integrity, SLA). For about 6-7 years, my usual annual vacation trip was 4 weeks. Until 2015, I was ...
  • Maybe, it will sound negative, but, I suggest a similar article:
    "The camera that I kept for too long".
    ...I had one, I'm sure most of us have had one too ;)

  • Can NeoFinder import a LR catalog, with its keywords hierarchy ? Most probably, only indirectly, through the .XMP of each picture.
  • Initially, in 1994, I bought a pocket sized 35mm Olympus Stylus camera because I wanted to get pictures that I could not buy on postcards while traveling. Then, in 2000, I got a Kodak digital ...
  • page in English: http://www.ricoh-imaging.co.jp/english/event/2020/cp_ref/?utm_source=rim_top_4bnrs_e&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=cp_ref_e
  • nostalgia ?
    The old 35mm SLR bodies such as K1000, MX/ME, or Nikon FE had awful ergonomy.
    Difficult to hold and so on.
    The K7-K5-K3-K1 DSLR ergonomy is amazing.
    All controls are well placed.

  • If the oily residue is on the outside surface of the back element, have you tried cleaning it with lens cleaning fluid ? It should work. If not on the first try, maybe after 2-3 times. I've cleaned ...
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