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Pentax: K5IIs, some DA primes, and, older manual M and Takumar lenses
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I'm impressed by 8x10, 4x5 and 120 B&W photographies.
But, I've tried 135 (35mm) format and, for me, I think it's much worse than a 10 mpx digital camera. Yes, there is more headroom for overexposure... but, there is a lot that can be done with a good RAW file, even only 10 or 12 mpx.
And, then with the 16 mpx sensors from 2012 and after... wow !
There is plenty of DR and details.
I'm still impressed by 8x10, 4x5 and 120 B&W prints though :D

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Maybe, it will sound negative, but, I suggest a similar article:
"The camera that I kept for too long".
...I had one, I'm sure most of us have had one too ;)

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On article Ricoh video details the next flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR (656 comments in total)
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pro photo 2011: I just wonder why modern Pentax cameras don't look as aesthetically pleasing as its film era camera counterparts such as the Pentax MX/KX/KM/K2?

nostalgia ?
The old 35mm SLR bodies such as K1000, MX/ME, or Nikon FE had awful ergonomy.
Difficult to hold and so on.
The K7-K5-K3-K1 DSLR ergonomy is amazing.
All controls are well placed.
You can operate the camera and keep looking in the VF.
preferences are different for each person :)

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This review is interesting, but, too short.
The Conclusion in the longer format reviews was very useful, including its Pros and Cons sections.
As in the FZ1000 (Mark 1) review: https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz1000/15
I think the newer FZ1000 (Mark 2) should have a longish review.
Probably not 15 pages as for the Mark 1, but, several more sections that this short review -- even if the editors reuse parts of the original FZ1000 review from 2014.

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DPR is not a vaccine, but, it helps fight "cabin fever".

I've been reading your interesting articles and reviews for 10 years, please keep going :)

There will be fewer new cameras and gadgets released for a while...
Can each of you write about which are your favorite _lenses_ in various systems, across the years ?

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jf_tea: oops... I just dropped $2000 on the floor !

Does it have a hand strap hole ?

You must be jesting ;)
iFixit gives a gadget a 3/10 rating, this means the case must be 100% full and very thightly designed.
There is not safe place to pierce a hole to install a strap.

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oops... I just dropped $2000 on the floor !

Does it have a hand strap hole ?

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On article Which Sony RX100 is right for you? (859 comments in total)

This is a very useful comparison of the various RX100 models.
It's also good (fair) that the author(s) provide links to other brands similar cameras, such as the LX10 and GX5 II.
I still have a LX3, and, once I went to a camera store to see and hold a RX100 (M3 or M4?) and a LX10. The built of the LX10 seemed much more solid than the built of the RX100. At that time, I thought that I would eventually choose the LX10 because of that. So far, I never seriously enough needed that type of camera to buy one. Also, the mentions of lens variations of the LX10 turn me off (even more than the lack of VF).

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Lens profiles ?

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On article Canon's 32MP chip marks the end of the 24MP APS-C era (498 comments in total)

Bigger RAW file, more perceptible diffraction, less DR, ... ?
Will the kit lens or any affordable lens give enough sharpness to make all those pixels useful ?
There might be some use cases, but, for how many people ?

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That website (filmtypes.com) seems to cause a memory leak in my web browser : 400MB after a few clicks of film types.

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jf_tea: dear DPR,
please add a list for MFT.

excellent !

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dear DPR,
please add a list for MFT.

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4thnebula: Right now I have about 15 TB of photos. I use 3 8 TB HDDs in my PC and have 3 8TB WD Externals for backup which I connect and disconnect as I need so they are protected from attack. I would likely prefer that arrangement than a NAS though new cases are rarely comming out nowdays with more than 2 HDDs. I expect this problem will be solved when SSDs become cheaper and the same size but that is a few years away.

@4thnebula : You need 2 extra sets of 3 x 8TB. One elsewhere than at home (aka "off site"), and, another at home, getting ready to be brought elsewhere (rotation).
Obviously, a NAS is not a solution for real backups.

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It's important to note that only the JBOD (Just a Bunch of Drives) configuration can allow you to retrieve your data from one of the drives if this (or any) NAS fails.
Otherwise, you have to buy an identical NAS (or enclosure) if you want to find your data again after the NAS (or RAID enclosure/controler) fails.
Of course, "RAID is not backup", and, you should back up all your data to other drives.
... which bring us back to starting point : how to manage a large amount of data, on many drives.
To achieve this, there are two tricks, one new, one old.
The new one is easy : drives keep getting bigger, now with 10 or 12TB HDD.
The old trick requires a bit of learning. It is the "rsync" command/utility.
There are GUI apps/versions of rsync on MacOS.

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It would be interesting to see a reliable methodology to measure the effect of IS in a body (or OIS lens+body).
I think it will be a challenge ;)

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On article 2018 Holiday Gift Guide: under $50 (18 comments in total)

ah... i was looking forward to a pocket/mini-tripod suggestion !

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Hopefully, they will offer an affordable enough camera (*), and, with an adapter, I will be able to use my favorite old M42 screw mount manual focus lenses.
(*) it's a hobby.

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On article Why I'm delighted to see an LX100 II (100 comments in total)
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jf_tea: Please add the LX10 in the "equivalent aperture" graph.

thanks !
Now, we see that the LX10 line is between the LX100/II and the RX100v lines.

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On article Why I'm delighted to see an LX100 II (100 comments in total)

Please add the LX10 in the "equivalent aperture" graph.

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