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"Based on the Exakta Varex IIb" - Really??? - That was a left-handed camera with shutter release, film wind on and shutter speed control all on the left side of the camera. Does this have a non-returning reflex mirror as well?

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On article Leica Thambar-M 90mm F2.2 sample gallery (214 comments in total)

Much better example photos than those supplied by Leica! Still a very expensive lens for what it is...

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On article Shooting the Presidents Cup with the Sony a9 (239 comments in total)

I can see no shot taken before a golfer strikes the ball... isn't that one of the major points of this article?

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Mateus1: Here again Canon: Welcome in 2013!

Ridiculous price? Look at 5D mk IV !

Now you should feel better.

Adjusted for inflation the 5D mkIV had the lowest introductory price of all 5D models. The G1X III's price still makes me wince though...

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On article What you need to know: Canon G1 X Mark III (416 comments in total)
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what_i_saw: Did not get this: It's a full APS-C-sized sensor or, at least, the Canon 1.6x crop version of that format.

I thought there was APS-C sized sensor. What is this at least part?

All other APS-C sensors (Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax etc) are slightly larger at 1.5x.

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Greg VdB: Quite funny that Amazon still has them in stock at the beefy price of §469.99. Any DPR readers stupid and/or rich enough to buy one at this point? Do tell!

Here in the UK the links are to the G5 X....

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O5iris: Well done, Nikon! Let haters hate - most of them only wish they could put their hands on the D850.

There are plenty Nikon users wishing they could lay their hands on a D850. Demand has well out-stripped supply at the moment.

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What is going on with the samples? they look bad....

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Fujica: Nice feature, but I would have thought that most people by now would have already digitised their film negatives.

Nikon could do a smart move to give this feature in upcoming firmware updates. However I think that Nikon wants you to buy a new camera instead if you 'want' this functionality.

They do not seem to understand the power of 'Kaizen'.

The ES-2 is £139 in the UK.

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breschdlingsgsaelz: One more reason to not buy the 6DII - the Sigma 35 f1.4 Art is a much valued Lens of mine. BTW: What is the "Rebel T7i" called outside Trumpland? Is it the 80D? Probably not, because it seems a Digic 7 issue. So which camera is meant by this?

It's down to Sigma to make their lenses work with Canon bodies, not vice versa.

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KKnipser: Sigma users now pay the price for Sigma's fake /stolen LensIDs.
All modern cameras offer lens corrections (like CA correction etc) for their own OEM lenses (only!). The camera has the correction data in firmware and applies it to the image once it recognizes a lens which sends its unique lens ID.
Sigma, Tamron, Tokina and other cheap 3rd party makers always have ignored this and often given their lenses lens IDs which have been used already by the original manufacturers. People who use Lightroom or care about metadata know this pain long enough.
Now the newer Canon bodies seem to know Canon lenses with lensIDs which are the same as those 3rd party ones listed and apply Canon lens corrections to 3rd party lenses, because they think another lens is mounted.
Maybe Sigma could change the IDs in their firmware but this will automatically screw up Lightroom users.

Ruekon - Why would you expect Canon to correct the firmware so their cameras have no problems with Sigma lenses??? Sigma reverse engineer everything and spoof the firmware to make their lenses work - so it's down to Sigma to make things work. That being said the Art lenses are so good optically there's little to correct - AF is another matter however....

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The same thing happens with the original 6D - and probably all other Canon bodies with lens correction. All a result of Sigma reverse engineering rather than working with Canon (in which case the camera would automatically disable the corrections - such as with Zeiss ZE lenses).

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Robin Ducker: get a camera that doesn't overheat and save money

pannumon: The GF7 IS a Panasonic...

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On photo Orange butterfly on brown in the Bittersweet challenge (41 comments in total)

Why did the butterfly on sh-you know what have to be the first image - showing on the main page??? I was eating my breakfast when I opened the site!! Buerk.... :-(

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Translated from: " 'How can we create a year's worth of advertising content for the smallest amount of money???' - 'Here's an idea!' "

Or am I being cynical?....

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I had been hoping for the 1Ds mkII to be covered - this is the next best thing... :-) I still have my 1Ds II, now with a Zeiss 50mm 1.4 permanently attached - gorgeous images....

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On article In praise of shooting monochrome landscapes (335 comments in total)

Over-done skies..... par for the course....

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james s. kennedy: My pet leave is the use of "enormity" as something large or enormous.

Enormity refers to something incredibly evil, like the Holocaust.

Isn't it "pet peeve"?.....

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de2000: I started with the Olympus 4/3 system. I still have 2 E-1's, an E-3, and several lenses including the 35-100 F2.8. Don't know what I can do with these now.

Buy the Olympus adapter and use the lenses on micro 4/3rds...

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Indohydra: I would like to know how these new medium format cameras (both hass and fuji) compare to the high megapixel full formats in terms of image quality.

I've seen comparison shots from the GFX against the D810, 5DSR and A7R II - all out of camera jpegs (including the GFX). The D810 looked muddy in all images, the 5DSR suffered mainly from lens softness and the A7RII was noisy - especially in anything less than good light. Bear in mind these were all jpeg only and RAWs from all three would be better once processed - but that also applies to the GFX....

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