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lorenzo de medici: Here goes Nikon again with this D750 "issue". Are these people trying to drive customers away intentionally? Good grief. The D600 fiasco. The D800s with focus problems. The recall of early D810s. Now taking the D750 off the shelves? (That's a metaphor since I understand most sales are on the internet now, not brick and mortar stores.) I am so glad that I just got a D810 without waiting for the worthless full review from DPR(Amazon) that never materialized. The D810 is the best DSLR in the world, period. If you don't want 36MP, just change it in the menu to a lower resolution. Use it as a DX camera and get the reach of a 750mm telephoto from a 500. Anything you want. It just does the job, period. Nikon management needs to get their heads in the right place and stop trying to send their customers to Canon. And any credibility that DPR retained from the old days when it was the "go to" site, is gone.

Disagree. Staff are invariably driven by commission and sales targets. Enthusiast forums like this are much more reliable if you develop a nose for the fanboyz and "shop around". Yes, there's a lot of noise to filter but that's the case in the real world too.

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Sand Pond: PROBLEM: I have really enjoyed the amazing D-750 ... except ... for one very bad problem: The upper right rear dial falls directly under the thumb, which results in constant strings of ruined photos because the dial keeps getting accidentally turned. This flaw is driving me crazy, and its fatal effect is unavoidable due to the poor untenable position of the dial.

This problem seems to a casualty of the small form factor ... a factor which I otherwise much enjoy. Too bad!

SOLUTION: This dial either needs to be moved, or be protected by a built-up barrier to guard it.

Exactly the same issue. It's so easy to catch that dual and inadvertently change the scene or whatever depending on shooting mode.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 Review (491 comments in total)

Is the low light performance as bad as people suggest? I love the build and quality of the lumix series and the options to use my Nikkor lenses is a big attraction. Im looking for a DSLR for low light to take indoor sports (primarily Boxing so a relatively fast shutter speed required with no flash). Could this cut it with a f1:8 lens fixed? Ideally it also would with a f4 18-200.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review (1024 comments in total)

Where is the option to upload multiple pictures to wifi (eg fb via lumixclub) . Im not seeing it. I can only upload one at a time.

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gftphoto: For a while I have been lurking around trying to find my ideal compact camera. As I see it, the LX100 is right up there with the new Sony RX100 IV, but lacks a feature which I find important, namely, built-in flash. This type of camera lends itself to the sort of photography where fill flash is frequently called for, and is a feature I used quite a lot back in film days (revealing my age I suppose).

Well, tge great majority of the time I never have to use a flash as its low light performance is great. That said Im currently awaiting a Q regarding why flash doesnt appear to work in fully automatic mode.

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 Review (1024 comments in total)

Having finally remembered to turn Silent Mode off I can now use the flash in programmable modes but not in iA mode.for quick snaps. Why is this? About the only time I would use a flash indoors is when I cant be bothered to mess manually with aperture and speed etc. Quick party snaps. Please tell me its possible! EDIT : oh, silent mode wasnt off in iA mode : only in programmable mode. Now it is it works. Ignore!

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alexisgreat: I love my sensors bare, no filters allowed. That means no Bayer, no AA, no IR/UV cut filter. I add filters as I please, whether they be for narrowband imaging for light polluted areas or broadband color imaging or even UV or IR imaging.

I hate how manufacturers decide whats good for us and they add the filters "built-in" and cater to the lowly masses. I like building my own computers, telescopes, and cameras. It's how you LEARN. No wonder society is being dumbed down- no one likes to innovate anymore.

You're not forced to buy these you know. Many people have better things to do with their time and money than go to the hassle and expense of doing all the basics themselves. There are surely other cameras more suited to your bare bones approach.

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