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If you truly understand computers you'll likely prefer a PC. If you don't, or want to pose like you do, Mac is probably a good option.

Link | Posted on Jul 18, 2017 at 03:32 UTC as 222nd comment | 2 replies

Aren't the iPhone 7 models about to be replaced? I would be interested if they work perfectly on the new series.

Link | Posted on Jul 17, 2017 at 20:48 UTC as 4th comment

If these are out of your price range they obviously cost too much.

BUT I hope I'm not alone in marveling at how reasonably priced -- even cheap -- high grade video gear has become. One can get one of these lenses and a Canon Cinema EOS camera and turn out astoundingly awesome pro-level video for pennies on the dollar of what it would have taken to produce such a look just a few years ago.

I suspect there are many pros, and even well heeled amateurs, who find these very exciting times for those interested in producing high-quality video.

And yes, I'm making an assumption these are going to be high quality. But I think that's a reasonable expectation here.

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Does it need $10,000 in a la cart accessories to be useful?

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On article 'Above Bellingham' soars from bay to Mount Baker (16 comments in total)

Nice work. Some scenes were really great. Makes me want to break down and finally get a drone.

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bernardf12: These guys are looking for a better life, something I would also have done if I was in their situation. But don't call them refugees, that is just misleading. Refugees you will find in camps in Turkey and Lebanon and in Africa and they consist of men, woman and children.

Who cares what a photo article says JPMB? The other posters are well informed.

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photogeek: There's no war going on in Pakistan. How can there be any refugees from there?

Economic opportunism. And why are the "refugees" 90% young males?

Link | Posted on Jun 20, 2017 at 18:47 UTC

Well Kata bags were fantastic. I own three. So I suspect these will be great top-tier gear as well.

Link | Posted on Jun 14, 2017 at 21:44 UTC as 6th comment
On article Hasselblad knocks 30% off price of the H6D-50c (30 comments in total)

Take 30% off the 100mp version and you'll have my attention.

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On article Nikon reshuffles management structure (248 comments in total)
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D. Bruce Yolton: What's sad about the Japanese manufacturers decline is how they've forgotten about when to be proprietary and when to develop standards. They used to set standard to move the market along. Now they're doing proprietary things to protect their declining market shares.

The battle isn't Canon vs. Nikon vs. Sony vs. micro 4/3. It's prosumer cameras vs. phones/go pros/drones.

For example, all of the prosumer cameras have wifi video feeds either built in or as an option, but do they work with Facebook Live or Periscope? For the most part, they only work with crappy proprietary software only for monitoring.

So, folks use their phone to broadcast weddings, concerts, etc.

To survive in a fast changing world, you have to be willing to eat your young. Japan has stopped doing this and will fail.

Japan has no young to eat.

Link | Posted on May 21, 2017 at 02:47 UTC
On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1908 comments in total)

I shoot Nikon not Sony. But you won't catch me blindly defending Nikon or Canon here. Sony is not playing games. If I were Nikon I would be very, very, worried.

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RubberDials: I hope she prevails because Warhol was a talentless parasite. All of his 'great works' - Elvis, Marilyn, the electric chair - depend for their impact on the artistic quality of the original photographs he used and reproduced essentially unchanged. His contributions - swathes of flat colour - add nothing.

Didn't I also read he employed numerous friends, hangers-on, and Superstars, in producing his work -- or reproductions thereof -- at The Factory?

Link | Posted on Apr 18, 2017 at 06:57 UTC

Not two or three weeks ago I suggested Nikon was fast heading into troubled waters and I was essential called an idiot because Nikon was still number two blah blah blah. How's that looking now guys? Don't stare too long at the current position -- try to observe the trajectory.

Link | Posted on Apr 15, 2017 at 07:48 UTC as 66th comment | 2 replies

I can't help but think of Kodak. Does anyone know the best place to sell camera gear? I'm thinking of getting Nikon out of my bag. Unfortunately, everything is Nikon.

Link | Posted on Apr 3, 2017 at 21:32 UTC as 36th comment | 4 replies
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johnnedanger: Jeebus, so many answers so little time. Here's the lowdown:

The japanese katakana for the word is ボケ, or in hiragana/kanji 暈け. In romaji that is "boke", or the two syllables bo-ke. Japanese consists of individual sounds that get strung together in even increments. One character, one sound, one beat (barring double characters like 'ii' which is basically two beats). So the hiragana characters are "bo" and "ke". "Bo" is always pronounced like "Bow and Arrow" and "Ke" is always pronounced like "Keh" with the 'e' sounding like "set" or "bet".

So the way the Japanese pronounce this is "Bo-ke". Not "Bo-kay". Not "Bou-quet". Not "Bo-kuh". If they wanted to pronounce it "Bo-kay" they would have used the katakana characters ボケイ, or "bo-kei" in romaji.

I've only studied the language a little, years ago, but this is how it remember it as well. Many nations, however, have regional -- and sometimes social -- differences on how the same words are pronounced. I've always pronounced it the way you cite, however, and will continue to do so. Interestingly, I suspect just as many people are unsure exactly what the word represents. But that's a whole other conversation.

Link | Posted on Mar 31, 2017 at 00:27 UTC
On article Ming Thein joins Hasselblad as Chief of Strategy (346 comments in total)

Sounds like a win for Hasselblad. This Ming's reviews have always struck me as honest, balanced, and helpful. He also seems to have a good sense of how things work and what's important. I suspect he'll push for quality and real-world functionality.

Link | Posted on Mar 28, 2017 at 22:10 UTC as 86th comment
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Marty4650: Talk about stupid crooks!

They stole something that will be extremely hard to sell without attracting some attention. Veydra currently has 24 lenses listed for sale on eBay, while Canon has 8,500 and Nikon has 9,600. If the police actually investigate this crime, it will be pretty easy to find who has the stolen goods. This rules out an "inside job."

Of course, both Canon and Nikon probably lock their doors at night, and don't store lenses next to their empty soda cans for recycling and printer paper.

You may have missed his point. An inside job doesn't need or want to sell them. I think his insinuation was they weren't selling well so they went for the insurance payout.

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2017 at 02:42 UTC
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dennis tennis: Everybody knows illegal Mexicans prefer to shoot with Cine lenses. Build that wall now!

I'm sure your family thinks you're brilliant.

Link | Posted on Mar 16, 2017 at 02:40 UTC
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PeteQuad: This comment section is disappointing. I came looking for all the people that think this bag is horrible for 1000 reasons.

I kind of like it. Maybe that will get things started.

I understand that look is all the rage in Pyongyang.

Link | Posted on Mar 4, 2017 at 01:04 UTC
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MayaTlab0: More disappointment : I love the external colour scheme.
Not sure about the yellow inside though, and more importantly the locking mechanism.

I have three Kata bags. Best I've found. They all have bright interiors. Last time I shopped for one I found they had merged with Manfrotto.

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