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Loose_Canon: light is very unbalanced in performances - often the background is dark and the performers are lighted with spotlights. if you use regular exposure modes the performers will be badly overexposed. i use either spot metering or compensate by underexposing between 1 and 2 stops.

also - spotlight in front of the camera can create a lot of haze. sometimes i take advantage of it for effects, but otherwise i always have a lens hood on, and sometimes i even add some shading with my hand. if it creeps into the frame i just crop it off.

I love playing with the "dehaze" button in lightroom. sometimes i take it to the left, adding haze, and then take the "black" slider to the left also. the results can be a combination of a psychedelic look and a smoke machine, pretty cool.

performers vary a lot in their facial expressions. some are very stone faced, some are expressive. watch the band and find the expressive ones. I also look for moments where there is interaction between the band members.

Just to add a bit to your comment about facial expressions sometimes that person will be the one I really need the shots of so my way of dealing with it is to frame a nice composition and just hold it on there waiting for the right moment when they get into playing, or look over to a band mate. Luckily a lot of acts will also have one or two songs which mix things up a bit and those can be great opportunities especially if it's the lead singer.

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