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Not buying this story, sorry. After all, you "read it on the internet". Someone throws this expensive gear in a floppy bag or something and puts it in the cargo hold? Who would do that? If you're that stupid, you deserve what you get. I'd have it packed in a foam insert in a Pelican case and locked and bring it on board. I'd bet dollars to donuts there's more to this story than it appears.

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des hill: NSFW?? what utter garbage, what patronising claptrap is this?, and what an insult to EW. Totally SFW in my view

Unless you work in a church!

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BBQue: To Editors: Does a "fine art nude" (in small size, quite dark, and harmless and in the background) really require a warning message and disclaimer in US??? Have any of you ever been to any art museum in Europe???

This is the U.S., where it's ok to shoot and kill people and the president can honor Nazis, but a glimpse of a naked human body is an "OMG!" no-no.

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The problem is, 99.99% of smartphone owners don't know what a good photograph is. The vast majority of smartphone photos are utter garbage. There are still people holding their phone vertically, fer cryin' out loud!

That said, it's shameful that we're nearly through 2017 and every camera doesn't have smartphone connectivity and downloadable apps. The camera manufacturers still act like it's 1986. That, more than anything else, will do more to kill the camera.

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Sounds illegal to me, but who knows in this current world of fascism run amok.

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Meanwhile, 40,000 Americans died in car accidents in 2016 and 8,800 people have died so far in 2017 from gun violence. But hey, you got to have your priorities, after all, terrorists are scary.

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Dave: Boy do I feel safe.


Caps on or off?

Extra lenses too?


Try that today and you'll end up in jail.

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Good luck wit dat. Huge U.S. mega corporation vs. Jane Doe? In the world of U.S. corporate owned government where corporations can do no wrong and the consumer is a pawn designed to hand over money, who do you think is going to win?

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Hate to admit it, but I never heard of 'em and I've been into photography for 40 years.

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On article Tutorial: How to photograph wine on clear plexiglass (46 comments in total)

I like the "main lighting setup" photo best. I'd probably touch it up lightly and call it a day.

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barrym1966: Would like to see it done again with pepsi ... Or beer :)

Andres Serrano would have used pee.

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damian5000: My cat is cool. Can we post a story about him?


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Negative287: Meh... If they want to impress me, release an F3 Digital with Split Prism Focusing Screen and Conservative Metering for $500! Then throw in a 50 F/2 with Aperture Ring and Metal body.

Or a DSLR that can actually focus while shooting video.

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On article Nikon announces prices for 100th Anniversary products (114 comments in total)
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mcshan: A Pin Collection! Yes! Ask and you shall receive. Our dreams have been answered!

30 years ago when I bought my first Nikon camera, I said "I hope when Nikon celebrates their 100th anniversary they make a commemorative pin collection."

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On article Nikon announces prices for 100th Anniversary products (114 comments in total)
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eliehbk: Maybe Nikon should celebrate by finally releasing a decent mirror less camera before it's too late!

It's already too late.

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jkokich: If you went to someone who knew nothing of the history of photography, and showed them two designs, one for a mirror system, with its complexity, and the other mirrorless, there would be no contest. Why have something so much more complicated? Now, I appreciate mechanical things, but the limitations of the mirror system place it firmly in the "yes, amazing, but things evolve" category.

Until they learned what bokeh is.

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PieterB: I think by now, a larger part of the potential new buyers know that mirrorless exist. But most new buyers (not the people that frequent these sites) probably still have no clue what mirrorless is.

Including Nikon.

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gskolenda: Personally, They look overexposed and flat looking, I believe there is too much emphasis on pulling detail out of shadows, and this is what happens when that is over used. I prefer more contrast, and a little more color saturation. Nothing against the Sony-RX10 MIII, I have the Sony RX10 MII, I love it! I only have one major complaint, the battery life is super poor! I hate that the batteries drain while in the camera, when the cameras turned off. The video is very good on this camera as I now shoot more video than stills.

Totally agree, other than the fact that there's a zoom, these shots look like they're "everything in focus, all the time, no matter the depth", just like a cell phone.

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Dontcha just love all the armchair lawyers and judges in this forum that have all the answers, probably without doing anything other than reading the half-baked summary of the posting?

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tinzi1: I once assisted with couple of bondage photoshoot on tracks, and everybody survived. Lucky?

Are you saying you got lucky during a bondage photo shoot?

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