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Only some 65 year old dork with a Leica would be interested in this thing. Anyone under that doesn't know Hendrix from a BSA 441 and would laugh at the thrift store braided strap, and puke after seeing the price. I predict they'll sell one to the company owner's mother-in-law and then the company will go bankrupt.

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Now I'm starting to wonder, I'm a Motorola phone guy and the last 2 phones I had seemed to slow down quite noticeably when they came out with the newer generations. There was nothing else wrong with the phones, other than they suddenly became very slow. I now wonder if they were/are pulling the same scam?

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Sorry, but I out-retro her. I threw away all my cameras and now only use vellum and a piece of charcoal to capture my images.

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ecka84: Art is overrated.

This art gets an F. Get it?

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Martin JC: Great oversight of taxpayers money! [not :-( ]

Yeah, because only public servants make mistakes, right? Next thing you know, you'll be blaming it on Hillary. How about blaming the person who deserves it, the lying, cheating "photographer", who should not only pay back the money but a fine as well...before he serves some time in jail.

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kobakokh: if you make exhibition and have not there on your neck Leica, all other same photographers will look to you and will not like your photos. You will be shy... Its a Leica true story. I know some photographers who really do good photos with normal and real cameras but at exhibition always taking one old Leica special bought for that show. Sorry to Leica users, i also have one Leica and 3 Leica lenses. China is a world largest market now in Photography and new chinese photographers also use this trick at own exhibitions - working with Canon and Nikon cameras but show self there just with Leica.

That may have been true back in the days of film, but today anyone with a Leica around their neck is immediately pegged as a know-nothing poser.

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"The main driver of growth is the systematic realignment of the company that has taken place in recent years."

In other words, they fired a bunch of people, outsourced their technology and cut corners wherever possible, so they could claim to stockholders that it was a good year. Typical corporate BS.

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Hair thin depth of focus. Great selling point, eh?

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On article Ugly Places, Pretty Photos: A portrait shoot at Lowe's (40 comments in total)

Sorry, but these photos are just freaking horrible and the entire concept is absurd.

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Time? Like Time magazine? That's still a thing? Who knew? (And who gives a rat's touch hole what they say.)

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kadardr: This is not photo art, this is political propaganda. The portrait part is insignificant. Pathetic times we live in.

The only thing that's "political propaganda" is you turning 3 photos into...political propaganda.

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Nikoncanonfan: Its reeks of political correctness, not interested.

Why, because it's not photos of three white people?

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Wait -- it's April 1? If not, this is the stupidest and most complex solution to a non-problem I've ever seen. Figures, it was created by one of those micro-brain idiots in Siliconjob Valley. Failure 100%.

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"... Fujifilm's claim says that after filing for bankruptcy and discontinuing many product lines in 2008, Polaroid has been “unable to return to profitability through product sales" and now seeks "to generate revenue from what remains of the Polaroid IP portfolio”."

Completely and totally irrelevant to the issue at hand. If that's all Fuji has to go on, they're going to lose, big time.

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One more nail in Nikon's coffin, I'm an all-in Nikon guy but Nikon cameras seem more nostalgic than anything else lately.

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paulfulper: That's why I left Italy , . The Italian government takes all your money and gives you back miserable third world services.
The triumph of socialism is Italy bankruptcy
And the 40.000 unelected european socialist bureaucrats impose rabid liberalism to all Europe

Yeah, because Trumpturdism is so much better for people and the world.

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du four: It‘s easy to see what will happen. Using a tripod will be regarded as proof for „professional“ photography. A reason not to visit Positano.

Anyone needing a tripod to take photos outdoors with today's outstanding cameras is an amateur anyway, so there.

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Will14: well that will be end of that place need to explore more places now

That's exactly what the people of Positano are hoping.

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1633 comments in total)

Still using CS5, the best desktop version ever. I had CS6 and dumped it due to the ridiculous cropping tool they "improved". Glad I have CS5, you can still download it online if you have a CS license.

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On article 10 macro photography tips for beginners (51 comments in total)

Good advice except for "Second of all, forget about tripods." A tripod is essential, in my experience. You simply can not hold the camera steady enough at high magnifications and slow-ish shutter speeds required for some depth of field when shooting macro. Plus, you'll need a tripod to do focus stacking, something the author doesn't even discuss(?). I bring small pieces of reflective cardboard to help block the wind, but basically if there's a lot of wind, forget about macro shooting. Go out early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the wind is down.

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